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Furrriday Fun


Happy Furrriday Folks!

The very first thing I want to share is that my very good friend Nerissa of Nerissa’s Life honored me with a brand, spanking (ouch) new award courtesy of his very creative Mom’s artistic talents.  It’s called the “Why I Love Thee Award” and it’s beautiful……..

Why I Love Thee award

Nerissa’s Mom created the new award originally to celebrate Nerissa’s 25,000 hit mark on the blog BUT the timing is pretty darn good for Valentine’s Day too don’t you think?  It’s ALL ABOUT LOVE. 

It’s also very easy to comply with the rules of acceptance…..VERY.  First you thank the friend who passed the award to you (SAMMY HUGS AND THANKS TO YOU NISSY!), you link back to their blog (DONE), then comes the super easy part…….if you’re a pet you tell everyone why you love your human/biped/peep/human…..and if you’re a human getting the award you tell why you love your pet!   Last but not least, you pass the award to more blog buddies (at least one but no limit on number).

Why I Love My Mom and Dad  by Sammy Kimmell

Thirteen years ago I was in a shelter all alone in a tiny cage….since I was already tiny, I didn’t know the world could be so big.    But it didn’t matter because all of a sudden I was with two humans who were kind to me, gave me a safe place to live, yummy food and so very much love.   When I’m sad they make me happy, when I’m sick they take me to the doctor, when I’m lonely they keep me company, when I want a nap, Mom’s lap is ALWAYS available.  When Mom’s away, Dad takes care of me and we “hang out” together like guys do.  I wish I could live my last thirteen years all over again because every minute (even when I’m at the vet’s) has been precious to me.  Every time I can softly touch my Mom’s face with my paw, or look her in the eye and wink, or curl up in a warm ball on her lap in the most vulnerable of ways, I feel all the love a kitty can feel and my heart is full.

Feeling safe and loved on Mom's lap.....

Feeling safe and loved on Mom’s lap…..

Who can I pass this new award to?  Well, I’m sure the recipients of this will be passing it around like crazy – and there will be many duplicate awards made so if that happens, just FEEL THE LOVE from all the friends who nominate you!  I know that’s what Nerissa and his Mom would want.

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It’s always hard to pick people to pass awards on to because I love every single one of you – I hope you all know that by now!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Yes indeed I do! I REALLY do!

Enjoy your Furriday………we’re having rain and some sleet but thank heavens no BIG SNOW like North of here…..Stay safe everybody!

Love, Sammy your HUG Specialist 😀 😀 😀