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Tuesday Teaser Time!



Good Morning Students!    I hope you’ve commented and you’re now all comfy in your desk chairs ready for a fun-packed class.


We’re WEADY (oops……) ready too.    Today we have another EXTRA SPECIAL Teaser for you too.     Remember the vineyard guessing game we had?   Well we’re having another Teaser like that this week.   Only this week we have FOUR beach photos for you to examine and determine which one belongs with which country.    Ought to be fun.


Yep – FOUR photos and you figure out where the photos were taken.    You can do this!   It would be easy to just google the country’s name and “beaches” but maybe you’ll figure out a sneakier way to do your research…..one that is more challenging perhaps?

First up though are the rules………and the badges you might win:

Please Note:   For this Teaser, we are modifying the rules – you don’t need to guess TOWN just COUNTRY!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow the Cheer Team will be cheering for YOU if you win a badge!     Just do your best as usual and remember even if you guess and you’re wrong you still get a badge – a lovely GREENIE!

So if you all are ready……….let’s get the show on the road shall we?


Mr. Security Guard – please bring ALL four photos in and put them on our bulletin board ………….

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photos – all four of them!!!

Now your mission is to guess which beach is in which country.     Your FOUR choices are:

Malta, Madagascar, Greece, Spain


Which photo goes with which country?    If you’re right – well – the Cheer Team will be screaming your name in their cheer tomorrow – in the meantime, they are here to cheer you on as you agonize over the photos and figure this one out……………..GIRLS????

Teaser this week is a whopper
A really huge heart stopper
Just take your time and study
Don’t discuss it with your buddy
Remember all those rules
Your BRAIN and google are your tools!
Look for hints and do your guessing
With your minds the Profs are messing!
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer
But right now – we’re ready for BEEEEERRRR!

Keep ’em comin’ bartender!

Alright girls – thanks for getting everyone in the mood.    We’ll look forward to seeing your guesses students – and good luck!     Take a break before you start agonizing though and have some lunch.   That’s what your Professors are going to do!!

Happy Teaser Tuesday students…..I was in the mood to put some flowers in my hairnet and attempt to smile.  As you can see, I managed the flowers, but smiling is another matter.   My mouth just doesn’t work that way.   Oh well – at least we made some wonderful food for you for lunch today!   Just PRETEND I’m smiling OK??

Todays Lunch Line Items Are:

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See you tomorrow students!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Tellin’ It Like It Is Wednesday!

Hello Students!    Good Teaser yesterday wasn’t it.    Especially interesting for our student Evil Squirrel and we’ll explain why we say that in just a bit……….HOWEVER, first up is a salute to our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday – and we had TWO!

Was I One Was I One Was I One Was I One???????

No – sorry but you were NOT……………our two FIRSTIES were:



Here are your badges ladies – one each !

I was a FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of April 9,. 2019! YAY FOR ME!!

THEN we moved on to the BIG ONE…………..where on earth was this photo taken??????    Here’s the photo again FYI:

This is GARSTEN ABBEY in GARSTEN, AUSTRIA which is probably one of the PRETTIEST prisons we’ve ever seen!!!   It was originally founded in 1080 (no that’s not a typo) and has a rather fascinating history which you can read about HERE.

Now before we tell you WHO guessed it right FIRST, we’ll tell you WHY we mentioned Evil Squirrel in the beginning of this post.    As you all know if you follow us and obviously you do because here you are on Teaser Tell All Day – Evil Squirrel ALWAYS tells us a fantastic tale of the prison depicted in the photo we show you on Tuesdays.    Doesn’t matter if it’s of a building, a body of water, a patch of flowers or the top of a mountain – Evil Squirrel will turn it into a prison of some sort with his GUESS.     His tales always crack us up and I’m sure they crack you up too.    SO we couldn’t WAIT to see what he said about the photo THIS week since it actually IS a photo of a prison.    Well, ES, you guessed INCORRECTLY – it’s not a prison in Canada – it’s in Austria!

WHO guessed it right first????    Well, it’s a student who has been RIGHT a lot lately………….we should have him teach a class in “investigating photos for Teaser class” because he got it FIRST yesterday.




Timmy You Rock!   Here’s your badge:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 9, 2019!!

We also had some others guess correctly – bravo for you too – and this badge is for you if you were one of the lucky RIGHTIES:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the TEASER of April 9, 2019….maybe next week?????

Were you WRONG with your guess?    Well, you TRIED………….and you still get a badge……..it’s GREEN…………like SPRINGTIME!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of April 9, 2019 but at least I tried!

Pooey!  Another week and NO BADGE!

Maybe next week gang.    You’ll just have to study extra hard!     Let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say!

What a Teaser we had yesterday
A genuine toughie is what we’d say
But still we had winners and we’ll tell you WHO
FIRST COMMENTERS up first and we had TWO!
Friends Furever and Katie Isabella both were QUICK
Fast as could be they didn’t miss a trick!
Then we waited to see who would guess it RIGHT
We figured we’d have to be here waiting all night!
But we were wrong because along came Timmy
He guessed it RIGHT jumpin’ jimimy!
Well done class we’re proud of you
Now we’re heading off for a beer or maybe two!

Well done class!    Congratulations to winners and non-winners alike…….you tried and that’s what counts!

Don’t forget we’re having an EASTER BONNET CONTEST………get those photos in before the deadline of April 14th!     We’ll have voting for favorite Bonnet on 15th and 16th and the winner will be announced on the 17th – THERE WILL BE A PRIZE (fabulous of course) going to the WINNER!!!!

That’s terribly exciting about the contest but can we pretty please go have lunch now????????


Hello Students!   We’re ready for you to go through the line and pick your favorites today!

Today’s Cafeteria Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Week Students!!!!   We’ll be back with more fun next week…..remember – get those bonnet pix in ASAP!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Teaser Monday Class


Greetings Students!    It’s Post-Turkey, Pre-Santa Now at School!

That’s right – just when you were getting sick of seeing us with turkeys on our heads, now you will begin to get sick of our Santa hats BUT after all, we are in our wonderful new Sheep School for the very first Christmas so we must decorate and be festive right?

It’s Monday and time for us to prime you for tomorrow’s guessing activity.   Just be patient, listen to the rules and your Professors’ guidance and you will be just fine tomorrow!   Who knows, if you are extra good boys and girls maybe Santa will stop by the classroom for Christmas.   Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Oh boy!!!! Santa Paws? Here????

Let’s talk TEASER now………….first – the rules for tomorrow’s guessing:

Very important to stick to the rules.   Makes it fair for everyone if you do.    The photo for tomorrow is a GUEST TEASER photo too.    Sometimes they are harder than the ones our Graphics Department finds for us to use.    You’d better study tonight to be sure………get familiar with topography, architecture prevalent in different countries or regions of the USA, and then be sure to get a good night’s sleep.

WAIT – we didn’t say sleep NOW – we said sleep TONIGHT!

REMEMBER THAT THE TEASER POST WILL GO LIVE AT A SURPRISE TIME TOMORROW – NOT THE REGULAR BLOG POST TIME!    Then it’s a surprise!    What’s the big deal about being here when we go live?    Well, we have a special badge for the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog tomorrow.   We WILL be having some special badges for Christmas but in the meantime, we’ll go back to our “standard badges”………….

I’ve heard that our Cheer Team is having some special cheer uniforms made for Christmas but in the meantime, we will be seeing them out of their turkey costumes and in their USUAL cheer outfits!!   They want to get you pumped up for tomorrow………….

No more turkey costumes for us
We conveniently left them on the bus (!).
We looked so silly we must say
But we’re back to adorable as of today!
We suggest you study hard tonight
You want to be rested and feel just right
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer you on!
Assuming we can wake up before the break of dawn!

Well girls, we haven’t told ANYONE what time the Teaser will go live tomorrow so for all you know it will be NOON!    HAHAHA

Totally GROOVY. Noon is good for me……

Now that we have all of you prepped for tomorrow, would you like to follow us over to the cafeteria for some lunch?   I’m sure everyone is full of turkey and trimmings from Thanksgiving OR if you didn’t have your Thanksgiving like we did here at school, I bet you still had a weekend full of HOME COOKIN – now you’ll get some “Dingleberry Cookin’ ” !!!

Alright everyone……I’m sure you’re up to your eyeballs in turkey leftovers at home so we’ll have OTHER things for you on the cafeteria line today.   Please conduct youselves like little ladies and gentlemen and no poking, prodding, pinching, or butting in line!

Today’s Menu:

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We’ll see you in the morning students!   Remember – a SURPRISE TIME!  

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!



All Students Report to Class!!

Don’t forget to comment first…..

Good Morning Students!   Time for us to settle into our seats and get ready for our challenge of the day.    Your mission will be to check out today’s GUEST TEASER photo and figure out where it was taken.   Sounds pretty easy to do yes?    Not necessarily!!!    There are a whole bunch of people with piles of our famous GREENIE BADGES proving they didn’t guess correctly and we hope today you won’t be one of them.

There ARE some rules to follow though!

We always ask that you follow the rules too because if you do, EVERYONE has a chance to guess correctly without resorting to drastic tactics like Google Image Search!   You will see below though that JUST FOR TODAY, the TEASER rules are a little different………so pay attention class.

