Beggin’ for Bacon!



Yep – beggin’ for bacon is

NOT something I have to

do on a Saturday!

It just seems to APPEAR magically thanks to my Mom.   Today it’s bacon and pancakes………………..”Hey Mom – hold the pancakes and just gimme some bacon please!”……………yep – although I have had a lick of maple syrup before and it was pretty tasty!


My girlcatfriend Sundae sent me a different version of the “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” theme that Nellie sent me a few weeks ago…………………….


Cute?!   One thing I did NOT have on my buffet table yesterday for my GOTCHA DAY celebration was bacon……………go figure…………guess I figured I’d save up my BACON appetite for today!!


Speaking of my GOTCHA……………thanks to everyone who stopped by to help me celebrate my 16th Gotcha Day.   I had a great time AND my Cat Scouts Patrol threw me a surprise party too so my day was FULL of fun.

What would I do without all of you?   I don’t wanna know!!!!!

Happy Bacon Day and Weekend!  




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  1. Guess what Sammy! My mum is making bacon sandwiches for lunch!!! We have English back bacon and the rashers are much bigger than American bacon. I wonder if I will get a whole rasher. Huh! Mum has just said, in my dreams, but I can have some, so that is good.


  2. Our mom and dad had bacon today. None of us had any. We didn’t even ask. We are pathetic. Hope your bacon was extra nommy, Sammy. That card from Sundae is so super cute. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  3. It’s no-bacon here today! Probably not at next weekend’s cat show. Maybe I can beg one off of one our cat show bench mates at the show afterwards – they serve breakfast there, and unlike MY silly human, most of the other people do eat bacon.


    • It is a cute card isn’t it? Sending your Mom a healing hug………and have a SUPER SUNDAY! If you can, stop by Wildcats Lodge for a dip in the hot tub or some Super Bowl snackables!

      Hugs, Sammy


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