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OK Class!  You raked us over the coals about yesterday’s Teaser – and it’s TIME for the Tell All!

It seems you all didn’t particularly like that non-descript, where the heck is this anyway, Teaser we gave you yesterday.   We did have a LOT of guesses though so I suppose some people took it as a challenge and gave it a good try.    We do our best to make everybody happy here at Ding Dong Fish School though so we WANT everyone to be happy!!!   Can you blame us?   After all you lovely students show up here on Tuesday AND Wednesday and we’re fairly sure it’s not to see US – it’s to play TEASER!!!!

So let’s get going here………….ready?


(drumroll pleeze)


Your badges ladies!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 21, 2022….the early bird catches the worm !!

“Dang!  If we’d just not stopped in the boys room for a smoke we could have been FIRSTIES!”

Now for the info on the Teaser photos…………………… are the photos again:


Our GUEST Teaser this time around was Miss Ingrid and these photos were taken on Lake Ontario near Coburg, Ontario Canada.    We think Ingrid should get a new badge – “THE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT” badge.    However our overworked and underappreciated Graphics Department didn’t have time to make one for her.    OOPS.    Seriously though – having a terrifically tough Teaser is something we RARELY do but we did have a whole lot of guesses – so all of you students get a big pat on the back for being brave enough to make a guess!!!    Ingrid this badge is for being our Guest – thanks!

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of June 21, 2022 and I fooled everyone!!

So Obviously……………(drumroll please)

There was NO FIRST RIGHT GUESSER …………however, a whole lot of you TRIED and if you tried you get one of these well-earned badges!

Nobody in class guessed the Teaser photo of June 21, 2022 but ALL of us who tried got this badge!!

Cheer Team?  You’ve got your work cut out for you with this class full of frowns…………………….

Well we knew it was a toughie
Left you all feeling rather roughie
But a challenge it truly was
It left our brains in a fuzzy buzzz!
We still had TWO First Commenters though
INGRID and CECILIA were far from slow
Next week I’m sure the Teaser
Will be a big crowd pleaser!!

Now how about we go get something to eat in the cafeteria??   That will cheer everyone up right?   Well – everyone except Kismet anyway.

Lunch or Breakfast – ready when you are!

The Menu:

Thanks for having fun with us with Teaser!

The Professors