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Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell!

Wasn’t that a fun Teaser?    We were starting to wonder if anyone would guess it when WHAMMO – someone did!


First things first though………………please have a seat and get ready to cheer for the person who was our FIRST COMMENTER.    You know how sometimes we have SEVERAL people within the first sixty seconds to comment so we give away several FIRST COMMENTER badges?    Well this isn’t the case this week because our FIRST COMMENTER was the ONLY one in the first minute.



Miss Sharon is a FREQUENT FLYER in the First Commenter department but usually we have more than one FIRSTIE – this week this badge (which is a new one!) is ALL YOURS Miss Sharon!

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of June 18, 2019! Wahoo for me!

Then we watched the guesses coming in……………and it seemed people were truly stumped.    It really was a very pretty and interesting photograph and it was a GUEST TEASER photo sent in by our super good friend and stalwart student at Ding Dong, Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS.

Here’s another look at the photo:

This is the City Hall in La Rochelle, France!    It has an amazing history back to the 15th century and actually had a terrible fire with a lot of restoration done – you can read all about it by


THANK YOU MISS JACKIE!   This is for you:

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of June 18, 2019!

Who was the lucky FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week?

Don’t keep us in suspense – WHO WAS FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????

CarolMaeWY in Wyoming, USA


You guessed La Rochelle, France FIRST and this is for you:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 18, 2019! YAY FOR ME!

Now as of when we did this post, nobody else had guessed it BUT if someone HAS guessed it before midnight EST Tuesday, then you get this:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of June 18, 2019 but I was NOT first to get it right…..oh well.

Those of you who guessed but were wrong get a brand new Greenie!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 18, 2019. BOO HOO!

I didn’t win a THING – not even a free diaper change!

Cheer Team?   How about a rowsing cheer for our winners today???????

Well Well Well I do declare
We’ve got some winners’ names to share!
Miss Sharon was FAST as usual commenting in class
First Commenter for her and a pat on the…..back (tee hee)
Then Carol from Wyoming arrived on the scene
She was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER so she’s today’s Queen
A hearty thanks to Miss Jackie for the photo this week
Now lets give Professor Teddy a pinch on the cheek!!!

Thanks ladies…………………well done…………..now to celebrate the fact Teaser is over for the week, let’s head to the cafeteria where the Swedish Chef has prepared lunch for us shall we?

If we don’t eat soon I’m going to get a CRANKY on!


Shtoooodents!   I hope you enchoy your lunch again today.  You seemed to eat well yesterday!   Even Kismet who Miss Dingleberry said is rather cranky I believe enchoyed his seeds.   

Today’s Delightfully Delicious Menu:

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OK Schtoodents – oops – we mean STUDENTS (!) – we’ll see you NEXT week for more Teaser fun! 

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pee Ess – HAPPY International Box Day

Pre-Tease Monday Class


Greetings Class……ready to be prepped for class tomorrow??

Actually we don’t do that much to prepare you – it’s totally up to you because YOU are the ones who examine the photos we provide and YOU are the ones who makes guesses.    So it’s up to YOU to do your best sleuthing and mystery solving when we give you the challenge in class tomorrow.

Remember – the post will be at a SURPRISE TIME so you don’t know when you’ll get notice that CLASS IS IN SESSION!     When you do, try to get here and comment because you MIGHT be FIRST COMMENTER!

I would SOOOO like to be up early and first to comment – Yes I would!

Well give it a whirl Prudence – you might earn a badge.   Speaking of badges, let’s give you a quick review of the rules for tomorrow’s Teaser class AND show you the badges you might be lucky enough to win!

So that’s the usual “scoop” on the Teaser.    Just do your best and that’s all we Professors can ask of you…………….!

Our Cheer Team can cheer you up a little too if that will help inspire you for tomorrow……………..Girls????

Are you all ready for the Teaser tomorrow morning?
Remember it will arrive without a warning!
A surprise time means you can’t prepare
You just have to be READY when the notice gets there….
Then promptly to class where you’ll start the test
And with any luck, you’ll make a correct guess!
The photo could be tough or maybe easy
We can promise you this – it will be TEASY!

Thanks ladies – no doubt all our students are ready to rock n roll tomorrow morning………………

Did someone say Rock n Roll????

Anyway, I’m sure you all will do your best…………..

You’re DARN TOOTIN’ we’ll do our best……we’re SERIOUS students!

Yes I can tell that……………

I’m always serious when I come to class…..!!!!

Well all of you who are SERIOUS and ready for Teaser – how about following your Professors to the lunchroom.    It’s time for lunch and then it’s home to study and be READY for tomorrow morning!

I’m gonna study like CRAZY……but first – lunch!

Happy Monday Students!    Is everyone ready to have a nourishing lunch before heading home to study?    We hope there are some items on the cafeteria line that meet with your approval today………!    Eat Hearty – BIG TEST TOMORROW!

Today’s Marvelous Menu:

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See you at a surprise time in the morning !

Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


What?  It’s Tuesday already?  Time flies…………..HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?


That’s right – first order of business around here on a Tuesday is commenting…….because you might be FIRST or one of the FIRSTS and get a badge.   Big deal right?   Actually for some of our students, getting/earning a badge to display on their blog, page, social media, whatever – is the BIG event of their day.    Even if it isn’t something you show off to anyone, you might aspire to get the accolade and congratulations from US and the Cheer Team?   If so, stay tuned……….Teaser is coming……..

I couldn’t BE more ready

Just a quick review of the rules and badges then ONWARD:

Remember today’s photo was sent in by one of YOU……………….so this isn’t one from our Graphics Department.    Imagine that.   So it’s liable to be from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.


Yes – anywhere.    Just do your  best to figure it out from any clues that might be present and tomorrow the Cheer Team might be cheering about YOU being a winner!

I am gonna study this photo and find some hints to google and get it RIGHT this week!

So let’s not delay the inevitable – let’s bring our Security Guard in with this week’s TEST!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

 Remember – we need town/state or country!

We have other photos of this beautiful spot but we’ll show those tomorrow when we do the Tell All.

Pretty place but it could be ANYWHERE!! I won’t let it get me down though – I’ll just keep smiling!

Hmm……cool photo but where the heck is that?!

Cheer Team?   Cheer these students up this morning will you?

We don’t know where this photo was taken
But if we were there we’d order a martini stirred and not shaken!
Looks LA DE DA and oh so very classy
Would we be out of place since we’re hot and sassy?
Wherever it is we’re ready to go
But for now good luck to YOU – will it be WIN, PLACE or SHOW??????


We’ll let you know who sent this pretty photo in tomorrow………….meanwhile GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!!!

I want lunch! I need regular feedings!

Alright, alright – don’t wet your diaper – let’s all go to the cafeteria for lunch…………then back here to work on the Teaser photo OK?     We’ll see everyone back in class tomorrow for the winners (and losers)!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Another Tuesday at Ding Dong School and we hope your lunch today will give you brain power to guess the Teaser CORRECTLY this week!   

Tuesday Menu Selections:

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Happy Guessing Students!   Oh – did you know today is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?  

Your Professors

June 4, 2019


Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Ding Dong Students – welcome back to school!

Hope you all treated your Moms right yesterday – after all – just think of all the great stuff they do for you!   Right?

We’re here this morning as usual for a Monday to prep you to handle studying for and guessing correctly the Teaser photo we will be giving you tomorrow in class.   SO – studying comes first of course and that means you need to remember how to search for clues in photos……what kind of things are you likely to see in photos that have been taking in different countries OR in different areas of the USA????   Yeah – tough isn’t it!    Well you can do it.

Here are the rules for guessing and playing along tomorrow:

AND here are the badges you will be eligible for if you are right or wrong!

You know you want one so be SHARP tomorrow…………..and more news for you in that tomorrow’s photo is from a GUEST TEASER.    Who knows where in the world they snapped this shot – it will be up to you to figure it out.

This could be my chance to get rid of this CAP if I get it right!!!!!!!

I have a suggestion! How about a badge for students who have never EVER been right?????

That certainly would be a popular badge.   Well, most of our students have received a badge of SOME KIND……..A Greenie or a Right Guesser, etc. – but if you NEVER EVER got a badge – I think what you get is DISAPPOINTED.

