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Teaser Tell All


Tell All Class Is Starting!

Good morning class………………………we hope that you didn’t do too much celebrating for the 4th of July last night and are BRIGHT-EYED and BUSHY TAILED for class today!

Those are bright eyes alright!

Our Teaser yesterday was a Guest Teaser and I’ll give you the scoop on that in just a minute but before I do – how about I tell you WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER!!     It was our good friend Miss Madi !     She was the ONLY one in the first 60 seconds so she doesn’t have to share that honor with anybody else – she wins the first newly designed badge:

For Madi on 7/4/17

Concatulations Madi!!

Now the details on the Teaser photo………it was sent in to us by Mom’s friend Miss Steph whose girl-kitty Gracie is a fellow Cat Scout and their blog is HERE.    A friend of Miss Steph’s took the photo on a trip he took and one of his stops was RUSE, BULGARIA which is what this photo is of!

This is a badge for you Miss Steph and Gracie – thanks for the photo for this week’s Teaser!

For Miss Steph for Teaser of 7/4/17

This was a TOUGH photo………there were so many really GOOD guesses – everyone noted the red roves and white/cream colored buildings which are things you see in a NUMBER of different European locations so guesses were from all over but they were well thought out and reasoned guesses!   BRAVO FOR ALL OF YOU.    BUT, the fact remains, that nobody guessed the Teaser so the very first “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” and “RIGHT GUESSER” badges will have to wait to be awarded NEXT WEEK……………….but in the meantime, those of you who did guess but weren’t right each get a new GREENIE!

For Guessing WRONG on the Teaser of 7/4/17


Now I’m sure you will be glad to know that SuzieQ is back today………..she needed a little break from cheering and Sarge kindly filled in for her yesterday but all of us missed Suzie.   Let’s give her a hand for showing up in class today shall we????

Yes I’m back
After my “pity me” attack
I’m concentrating on cheers
Not changing careers
I was born to shake my booty
And be a real hot patootie!
So let’s celebrate some winners
First Commenter for beginners
Madi was the FIRST
So excited she almost burst!
Bravo for you girlie
You make my pom poms twirlie!
Sadly THAT was it !
Nobody else got a hit !
No RIGHT GUESS from class
Those new badges got a pass!
Next class will be on Tuesday
Don’t make it a “GOT THE BLUES-DAY!!”

Yes Suzie we hope that next week we’ll be able to award the first round of FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and RIGHT GUESSER badges……………………we’ll keep some warmed up for you class so you’d better study up and be SHARP next week OK?     Meanwhile, it’s time for recess so go on out there and HAVE SOME FUN!

Be Happy!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy