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Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students!

Are You Ready???

First Priority is to COMMENT – the first person to leave a comment on this post is gonna win a badge!!!   Hurry up!   We’ll wait for you!   

YEP you’ll get this if you are FIRST to comment!

Now that you’re all back and at your desks, time to get your brains in gear…….

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today.    Just one photo and I don’t see any real HINTS in the photo so this one might be a challenge……………..might be a BIG challenge unless you’ve traveled the world and see it all and know WHERE you would see this photo!     Before we show it to you – I think we should see if Suzie is ready to SHAKE IT UP and get you motivated shall we?????

I’m back, I’m back
Taking up the slack!
That dog that came to cheer
Musta had one too many beers
It’s time to test your knowledge
Pretend you’re all in college!
Study the picture in great detail
While I go shopping and enjoy me some “retail” !!
While you work I’ll go for a walk
Me and that dog need to talk!
His communication skills were quite lacking
I’m gonna send that boy packing!

Well Suzie, in his defense, we didn’t have time to find a suitable replacement for you – you’re irreplaceable and we know it – this guy showed up at the front door and said he heard we needed some help so we let him take a whack at being our Monday Pre-Teaser Cheerleader.    Oh well…………….live and learn right?


Now, it’s time to bring our fabulous photo assistant/guard in with today’s photo.    Remember PLEASE that there are some rules for today and they are:

  1. When you guess, you must guess what town/city/village AND in what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken!   
  2. PLEASE don’t use Google Image Search to “cheat” and find out where this photo was taken………it’s tons more fun to figure it out on your own without that don’t you think????????   Everyone is equally able to win that way!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll tell you who wins WHAT tomorrow on the TEASER TELL ALL!

Hello Professors – I thought I’d bring a RECESS snack even though you didn’t ASK me to!

Why thank you Miss Dingleberry – how very thoughtful of you!!!!    Alright students, no pushing and shoving……everyone in a line and don’t forget to THANK Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff for bringing you a snack today!


Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Prof. Angel Sam and Assistant Prof. Ted

Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!   Come In For The Tell All

So we all survived Teaser Tuesday and here we are for Tell All Wednesday.    I know you’re DYING to know the scoop on that amazing “place” we showed you yesterday but first, let’s talk about WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER!

This week there was only one who came in to comment in the first 60 seconds after the post went live and that was (drum roll please):

Miss Csilla (Kolytyi)

For Csilla, April 12, 2017

Concatulations Miss Csilla!     Now who was our fabulous friend who sent us the very amazing photos?    Let’s show you the photos AGAIN……….

The photos came to us from Miss Annie of Animal Couriers!     She has actually visited and STAYED at this awesome structure called The Balancing Barn, located in Suffolk, UK……………….and it’s available to rent should you find you like the idea of being in mid-air when you lay your weary head down at night after a long day of sightseeing the British countryside!!!     Here’s a link you can investigate!


Neato………………..and what a treat it must have been to stay in the place – it’s gorgeous on the inside – on the link above you will see some more photos.   You should take a peek!

Thank You Miss Annie!   This is for you:

For Annie Alexander of Animal Couriers for the Teaser of 4/11/17

Now, I’m sure some of you were hoping Suzie would come here and cheer for the winner and give a big old razz to the losers but guess what – she’s away at a cheerleading squad meeting and isn’t here today.   Cool?    But we DO have someone who said they would do a quick cheer………a round of applause for her please???



Uhhh…………………………..thanks…………………sort of……………………let’s hope Suzie’s back next week…………..although now we see where she got her CHEERING TALENT from!!

The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today on this UNIQUE Teaser, was none other than Da Phenny who is just back from a vacation in Paris with his Mom and Dad!     Phenny, this is for you!

There were several more of you who guessed correctly – that it was the BALANCING BARN…………and each of you get this:

And those of you who were NOT right………..well, first of all don’t feel bad because a lot of people came, looked at the photo and didn’t guess – you guessed (wrong) but you guessed!  This is your reward!

Next week who knows where we’ll be

or what the Teaser photo will show us…..

one thing I do know is

we will have FUN with it right Class?


Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!

Angel Prof Sammy!


Tuesday Teaser Time


Time for the Tuesday Teaser……………….are you all ready?   Awake?   Alert?


Alright – then let’s get down to it.    FIRST of all, we have a special badge for WHOEVER is the FIRST to post a comment of any kind on THIS POST………………so if you’d like to win that badge then get busy – go comment then come right back here for the main event – go on – we’ll wait for you!!!!!!


Welcome back……………………today’s Teaser photos are very INTERESTING ones……………very.    Now for THIS Teaser, I do want to know WHERE they were taken – what area of what country or state??   If you want to take it a step further, what IS this place???    One thing for sure is that it is INTERESTING!    Now shall we have our little Cheerleader come in to cheer you on first?

Today we have a doozy
A fun one we did choosy
We have a pile of Teasers
And while they ALL are pleasers
Some are easy peasy
While others make me queasy
This one makes me dizzy
Makes my fur go frizzy
It really is kind of scary
OFF the ground makes me a bit wary!
I know travel makes us WISER
But to go here I’d need tranquilizers!

HUH?    Well that’s a bit confusing…………………..I guess we’ll have to see what you’re talking about Suzie when Mr. Silver Briefcase comes in and shows us the photos (there are two today) – step right up Sir!!!  We’re anxious to see the photo now!

Here’s the two views of this place that Suzie’s talking about…..I have to admit, it makes me dizzy too!

Two views of the same place……………………….now it’s up to you to tell ME about it!!!   Where?  City and State (if USA) or country (if not USA).

Now remember if you are FIRST to guess this one right, you get this wonderful badge:

If you’re right but not the FIRST right, you still get to proclaim your smarties with this:

AND, last but not least, if you guess but are wrong………….you get this:

Professor Sammy, my Mom made some cookies for me to bring to class today!

Oh now nice of her Bobby!  Please thank her for us will you?

I’ll get some smoothies from the cafeteria for us Professor Sam!

OK – class adjourned to the back of the room for cookies!! 

See you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL – good luck!

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy

Pre-Teaser Monday


It’s About That Time!

Welcome Students of Geography……


Here we are again – it’s Monday and we’re prepping ourselves for tomorrow’s TEST!    The TEST is of course guessing where the photo I will show you was taken.   We make it harder though by saying you need to say what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE or COUNTRY the photo is snapped – you can’t just say “somewhere on Earth” and get away with it I’m afraid!

So be ready – think you can do that?  Oh c’mon – of COURSE you can especially if you are a “seasoned” Teaser fan!

I thought I’d ask SuziQ to give you a little encouragement so you come here tomorrow in the proper frame of mind……..Suzie?

Slim Slam I like ham Wicki Picki I like chickie Bluesday Crewsday I love Tuesday! I wasn't quite prepared To have my cheering aired I usually cheer tomorrow This cheer is a horror I think I'd better go Before I ruin the show!

Slim Slam
I like ham
Wicki Picki
I like chickie
Bluesday Crewsday
I love Tuesday!
I wasn’t quite prepared
To have my cheering aired
I usually cheer tomorrow
This cheer is a horror
I think I’d better go
Before I ruin the show!

Well Suzie I can tell you really were NOT prepared to give us a cheer today – that one was all over the place – BUT it’s the fact that when I called on you, you showed up that counts!   Let’s hear it for SuzieQ !!





I’m sure she will have a whopper of a cheer for us tomorrow on THE BIG DAY………..she never – hardly ever –  mostly – pretty much lets us down right?

Remember the Teaser post will pop up at a SURPRISE time………….almost always before 10AM Eastern Standard Time but then again who knows.   Only the SHADOW KNOWS (just kidding) – actually only me and my Mom know since we do the Teaser Post together and we’re not tellin’ !!!

Tomorrow morning, whoever is the FIRST PERSON to comment on the Teaser post will get this:


So you need to be on guard for the post to arrive on your doorstep tomorrow morning………………………..

Meanwhile, have a PAWSOME Monday!

Keep studying your geography!

Keep studying your geography!

I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?

Hugs, Professor Sam

Pee Ess – Before I go, may I say HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY!


Here’s to cats everywhere – long may we wave (our tails!)



Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Coming….will you be ready?



I hope so because you know and I know (and SuzieQ knows) what tomorrow is………..that’s right – Teaser Time.   This week’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER…….and maybe you’ll think it’s easier than last week’s “allegedly/supposedly” easy Teaser.    Guess we’ll find out tomorrow won’t we??  

SuzieQ would you like to provide some inspiration to our fans for tomorrow’s challenge?

Ra Ra Ham We love Sam Who needs money Sam's such a honey He loves to tease His paw you wanna squeeze Let's give a big cheer TUESDAY'S ALMOST HERE!

Ra Ra Ham
We love Sam
Who needs money
Sam’s such a honey
He loves to tease
His paw you wanna squeeze
Let’s give a big cheer

WOW……..for once I can actually at least UNDERSTAND your cheer today SuzieQ……..thanks!    You will be here tomorrow to give everyone another dose of your cheer right?  

I think you all know by now what the deal is for our Teaser on Tuesdays…..but just in case you’ve been on another planet or are brand new to my blog, here’s the deal.   Tomorrow I’ll have a photo (sometimes two) posted of a place someone took some photos – could be anywhere in the world when they were on a trip or vacation or even went to a park in their own town!   Doesn’t matter WHERE – what matters is that it’s tricky and might make people scratch their craniums and wonder “WHERE WAS THAT PHOTO TAKEN???”……………..The photo gets posted with my blog at a random time every week – you never know when to expect it.  Why do I do that?   Because one of the prizes every week is a “FIRST COMMENTER” badge…..whoever comments FIRST when the post goes live gets it and it looks like THIS:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/19/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/19/16

Then the other awards that are available will be for the first person who GUESSES right – where the photos were taken…..then another award is available for anyone else who guesses right but isn’t first…..swell?  Oh yeah……..then if that wasn’t fabulous enough I even have a badge for everyone who guesses WRONG – yeah – WRONG – or hasn’t got a clue………..so there’s no way you can’t win SOMETHING tomorrow.    

So bottom line is – BE HERE TOMORROW or you will miss out.   You don’t want to miss out do ya?  Heck no!  

You heard what Sammy said - BE HERE OR ELSE!

You heard what Sammy said – BE HERE OR ELSE!

Don't mind me.....I'll just rest here and wait for you Tuesday morning......

Don’t mind me…..I’ll just rest here and wait for you Tuesday morning……