Now, shall we bring in the Cheer Team?    They have a BIG APOLOGY for those of you who won badges last week – they took Wednesday off to go on their Harleys to the beach and didn’t leave us a taped recording of a cheer.    They just LEFT.    Girls?   I bet you feel BAD about that right?

We shoulda done a cheer for you
But what’s a girl gonna do?
The sun was out, our Harleys were new
And off we went without a thought for you!
On our way home we felt real bad
We let you down – it made us sad.
So here we are to make things good
No hard feelings in the Ding Dong ‘hood !
Last week’s FIRST COMMENTER was our Miss Janet
The fastest human on the planet!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Timmy Tomcat
There was nobody else who could beat that!
We promise to never again miss a class
If we do, you can kick our “you know what” !

OK girls – I think you’ve made up for missing last week – just don’t let it happen again or you will see some UNHAPPY FACES!

Nobody wants to have to see THESE faces!!

So before we break for lunch I want to remind all of you that the Teaser post tomorrow will be at a SURPRISE TIME – not the usual time – so BE ALERT!!!!!

Hello students….I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day and are filled with happiness and joy and smiles for a Monday.  That makes it a more pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria….just because I look like I just sucked a lemon doesn’t mean you have to look like that.    Hope you enjoy your lunch today!


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Enjoy lunch students – see you in class tomorrow!

Teaser Tuesday Test Time


Good Morning Class!  You’d better COMMENT before you have a seat!

It’s Tuesday again……and time to exercise your brain……………..

Not THAT kind of exercise!!!

We have a Guest Teaser photo for you to identify and I think we’ll get RIGHT DOWN TO IT with no more fiddling around……………..

The sooner the better…….my mind is beginning to wander………….

Rules first along with those brand spanking new badges that I am SURE you want to win with your CORRECT (or incorrect) guess on the Teaser…………

I am gonna win one of those OR ELSE!  

There you have it – everything you need to know before we give you the TEST today.    I guess we should give our Cheer Team a chance to whip you into a lather before we show you the photo??

Ok gang now it’s up to you
The Teaser photo is ready to view
Study it hard then go for the gold
Just make your guess before WE get old!
Tomorrow you’ll find out if you made the mark
Will you be in the LIGHT or lost in the DARK?!
NOW LET’S HAVE LUNCH!!!! (no it doesn’t rhyme but so what)

HAHAHA……We ALL want lunch!

Marge could you please page the Security Guard????


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Remember – city/town AND state/country required for a FULL guess!!

Hmm……I’m gonna have to study DETAILS!

Well everyone just study away but whenever you’re ready – head over to the cafeteria for Miss Dingleberry’s lunch for today.    THEN, tomorrow we’ll be back at regular time to tell you who wins what!

Happy Tuesday students…..time for lunch…..we hope you’re pleased with our selections for you today.


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Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time!


You know what today is – it’s TELLING IT LIKE IT IS day!

Have a seat – pull up a desk and we’ll tell you ALLLLLLLLLLLL about the photo from yesterday.

I can tell you I’m upset about the Teaser – I worked ALL DAY trying to figure it out!

We’ll put you out of your misery…………but first let’s tell you who was FIRST COMMENTER……………….

Sound the Celebration Horns!

First Commenter yesterday was:

Phenny/Nelly and The Mama


YAY! We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of April 23, 2019! Good for us!

Yes indeed – you were first to arrive in the classroom and then all of us WAITED…………………………….and WAITED………………………………..and WAITED SOME MORE for somebody to guess the Teaser photo correctly.    Did they?   Well, as of yesterday evening NO.     However, our Graphics Department will get up extra early (yawn yawn) and double/triple check to see if someone figured it out after we scheduled the Teaser Tell All post……….BUT if you’re reading this NOW, then it means nobody got it!   We fooled EVERYONE with this photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful blue roof of Apia Catholic Cathedral in Apia, Western Samoa!!    It was truly a tough Teaser we admit that but we do NOT often fool everyone do we………………Here’s a link to some info about this group of islands – they haven’t had it easy!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apia

It’s a pretty place though – or at least much of it is.   They are also renovating the Cathedral now and we’re guessing that roof is NEW…….matches the sky though doesn’t it.

So what that means (if nobody guessed it) is that it’s a good thing we have SEVERAL CRATES of Greenies to hand out today and if you tried to figure this one out but couldn’t, PLEASE take one with our compliments!

Darn! The Teaser of April 23, 2019 fooled me so I didn’t guess it correctly BUT I still get this GREENIE to add to my collection of Teaser souvenirs!

I’m so upset I’m going to eat this fake tree!

You’re eating a tree and I’m eating leaves…….

Alright everyone calm down.    We need a CHEER to cheer us up then we’ll head to the cafeteria where a good lunch will make you forget about not knowing the Teaser.  I’m SURE of it!

We’d never believe it if we didn’t know it was true
But not a soul guessed the Teaser and you’re all feeling blue
We’re sorry nobody guessed it but it coulda been worse
Somebody could have snuck into class and taken your purse!
Now wipe that frown off your face and let’s go eat
You’d better hurry up before there’s no more seats!
There’s always next week and you might win
Or at the very least you might squeeze out a grin!

Thanks girls – maybe everyone feels better – after all it’s a RARE occasion when nobody gets the Teaser.

Hey Man…..I’m…like….
TOTALLY hungry!

Sorry you all are disappointed today about the Teaser but next week I’m sure someone will guess it right!  In the meantime, console yourself with food…………that always helps!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Never fear – next week we’ll be HERE!!!!  

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


Tuesday Teaser Time


Hello Students!  Have you COMMENTED yet?  

Good Morning and here we are on another Tuesday ready to study a photo until we get eyestrain.    The photo today is kind of easy on the eyes but still we believe it’s a toughie – maybe you will have a different opinion on that but we’ll see in a few minutes!

First of all – we hope you commented – the only two who we know did NOT comment were the two that the Security Guard found in the boys bathroom doing what bad hooligans do the world over………….

Honestly guys – don’t you know that is a VERY bad habit to have????  HMMM?????

Shame on them!

Well – BOYS WILL BE BOYS I suppose however I understand the Principal said this is their last warning before they will be expelled.   YIKES!

Today’s Teaser is not a GUEST TEASER remember – but we still have rules to follow no matter what……..here they are along with a REFRESHER on the badges you can win today:

I’m REALLY hoping for a RIGHT GUESSER badge this week…….REALLY!

Let me remind all of you that we are having an EASTER BONNET contest……….to enter (and yes there will be a prize and voting!) just send a photo of you in your Easter Bonnet to me via email BEFORE April 14th.    We will vote for our favorite bonnet on he 14th and 15th then announce the WINNER during TELL ALL class on April 17th!!!     Exciting right?    RIGHT??????    We’ve already received TWO entries – don’t be late!

How about we check in with our PAWSOME Cheer Team.   They are already in the spirit of Easter – EARLY for sure but so what.   They look cute and they do great cheers so I say more power to them.   Girls – come get this crowd whipped into a frenzy to guess the Teaser today!

Here we are all EASTERIZED
We’re lookin’ good so feast your eyes!
Today is for Teaser though so we hope you’re ready
Don’t disappoint the Profs, Angel Sam and Teddy!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to cheer the winners
Then we’ll head to the cafeteria for our tasty dinners
Good luck to you from we slick chicks
Now get to guessing and make it quick!

OK girls – thanks for getting everyone’s blood pressure up – now we’ll bring in our security guard with today’s CHALLENGE!!

I need a diaper change before I can concentrate!

I’m from the diaper department…….


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Where was this photo taken??   Hmmmmm?????????

NOW while you burn up your little brain cells concentrating you have a choice of either staying here in the classroom to stare at the Teaser photo OR coming to the cafeteria for lunch.   Hop in line if you’re ready to eat………otherwise we’ll see you at TEASER TELL ALL tomorrow!

Greetings students……please enjoy your lovely lunch prepared with TLC by our cafeteria staff!!


See you in class tomorrow students!   Your Profs……….


A special Pee Ess……….HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY MARG of MARG’S ANIMALS!