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Wags and Waves for Forrest



When everyone’s pal from Down Under in Australia, Forrest Green, passed away recently at home with his family on a sunny day, we all felt lost.   Especially Forrest’s wonderful family.   We all know how awful that loss can be.   A good blogging friend, and special Australian friend of Bev Green, Forrest’s “Mom”, Miss Sharon of GENTLE STITCHES blog contacted me and my Mom and asked if we would be interested in helping out an effort to pass on a little LOVE to Forrest’s family in the form of a blogosphere tribute to Forrest………her idea was to have everyone post a photo of themselves “wagging or waving” to Angel Forrest over the Bridge………..We jumped on the idea and have tried to help spread the word with other pet bloggers and friends of ALL FUR ONE AND ONE FUR ALL.    Also my Mom designed the above “badge” so that those who are participating in this effort would use it to show support and/or link the badge to Miss Bev’s blog and leave her a special message.

Mom helped me find a couple of photos to show me wagging and waving to Forrest………….I combined them into one hello and farewell to you my friend.


Miss Bev and family – we hope now that you have Forrest’s Angel Dust back home……..and probably feel his presence in the house every day, that you will recover from your broken hearts.   The whole blogosphere knows how hard it is to lose a furamily member………we love you all!

To further honor our friend Forrest today, and to celebrate my FIFTH Blogaversary, I’m having a Commentathon on THIS blog post today.  For every comment YOU leave on this post, my Mom and I will donate $1.00 to our local shelter which is where I was adopted from 16-1/2 years ago by my Mom and Dad.   Forrest, I thought you’d approve of this way to celebrate my blogaversary on your tribute day…………every animal deserves a wonderful home like you had and I have.   The money we donate will help my shelter continue to serve my County and feed and house future adoptees and others in need.   It’s a great way to honor you my friend.

Be sure to leave a comment!   Every comment counts and Mom and I will let you know how much we collected later this week.

If you’d like to visit Miss Bev and leave a message of love or support just click the badge below.   Thank you for pawticipating in this wonderful day of love in honor of Forrest – thank you Miss Sharon for letting us be a part of it!


Love, Sammy