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Sam’s Morning Excitement


Well!  What a morning I’ve had!  It all started when I had to wake Mom up extra early (she wasn’t too happy about that) because I saw something out the front door and had to tell her.  Yep.  It was still dark out but you know we cats can see stuff you humans can’t when the light is dim.  She didn’t see what I could see until she cracked the door open and went on the porch.  There were about eight HUGE turkey buzzards out there!  Big, nasty, scary things.  We often see them flying around in the sky here but this is the first time they landed in MY yard!  They didn’t even budge when Mom went out there either – they stood their ground and walked around like they owned the place……..Mom said she wasn’t sure why they were there – but we did have a very heavy dew last night so maybe they were thirsty or maybe they just liked the look of our nice green lawn and decided to camp out for the night??????

Sam's Front Yard

Looks like a landing field for turkey buzzards doesn't it ?!!

They were right between the oak on the right and the garden on the left…..making themselves at home!  I’m going to keep my eye out all day in case they come back. 

The other excitement is that in the local paper yesterday Mom said there was an article about bobcat sightings around here! YES – great big cats that look a little bit like me (well, sort of)…..Mom says they aren’t sweet like me though….they haven’t been seen right here in Warrenton but VERY CLOSE BY…..so you see – my “house and garden patrol” duties are getting more complicated every day. 

It’s always SOMETHING……………..

Sammy, One Spoiled Watch Cat!

Sam’s Random Rantings


First of all, let me just say it’s been a QUIET morning.  Stevie came, got her treat and went on her way without being molested by that young whippersnapper fox that tried to assault her yesterday.  I know you all were worried about her but I also know we’ve seen Stevie around the neighborhood for five or six years and I just bet she’s had close encounters of the fox kind before.  At least she knows WE will protect her even if her own family won’t!

Sigh…….It’s another sunny stairs day. I’ll get some rays from INSIDE instead of outside today because it’s really yucky out there this morning. Already hot and humid! I sound like a wimp huh? Well, I just know as I’ve gotten older I appreciate comfort more. Mom says she knows what I’m talking about!  Mom has to mow the lawn this morning but she loves riding around on her tractor (too much noise for me!) and she’ll do it early before it gets any hotter…….then I’m hoping for a little “lap time” after she’s done.  Maybe I can talk her into a very SHORT venture into the back yard.  She found this old photo of me there with my harness on.  Nowadays I only wear the harness (Mom calls it my “sweater”!!!!!) when it’s dark out so she can keep track of me.  She knows she can trust me when it’s light out – I don’t wander away and always stick close to her or Dad whenever I’m outside.   A little fresh air never hurt anyone – right?

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Always nice to stop and smell the roses.....I mean mums!!

Happy Wednesday From
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat  


Hot, Hotter, Hottest – Yikes!


Whoa!  It’s really yucky outside today!  After waking Mom up like an alarm clock at precisely 5AM and after she got coffee started for Dad, on went my harness and out we went into the sorta dark back yard.  Boy what a surprise we had….it was so hot and humid I just stood there for a moment thinking “gee the house feels a lot more comfortable than THIS!!!!”………I’m sure Mom thought the same thing but we went out into the yard anyway.  The air is so heavy it just weighed us both down.  I just sat in the grass.  Didn’t have the energy to move.  Poor Mom stood there with me holding my leash and I just SAT.  Not much of a walk, huh?  Finally, she just picked me up and carried me back inside.  I hate to admit it but it felt great to be back indoors.  Know what?  It’s not even Summer yet!  If it’s this icky now – what’s it going to be like later?????  I may need to rethink that pool thing…………….

Cats feel temperature differently than humans.  Mom explained all of that to me once when I was complaining about it being too cold in the house.  But I gotta say that while we prefer to be nice and warm and cozy, this is RIDICULOUS!!! 

Yummy - Nice Cool Grass!

Yummy - Nice Cool Grass!