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Sammy The Stormwatcher…….

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Closing my eyes to "wish" away the storm!

So far so good this morning…..of course Irene isn’t really as close to us as she will be in a few more hours…..but right now, it’s just a little breezy and NO rain.  I’m keeping my eyes closed to WISH it away!

On the weather this morning (which I love to watch of course) they showed pictures of North Carolina and Southern Virginia where the winds and rain are pounding away.  Then the weather lady showed this big map of Virginia and it was all divided up into sections so we could see what to expect in our area.  Looked like right here where we live, we will get around 3 inches of rain (not much) and have winds up to 50-60mph (not bad) so we’re going to be pretty lucky.  Everybody east of us though won’t have it so good!  All the beaches have been evacuated (what’s a beach?  Isn’t it just a big litterbox?) and people are expecting the worst. 

WOW…..we have an earthquake a few days ago and now a bad storm.  What’s next?  Hopefully a long stretch of super good, peaceful and quiet NAPPING days! 

What a view!

Don't worry Mom....I'll let you know when I see the storm arrive!

I’ll just keep watch for now…..I’m good at that!  We can handle whatever comes our way – after all – a few years back we had a tornado hop right over our house!  We were so lucky……luckier than other people all around us……I think we have a special angel looking out for us (Mom says it’s her Dad up in heaven!!). 

Guess I’ll just stay right here where I am on my window perch…until it gets noisy out there I’ll snooze.  Now that’s something I can do no matter WHAT weather we have.  🙂 🙂

Stay safe everybody……..and Happy Saturday

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (on storm lookout duty!)