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Teaser Tuesday Day After Christmas Style!


Where is everyone?  Oh yeah – they are probably COMMENTING!!!!!   

Don’t forget to comment because you might be first and win this!

We’ll announce winners tomorrow!!

Hello Class!   I hope all of you had an AMAZING Christmas and that Santa was very good to you just as you have been so very GOOD to everyone around you all year long right?   RIGHT?  Speak up a little!!!


OK – that was plenty loud.   I hear that………..I think the entire schoolhouse heard that.   Anyway, where was I  – oh yes – Teddy and I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family, friends and FOOD.

For today remember that you must include all the pertinent information in your guess in order to win a badge………you must tell me what town/village/city AND what country (if not in the USA) or what state (if in the USA) the photo was taken OK.   As always we ask that you not use some kind of computer program to load the photo in and let it answer the question of where it is – heck that’s no fun – it’s more fun if you LOOK and FIGURE IT OUT!    OK

Now remember I have some SPECIAL CHRISTMAS badges up for grabs today and let me show you what a grand job our Graphics Department at Ding Dong School has done.   If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today here’s the one you win:

And if you are RIGHT with your guess but not FIRST to be right you get this one:

And for those of you who are NOT right with your guess – you get a special Christmas Greenie!

So get to studying as soon as we pop the photo on the blackboard and you just might win a little BLING for your collection of Teaser BLING!

How about we bring in our little Cheerleading Team for a bit of Christmas cheer???

We hope Santa brought you lots of stuff!
If not, let us know cuz we can get pretty rough!
We’ll hop on a sleigh and visit the Pole
We’ll have a little talk with him and heads will roll!
Now get to work and figure out the Teaser
Cuz Binky says if you’re right she might let you squeeze her!

Good job ladies!   Excellent!   Glad to see the Christmas spirit is lasting into the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS too!

OK Mr. Security Guard – bring us the challenge of the week would you please???

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

OK class – give it your best shot and tomorrow we will let you know how you did and WHO wins what!

I foresee SOMEONE getting this one RIGHT !!

No kidding!   I’m sure SOMEONE will……….maybe several someones.


Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff has some snacks for you today……….not Christmas stuff because it’s “Christmas Plus One” and we figure you’re all turkey’d out by now so she just has some light eats for us all.

Roast beef, ham!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Hot chocolate bar

Enjoy your food then go outside and freeze your “WHATSIS” off while you play on the playground equipment………………..then tomorrow we’ll hand out the AWARDS for your hard work and effort at the Teaser today!!

Thanks Professors and Miss D !  See you tomorrow……

Merry Christmas PLUS ONE from the Professors……..!


Pre-Tease Monday!


Ringy Dingy School Bell Time!

Class is called to order!   Remember – you are being watched!

Today we do our preparation work for tomorrow’s BIG DAY – the day you will be tested as to your geography prowess AND also to see how QUICK you are on the keyboard to be FIRST to make a comment!    Lots of pressure huh????

Well, let’s just say that lots of people WANT to be the FIRST COMMENTER on Tuesdays and everyone has a chance to………….just have to be ALERT when it pops into your inbox!    Everyone who comments in the first sixty seconds on tomorrow’s TEASER post gets one of these beauties:

We have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow. and that’s all I’m gonna say…………………….!   No hints………………you’re on your own!

As a reminder please obey the “school rules” !!

  1.  When you make a guess as to WHERE the photo was taken, you must include in your guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) because we need a COMPLETE guess OK?
  2.  Please don’t use any “help” on your guessing – popping the photo into GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH will give you some ideas and we prefer you to USE YOUR HEAD and your EYES and not some kind of help OK?   It’s a whole lot more fun to FIGURE things out……………….


Suzie do you think you can WAKE UP this class with a cheer??

I’m great at waking you up!
You don’t even need coffee in your cup!
Get your heart beating fast
Get enthused and make it last……..
Tomorrow’s the day you wait for each week
If you do well at guessing, your nose I won’t tweak!
So get your rest and make sure you’re ready
Or the BOOGIE MAN will steal your teddy!

OK Suzie – I think that’s got everyone paying attention!!!!

I’m sure all of you will be happy to know that our wonderful Cafeteria Supervisor, Miss Dingleberry, has prepared a lunch for us today when we go out to recess………she’s set up her famous hot dog/burger stand out in the playground……………that’s right – you get to EAT then play on the playground equipment………just be careful – you  know you might have an upset tummy if you do too much exercise after stuffing your faces!

Your Professors will be here tomorrow and we hope YOU will too!

Step right up!   Then grab a smoothie and hit the playground!



Don’t forget – post will be at a SURPRISE time!

For our Canadian friends – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Tuesday Teaser


It’s that time!  The Tuesday Teaser RIDES AGAIN!  😀 

Today’s tease is another honeymoon shot Mom took in 1990 on a cloudy, overcast day in a city called (hahaha…you thought I’d slip and tell you didn’t you?!?!?!)……..NOPE!  That’s up to you.  Take a look and give me your best guess. 

Oh and of course have a wonderful Tuesday!

P.S.  Yes that’s a swan at the bottom of the photo….Hugs, Sammy The Tease