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Tuesday Teaser


Greetings Class – Time to COMMENT!!!  

Just remember to do that comment thing before you take your seat…………oh, and if you need to visit the rest room you might want to do that too so you won’t be squirming in your seat.   It can be very disconcerting to a teacher to look out over the sea of students and see some wiggling uncontrollably waiting for a chance to raise your hand and ask permission to leave with Sarge for a trip to the facilities!

Yeah I used to have to take a break during class for litterbox visits but I’ve grown up a lot since then.

Yes Bobby we remember……!

I remember that too Bobby because you didn’t always MAKE it here in time!

Alright, let’s settle down.   Time to get down to Teaser business………….first up is a brief review of our rules for class today.   Please remember, if you follow the rules then everyone has an equal chance to be a WINNER!

Our Teaser photo today is a Guest Teaser and it’s a beauty.    Interesting photo too.    I would suggest before we display the photo, you clean your glasses so you can see well !


Now that your glasses are clean – let’s take this opportunity to show you what you might win today shall we????

Cheer Team – you’re up next – get this crowd READY for teasing will you??

We’re cheering from the tub!
Sarge is away
So the Cheer Team is at play.
But while we sit and soak
YOUR Teaser is no joke!
It’s tough and we had a peek
It might make you hiss, growl, meow or just squeak…..
So take a big breath and let’s GO
C’mon Security Guy start the show!

OK Team – good idea – let’s bring in our wonderful Ding Dong School Security Guard who has had custody of the TOUGHIE TEASER this week and he’ll put it up on the bulletin board for you!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Cool photo yes?   We think so too!    Good luck – your mission is to figure out WHERE THIS WAS TAKEN (and if you know what it is you might get an extra hug from Miss Dingleberry)…………..

Wow…..I’m gonna have to study this a while……..

Tomorrow in class we will have our TELL ALL and you will get to find out who wins badges AND who was our Guest Teaser today.    Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Miss Dingleberry whipped up some BBQ for today (or as we call it at our house, BUBBA-Q).     Remember to take lots of extra napkins…..you know what a mess BBQ stuff can be!

Alright class – remember now, no shoving – I know you get excited about BBQ but be nice.   We have desserts today too and if you’re too naughty in line I just might have to deny you dessert privileges !!!

Strawberry shortcakes

Pumpkin pie

Fresh Fruit Cream pie

Enjoy your BUBBA-Q and we’ll see you in class tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!  

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!   Time to COMMENT is NOW!

That’s right – when you get here on Tuesday morning right after we go LIVE, you could be FIRST to comment and you would be winning this little beauty:

Today we have a goodie for you in the Teaser department.    I like these kinds of photos because you see SO MUCH but you may not see the “right” things to lead you to the path of CORRECT GUESSING.   There’s so much in the photo it’s hard to pick up any clues.    But before we do THAT, let’s talk about rumors!    Yesterday our Cheer Team did a whole cheer based on the possibility that our very own Sarge and our very own Marge might be planning a nuptial occasion.    Who knows where they come up with this stuff, but we asked both Sarge and Marge if they would like to comment on that and OH BOY DID THEY EVER WANT TO!!!!

NOW HEAR THIS!   I categorically deny that Sarge and I have the slightest romantic feelings or intentions towards or with or around each other and under no circumstances would we even eat lunch with each other much less share a romantic entanglement of any shape, color or size!    We are colleagues at Ding Dong School, each dedicating our talents to keeping the children of Ding Dong School safe, secure AND well educated and have ZERO time for foolishness!    I must insist that the Cheer Squad issue a retraction of their previously stated “news” and cease and desist from spreading romantic allegations of this sort in the future.   OR ELSE DEMERITS WILL BE ISSUED!!!

Yep – it’s all FALSE…….I wouldn’t touch Marge with a ten foot……uh…..um……submarine sandwich from Miss Dingleberry’s kitchen!

Alright you two – thank you for clearing that little matter up.   Let’s return to talking Teaser shall we??

Yeah….who wants to hear about mushy stuff like romance?!?! Yuck!

What’s a romantic entanglement…..I dunno whatchou talkin’ about!

Good – you all are too young in this classroom to be talking about that stuff anyway.   Besides this is GEOGRAPHY and not SEX EDUCATION!

I want to remind everyone what the rules are for guessing where today’s TEASER photo was taken…………..these are strict rules now so best pay attention before you start guessing:

Now, before we get our Security Guard to bring out today’s Teaser photo – how about we get our Cheer Team to give you a rip-roaring cheer to get you ready to guess!

We might have been mistaken
With the rumour we were creatin;
So I guess we’ll apologize
For embarrassing you guys!
Sorry Marge and Sargey
There will be no wedding party
Now let’s get back to class
We want you all to pass
Good luck with your Teaser test
With brains I hope you are blessed
Just try your hardest to win
Or Dingleberry’s head will spin!
(you didn’t expect us to do a serious cheer did you????)

Thanks team……………you certainly managed to take our minds off Marge and Sarge………………the thought of Miss Dingleberry’s head spinning is quite a VISUAL.

Spin a record…yes…spin a head…..no!

Mr. Security Guard, could you come on in with the photo for today?   Class is disintegrating before our eyes so we need to get the photo up ASAP………..thanks!

WHERE was this photo taken class?    City/Town/Village and Country if not in USA or what State if you think it’s in the USA.    READY SET GO!

If you are FIRST to guess correctly, tomorrow when we hand out awards, you will win this:

If you’re RIGHT with your guess but you’re not the FIRST to be right, you get this:

And those of you who guess but are WRONG with your guess – you still get to take home a little token of your failed but valiant effort to get the Teaser correct:


So get to guessing………………and when you’re ready, I do believe Miss Dingleberry will be rewarding us today with LUNCH outside in the playground………….!    Remember, tomorrow is the day we find out who studied and who didn’t study…………and find out WHO wins WHAT in the Teaser badge department!

ALRIGHT!    Enjoy your lunch – and good  luck with the Teaser – Your PROFESSORS have LEFT the building……………………………………

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy too!!

Tuesday Teaser


All Geography Students, please report to class!


Hello all…….I know you are anxious to see today’s challenge BUT before I show you what that is today, please remember that whoever comments on THIS BLOG first, will win a badge!  Yep – a badge!  So go comment then come back to class ASAP!

OK – today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER and tomorrow when you find out who wins and guesses correctly, I’ll also tell you who submitted today’s Teaser photos!   Good deal huh?

Now that you’re back from trying to be FIRST COMMENTER – let the class begin……………….!

Remember that when you guess you must tell me what town/city/village AND what country or state (if you think it’s in the USA) the photo was taken in.   Can’t just give me a country or a state – I need to know WHERE this photo was taken OKEE DOKEE?

Suzie – would you like to whip the students into a FRENZY this morning so they are fired up and ready to guess?    Go ahead girl – knock their socks off!

I'm fresh and I'm fruity You bet your patootie Cheerleaders rule Students usually drool I'm here with pom poms shakin' While you sit there eating bacon Get off your buns Let's have some fun! Gimme your bet shot Let's see whatcha got! What's your GUESS? C'mon and CONFESS!

I’m fresh and I’m fruity
You bet your patootie
Cheerleaders rule
Students usually drool
I’m here with pom poms shakin’
While you sit there eating bacon
Get off your buns
Let’s have some fun!
Gimme your bet shot
Let’s see whatcha got!
What’s your GUESS?
C’mon and CONFESS!

OK………………that ought to fire this bunch up – specially since you told them that they drool………..!    Now let’s see if Mr. Silver Briefcase guy is ready to unlock the magic secret briefcase and post today’s Teaser Photo on our bulletin board.

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


Pretty spot yes?  BUT WHERE IS IT???????

Now, you’d better get your guessing done – there are a lot of peeps dying to get these much coveted BADGES you know……………..Tomorrow I’ll spill the news on who gets what – you know you want one of these new badges right?   We’ll be awarding one for FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and of course the fabulous GREENIE!    Here are the new ones for your viewing pleasure!

teaserbadgeoct2016-2 teaserbadgeoct2016-3 teaserbadgeoct2016-4teaserbadgeoct2016-1



The Halloween Prof!