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Friday Cleaning Day


Remember before Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday we had CLEANING DAY?  

Sammy called it MONSTER DAY…. 

It was Monster Day because that’s what he called the vacuum!  

Well, since there is no Friendly Fill-Ins today, we are having a sort of flashback to the good old Monster Friday days.   Do you remember who used to come clean our house?   The Broomhildas???????

They did a great job too but they moved on eventually and we STILL have housecleaning around here on Fridays but Mom does it on her own with some help from my Dad.   Just like Sammy, I am NOT a fan of the MONSTER so I stay out of the way until the noise stops then I come out and inspect everything to make sure it’s been done correctly and to my HIGH STANDARDS.

We thought you’d maybe enjoy seeing some of the old jokes and fun that used to “populate the pages” of our blog on Fridays.

Then there were all those friends willing to help out!

Yep – those were fun Fridays.   But we miss Friendly Fill-Ins so we hope our co-hosts Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing give us a challenge next Friday…….until then – HAPPY HOUSECLEANING!!!!

I hate it just as much as Angel Sammy did, Doc!

Hugs, Teddy

Maybe I’ll help by cleaning the sink??????