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Tuesday Teaser Time


Hello!   Come on into the WARM classroom and be sure and COMMENT!

It’s super duper cold here today and I think a whole big part of the country is having the COLDS right now – even in Florida!   WOWZER.      At least it’s nice and warm here in the school house – they don’t short-change us on heat.   We can THINK better when we’re warm!

You’ve got your thinking cat on and that’s certainly a good way to keep your brain ready to operate properly.    So let’s get started.   You know the rules – guess without the aid of a computer program other than your “SEARCH” function – you can look for clues in the photos and do searches to figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    And remember you have to tell us the CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE as well as the COUNTRY (if it’s not in the USA) or STATE if it IS in the USA.    OK?    Here are the badges you might win today……..

We fully expect to award these tomorrow.    Absolutely we believe someone is going to guess the Teaser today.

Maybe I’ll FINALLY win a badge!

I studied ALLLLL night!

So now that we’ve reviewed the rules and shown you the badges you can win and show off, let’s bring in our Security Guard to show us today’s TEASER PHOTO shall we???    This is a photo supplied by our Graphics Department and is NOT a “Guest Teaser”.

Paging SECURITY to Geography Class – STAT!

Alright boys – follow me to the principal’s office!

Sorry to be late – I was helping  Sarge take care of some HOOLIGANS in the little boys room!!  Here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this photo snapped?????   Hmmm?   

Cheer Team – our class needs your help to get their brains buzzing and so they can figure out the photo……………please join us for a hearty cheer won’t you?????

Who’s UP for Teaser because we’re here to cheer
Time to show off your brains to your classroom peers
Win yourself a badge and show off your “smarts”
Just do your best with no false starts….
If you run into problems we’ll come to your seat
We can give you a hug but we won’t help you cheat!!
Tomorrow we’ll cheer for the winners and you might be one
Meanwhile let’s head to the cafeteria for some food and fun!

Good idea girls……………..we’ll head over to the cafeteria then come back and work on the Teaser photo………………and tomorrow we’ll let you all know who won a badge and who gets a GREENIE!!!!!

We like GREEN!

Hello Students!  Excuse my appearance today – I seem to be having some “issues” with some of the “work” I had done to my appearance…..I’ll be seeing my surgeon later today but for now – please enjoy your LUNCH!!

Today’s AMAZING Menu:

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See you tomorrow for WINNERS and LOSERS!!!!  Good luck!

Your Professors!