I wouldn’t DREAM of “cheating” !!

Here are the wonderful badges you could win if you’re sharp as a tack today………………..

I wanna win a badge this week or else I might get VERY upset!

You have all day today to figure this out – then tomorrow we’ll announce the winners at our TEASER TELL ALL CLASS.     Any questions?

If we don’t guess right do we still get LUNCH???????


Now shall we bring the Ding Dong School Cheer Team in for a little “pick-me’up” to get you psyched up to guess today?

No costumes or gimmicks for you today
We’re serious about Teaser ALL THE WAY….
It’s time to let your brain bulb shine
Ya gotta be brave and never whine….
Study the photo and make your guess
We’ll be super proud of you if you do your best
Now LET ‘ER RIP and make us proud
We’ll include you in our cheer tomorrow and say it LOUD!
Binky Stinky Pinky Poo
Your CHEER TEAM is rooting for YOU!

Well now that was what I’d call a ROWSING cheer……………..thanks for that – if nothing else, you woke up all those students who are napping in the back row………………..





Let’s get our Security Guard in now to show you the PHOTOGRAPH FOR TODAY…………………………NOW – for today’s TEASER we have a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT REQUIREMENT!!!   

TODAY, in order to be a RIGHT GUESSER, you need to tell us where this bridge STARTS and FINISHES – in other words this bridge goes between WHAT CITIES…….Got it?   OK!   Let the FUN begin……………..

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Study it hard……………..see if you can find clues……………and make your guess………………………..

We Professors wish all of you students a whole pile of luck today – so just do your best !    That’s all we ask !!!    Now who’s ready for lunch??

Hey Man…..I’m…like….
TOTALLY hungry!

We Professors would just LOVE some fried chicken please Miss D!!

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Teaser Monday Class!


Here We Go Again Class…….another Monday!

Just another “Manic Monday” right?    Well, maybe not manic – not if we take it one step at a time that is.    You know why we always have a quick class on Mondays – it’s so you are PREPARED for Teaser Tuesday.    So let’s get you prepared OK?

We’re LISTENING!!!!!

First off, let’s talk about rules – you know there are ALWAYS rules!    These are important to follow because if everyone follows them, then everyone will have an EQUAL chance to guess the location of the Teaser photo.

I wouldn’t DREAM of not following the rules Professors! Honest!

Yes Truman, we know you ALWAYS play by the rules………….you’re a good student.    SO ARE THE REST OF YOU!

We’ll drink to that!

Now as you know part of our Tuesday class fun is seeing WHO gets here first at school and leaves a comment.    Some people are super quick to comment and sometimes there’s more than one comment that arrive in the first 60 seconds so we have more than one “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER”…….in which case, they all get one of these:

So if you’re FAST enough you might win one to share/show off.    Then if you are the FIRST to guess the location of the Teaser photo, you get this:

And if you are RIGHT but you are NOT FIRST, you and everyone else who guessed the correct location of the photo gets one of these:

Even you students who guess incorrectly get something – we don’t leave you out – nosireeeeee!

Golly I’ve just GOTTA win a badge tomorrow!

The Cheer Team who will be here shortly to entertain you, will use the names of our big winners in their cheer on Wednesday when we gather together to announce who’s a winner and – well – who isn’t!    We try to make the entire TEASER EXPERIENCE fun for all of you whether you win or lose.    SO – any questions?

Professors when will we be moving to our new school????

Well that’s a good question but it’s not got a thing to do with our mission today which is to prepare you all for Teaser tomorrow…………..I promise we’ll have info on the new school shortly though Bobby, Tommy, Timmy, Fred, Marvin, Mikey, Barney or WHATEVER your name is this week.   (*chuckle*)

Let’s go ahead and bring our cheer team out………….I think you all look a little too sleepy at your desks right now and I just KNOW the cheer will WAKE YOU UP!

So here we are again
Time for us to begin
We’ll say hello and howdy
We promise not to be rowdy
Try to get here early tomorrow
If you don’t have a bus or bike then just borrow!
That growling noise is our poor tummies
We’re hoping Miss D has something YUMMY!

Thanks team – that was a rather short cheer but I guess you all are starving so let’s just finish up class quickly and move on to Miss Dingleberry’s lunch delight shall we?

I said I’d hold my breath until lunch – good thing we’re about to eat !!!

One final reminder for all of you……….AND it’s important!

The Teaser Post tomorrow will be at a SURPRISE time!  Not the usual time! 

Take it away Miss D !!

Miss Dingleberry, Professor Teddy and I would like shrimp tempura and noodle soup please!


Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy