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Cleaning……and Waiting


Yep – cleaning the house has priority on a Friday BUT I’m still waiting, waiting, waiting for my lab results on the blood work too.   Cleaning and waiting – sounds like a law firm……”Good Afternoon, Cleaning and Waiting, how may I direct your call?”……..HAHAHAHA


Anyway, Mom and Dad have a couple of things to do this morning that will put cleaning on hold briefly – Dad is going in to sign the tax forms which are done AND Mom is dropping off the PC in the computer shop for the new CD/DVD drive installation!    This time I won’t be missing for DAYS – we have the new laptop so life will go on in the Kimmell household even though the PC is in the shop!



Yesterday was an amazing day – we really did have a touch of REAL LIFE SPRING.    I know it won’t last – it’s too early for it to last – but it was just plain GORGEOUS.   Seventy-four and sunny and Mom got the lawn tractor out for the first time and did a turn around the yard.  The lawn looks like “****” (if you get my drift), but there were some long tufts of “sort of” grass and a lot of leaves and now it’s at least cleaned up!   GO MOM!   She loves riding that thing – I was waiting for her when she came back inside all dust covered from the dry dirty back yard where she probably shouldn’t have driven but did.    So – Spring is arriving.  Our Bradford pears are blooming – that’s a sure sign there is HOPE!    As soon as there’s something pretty to show I will but right now – it’s still pretty BARREN out there.

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

Too early for azaleas but never too early for sidewalk cruising!

I’m ready for the Easter bunny…………………..he never lets me down – just like Santa – always on time and always makes me smile……………………he recycles my basket – has used the same basket for 16 years now.   But there’s always something FUN in it on Easter morning – not a boring old egg!!

Don’t ask me where my 2014 basket is………Mom forgets to name photos LOGICALLY sometimes!

Anyway, I hope you’re ready for Easter if you celebrate it………………………..I’m just READY FOR BACON tomorrow!   I’ll also be BRAVE when the cleaning starts today – honest I will!

Hugs, Sammy

Pee Ess    The waiting is now over – the vet called before this post went live so I can report that I have to UP my dose of thyroid meds (whaaa) – two whole pills a day vs. 1-1/2 pills a day.   I’ll do my best…..after all, Mom gives me my pill in baby food which is pretty nommy so maybe it won’t be so bad….maybe.




Another Monday


Just another Monday right?   I think of Monday as “the day before Teaser Tuesday”……….I bet some of you do too!   Speaking of that, I’ve got a DOOZY for you tomorrow.   It you ask me, it’s  downright impossible to figure out where this photo was taken – it looks a little bit spooky to me in fact.   But you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.   Tee Hee

I spent the weekend enjoying VERY much seeing so many of my friends drawings by Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen, the artist  at http://onedrawingdaily.com.    We just think he’s incredibly talented to have captured so many of you in his drawings; some  done in ballpoint pen, some pencil, india ink – a variety of media but he just has a knack for capturing the “spirit” in each of us I think!    If you  would like Mr. Thomas to draw you, contact him through his website.   He’s on a mission to do a drawing a day for two years………I’ve put the drawing he kindly did of me on my blog front page.  I just love it.   Thank you again Mr. Thomas!

We had a WHOLE weekend of “Spring”……I’m a very happy boy……….I got to go out and enjoy the weather, and Mom got the lawn mowed for the first time and that’s when I know Spring has really and truly Sprung!

The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway!  Bags of mulch at the ready 'round the bottom.....

The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway! Bags of mulch at the ready ’round the bottom…..

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

Dicentra just blooming!

Dicentra just blooming!

The white one is too!

The white one is too!

I hope that I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Teaser………..remember please that it gets posted every week at a DIFFERENT TIME…………….I just randomly choose a time and it gets out there to all of you………with the time differences, I’m sorry that some of you don’t get to see it as early as others or even AT ALL……but it’s still fun to tune in when you can and see everybody’s guesses  and the comments………….just plain fun!!!

See you in the morning!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser Dood

Doing my OWN "Spring cleaning" !

Doing my OWN “Spring cleaning” !

Rest-Up Monday


WOW…….what a weekend…………..parties all over the place and Mother’s Day too!   Well, this old guy really (and I mean REALLY) needs to rest up from all of that so that’s what I’m doing today.  Taking it EASY…………….

Yesterday was great though – we had a nice Mother’s Day – Mom and Dad worked out in the yard and it was a beautiful day for it.  Eighty degrees, sunny and a breeze……….purrrrfect!  Dad made breakfast for Mom (and me….bacon was on the menu) and I snoopervised the outside activity from the front porch (when they were in the front yard) and the back deck (when they were out back).   A guy’s gotta keep an eye on the old folks you know!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser (as if I had to tell YOU that!) – so make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight so you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll tomorrow when the Teaser goes live!    You know we have AWARDS for guessing FIRST, guessing RIGHT, guessing SORT OF RIGHT and even for guessing WRONG!

Have a Rest-Up Monday yourselves if you can………I know it’s at the top of my “TO DO” list today!!    Oh – before I go, I got this sweet card form my friend Misaki this morning – better late than never right???   HUGS TO YOU BEAUTIFUL MISAKI!!


Resting Up For Teaser

   Yep – it’s what I do on Mondays!  


Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed