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Tuesday Teaser Time!



Clowie and company have sounded the “all clear” for school safety so let’s GO!

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.    Now it’s back to school and you know what Tuesday is all about – figuring out a photo of SOMEWHERE……………….sometimes it’s not easy!

“You say SOMETIMES it’s not easy?  It’s NEVER easy for some of us!!”

This could be your lucky day……………………here are the rules AND the badges!

There you have it students – the amazing lineup of badges that YOU could win if you qualify!

“I really DO study and I really DO try but so far – my school album only has GREENIE badges in it!!”

Well let’s go ahead and show you what we have in store for you today to agonize over………………..remember you have all day to study and make your guess and then tomorrow we TELL ALL and pass out the badges to everyone who deserves one!    Security dood – please bring in the photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Intriguing photo yes?    No this is not a model of a place – it is a REAL place.    Well see if you can figure out where this photo was taken and you will get rewarded!!!!   In the meantime, we get rewarded with a cheer from our Cheer Team!

Memorial Day was yesterday
But it was our day off so we decided to play
We’re here NOW with hats very patriotic
We hope we don’t look idiotic!
The Teaser photo is very cool
The perfect location for Ding Dong School!
Now get to work and get to guessing
You’re here to learn and not for messing!
If you’re a winner tomorrow our cheer
Will have YOUR NAME for all to hear!!!

Thank you ladies………………………..we think maybe we’ll all head off to lunch now………………………….and perhaps our students will get some BRAIN FOOD and be able to do some good guessing and make we Professors PROUD!

Welcome to the cafeteria students!    Time to chow down for lunch!


See you tomorrow students for TELL ALL class……..we’ll let you know who the winners and losers are!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Class




Our Security Team with Clowie and Company has advised that all is secure on campus so we shall proceed with class……………have a seat students.  No milling about and pestering your fellow students please!

Excuse me?   I do not pester……I sit at my desk quietly and pay attention (sort of)……

Yesterday’s photo was beautiful and we thought it also might be difficult but YET AGAIN our Graphics Department chose a photo that was FAR from difficult.   That became apparent as the guesses flooded in with the right town but still SOMEONE was FIRST RIGHT………we’ll tell you in a minute about that but first things first – WHO WAS FIRST COMMENTER????





I was the first and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 12, 2020! YAY for me!

Phooooey!  I was super early yesterday and commented so I thought I’d be FIRST!   DARN!

Here’s the photo that the Graphics Department gave us for Teaser this week……………..one absolutely gorgeous place on the planet we might say……………….

This is the totally gorgeous, quiet, and small town of Albarracin, Spain.   Here is an interesting site you can visit and get a lot of information on this beautiful location CLICK HERE.

Who was the lucky ducky who guessed this FIRST?    There may have been a lot who guessed it but only ONE STUDENT who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!




Here’s your reward for being a smarty Da Phenny:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 12, 2020 – I am one smarty Weim !!!

Those of you who ALSO guessed correctly, get one of these of your very own (just copy it from below and post it to brag about it!):

Well I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 12, 2020. Maybe next week??????

And those of you who guessed but were wrong – you get a GREENIE of your very own!

OK – So I wasn’t RIGHT when I guessed the Teaser photo of May 12, 2020 – but I GUESSED so I get something for that anyway!

Let’s Hear It For The Teaser Winners!

Now let’s welcome our Cheer Team who I might add was VERY HAPPY to learn there was only ONE FIRST COMMENTER yesterday instead of FIVE like last week!!!!

Well wahoo and wow and goodie for us
One First Commenter and that’s a plus!
We hurt our brains writing long, drawn out cheers
The sound of our own voices fills our eyes with tears!
We may not be good but we sure are LOUD
Especially when we cheer for the Teaser crowd!
FIRST COMMENTER for Teaser was Miss Sharon
If you got here later than her, then it’s not worth carin’ !
Then we waited to see who would be the FIRST RIGHT smarty
It was DA PHENNY who started the party!
Since it’s a pretty day we’re heading out on our Harleys
We’d better go now before traffic gets gnarly!

Thanks ladies……………………..heading to the Pub or a new spot today?

We’re heading to a new bar……………

Well that looks like it could be your kind of place girls…………………have fun………………..be careful on that bike!

Now students – its’ time for us to head over to the cafeteria to visit Miss Dingleberry’s wonderful lunch line…………………..let’s go.

It’s about time you let us eat!   I’m getting very cranky!

OK Students!  Our cafeteria workers are ready for you to come through the line!  Enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

ALL ABOARD STUDENTS!   See you next Tuesday for more photo fun!   

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Time


WELCOME CLASS!   Have you commented yet?  Have you?   You’d better!!

“Professors, Security Detail reporting in – everything is as it should be around the school!”

Thanks to our fabulous Security Crew headed by Captain Clowie – we are so happy to have someone looking out for all of us around here…………….

Today we have another gem from our Graphics Department.    Seems we could use some Teaser inspiration from any of you who think you might have a photo you’ve taken at some point that could possibly fool your fellow students or at least give them a break from our Graphics Deaprtment GEMS!    Not that there’s anything wrong with our Graphics Department (after all she’s THE MOM after all but don’t tell anyone!).   If you DO have a photo that might be a goodie for TEASER – just email it to us………….

Before we start let’s run over the rules so there’s no misunderstandings HOW you go about making a guess and ultimately – hopefully – with some luck – WIN A BADGE!

The Badges Up For Grabs:


Could you please pull your mask down for a second and repeat that?    We can’t understand you!!!!

“I just said – LET’S GO PROFESSORS!”

OK……….sorry about that………….the masks sometimes make it tough to understand what people say.     But it’s the SAFE thing to do these days we know.   Keep up the good work Barney!

“I just want to say that Barney is doing the right thing – social distancing and wearing a mask in a public place is a wise choice!”


“We check everyone’s temperature when they come into school and so far we have a very healthy pile of students AND teachers!!”

That’s good to know Doctor Doolittle.

Time for our Teaser Guard to bring in today’s photo so you students can begin the process of figuring out WHERE the photo was taken………………………….ready?   Set – GO!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

OK gang – where was this photo taken?     What area of the universe are we seeing here???   HMM?

“Are you sure this is OUR universe Professors?????”

Yes indeed………………..now who would like to get a CHEER from the CHEER TEAM to get things moving??????


Here we are to cheer for you
Try to look intelligent and like you have a clue!
This photo might be hard or it might be easy
Whichever way it goes it’s a pretty little “Teasey” !!
Put on your glasses and give the photo a bit of study
Whether you feel lucky today or whether you feel cruddy
Just do your best to figure it out and we will cheer
Maybe we’ll give you a ride on the Harley and let you steer!!!!

“Cool Man……Totally”

Let’s go to the cafeteria and grab some lunch then you can come back here and study and perhaps make your guesses on the Teaser photo………………….OR if you prefer, you can stay here and skip lunch and sleep……………….


Off we march to the cafeteria!

Happy Tuesday Students!   Time to fill your tummies with something yummy!


Hop on the bus when you’re ready kids and we’ll see you for TEASER TELL ALL tomorrow!   

Good luck – your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class Starts Now!


Ahhhhh!  Spring at Ding Dong Sheep School…..better COMMENT now!!

“That’s right students – better comment while you can – sometimes there’s a crowd at the starting line on Tuesdays!!”   

Welcome to class students………………it’s time for teasing – are you ready?    


Good then let’s get started……………first up – let’s review the rules of engagement……….you must adhere to them or – well – or ELSE!    Following the rules you will see the badges that are up for grabs today.

Hopefully you students are ready to guess away today and we will be able to hand out all of our badges………………..don’t feel bad if it’s a GREENIE that you get – at least you will have tried!!

“I’m gonna try hard Professors but you know me – it’s tough for me to be anything but CRANKY!”

“I studied – I’m READY!”

Well you all sure sound READY so let’s go ahead and bring in our Photo Security Patrolman with today’s TEASER PHOTO…………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Study this one hard and let us know where the photographer was when he or she snapped this photo!     Good luck……………………

Cheer Team?   Want to cheer the students up as they work on Teaser today??

Tuesday and time to tease and test you
You’d better be alert and totally awake too!
The Teaser Graphics Department provided this shot
This will be a real test of who’s smart and who’s NOT!
So sit up straight in your chairs and look alert
This photo is way more than a big pile of dirt!!!!

“Looks like a good place to search for buried booty!!”

Let’s not talk about booty – you might get the Cheer Team all steamed up again…………

“Steamed up?   GROOVY!”

Let’s go ahead and grab some lunch then study some more shall we?    You need a good lunch to give you the brain power to figure the photo out (and some of you need all the brain power you can get………..!)

“Everybody line up – let’s go to the cafeteria!!”

Welcome to the Cafeteria students…..time to put on your bibs and grab some lunch (or breakfast!) – that’s right – we’ve added some breakfast items to the menu for those of you who didn’t have breakfast before hopping on the bus this morning!

Today’s Menu Selections:

OK students – good luck with your guesses and we’ll see who wins what tomorrow here in Class!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class In Session


“OK Team – we’ve completed perimeter check – all is well OUTSIDE – let’s report INSIDE!”

Greetings Students!   Welcome to school – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

If you have – good – go ahead and take a seat………..if you haven’t – chances are you aren’t the First Commenter this morning.   But you can still win a badge if you figure out the Teaser!   YAY!

Well figuring out the Teaser remains to be seen but at least I’m  HERE!

We Professors hope that all of you and your humans are staying healthy and of course not getting too bored having to stay home.   The UPSIDE of having humans around is that we pets get WAY WAY WAY more attention.    There’s good things AND bad things about that.    We can’t find a minute to ourselves now – we get NAPUS INTERRUPTUS because our humans get bored and pester us when we’re just settling down into a good long comfy nap.    Oh well – we must all stick together right?     We’re sticking together here in class – and I guess we’d better GET TO WORK.

Our Teaser photo today is from the good old (and we do mean old) Graphics Department.    It SEEMS to us like a goodie.   It SEEMS to us like it might be a challenge but we also say that often and someone guesses it within 30 seconds of us showing it to you!    We’ll see what happens today.

First we’ll remind you of the rules of engagement……….no cheating students!    Also there are badges to be won – they appear after the rules.

What #2 essentially means is please don’t “copy” the photo and place it in something like “GOOGLE IMAGE FINDER” on your computer and let the computer find the image for you.   That’s just not fair!    See if you can pick up on some things that might be unusual or unique in the photo and do a search for that.    OK?    Here are the badges up for grabs today:

Good luck everyone!

Well I for one feel up to the challenge today! 

I’ll give it a whirl – if I can stay awake of course……..

Maybe if we bring in the Cheer Team BEFORE we show you the Teaser photo you’ll liven up a bit and be more READY for viewing your assignment today?????    Those girls generally SHAKE THINGS up pretty well………


We each have an Easter bonnet
With weird stuff glued upon it
In honor of the season
Do we really need a reason?
We’re here to cheer you up
Each human, cat and pup
Teaser Class is a lot of fun
And educational for everyone!
So clean your glasses and prepare to stare
At the photo please – not our underwear!
We hope you’re ready now to GO!
We just gave you a dose of MOJO!

Wait……did you say underwear????? 

OK Teaser Photo Security Guard – would you please bring the photo in before there’s a riot in the classroom??

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Ok everybody – get to guessing (or studying then guessing).     We need to know exactly where this photo was taken.

Reminds me of the beach photo we had recently – makes me wanna be THERE right now!

We know lots of people would like to be on some isolated beach right about now – where there’s no social distancing or masks or viruses……….or hopefully maneating sharks (HAHA).   The Graphics Department just thought it was a “pretty photo” …………. !

So who wants to head to the cafeteria BEFORE studying?    If you want to come with your Professors, feel free to come along but if you want to stay here and study – you may also do that.    Either way, we’ll meet back here in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL.    You don’t want to miss that!

Happy Almost Easter class!   I’m again wearing the lovely hat that the Ding Dong School Art Class made for me last year – it’s a doozy isn’t it?    Lunch today is tasty too so please enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

Good Luck Students!  Board your bus for home when you’re ready and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Your Professors!