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Another Wet Day In Paradise

No sense trying to see out the window.....it's still dark!

Hey Mom - it's still dark out - could you please turn on the lights out there so I can see????

More rain today….which is OK by me.  I had fun yesterday – Mom made a real cool fort for me in the living room with two stools and an afghan.  I took three of my favorite toys in the fort and played with them all morning (in between naps of course).  Today – probably Mom will make a different fort for me.  This rainy day thing isn’t so bad!

This morning after she’d made the bed in her and Dad’s bedroom, she opened the curtains up so I hopped up on a chair to peek out – oops – I guess it was a bit too early to see anything out there yet.  This picture is of me deciding it was just a little too early for any good chair-peeking.   Normally this is a pretty good spot though because it’s on the second floor and I can see all the deer cruising through the back yard.   Since it WAS too early, I hopped over from the chair to the bed – and she flashed that camera thing AGAIN to catch me settling in while she goes to take a shower:

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

If I can't peek out the window - I'll pass the time snoozin' !

I can peek out the window later…..for now, this’ll do me just fine!  Another rainy day in paradise………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

Happy Wednesday from rainy Warrenton, Virginia

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat