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Teaser Class Is NOW!


The Professors are waiting for you to COMMENT then take a seat!

Our fabulous security detail has said ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD as far as possible introoders on school property – GOOD JOB!

Hey – Professors – when was the last time all of us who WORK for the school system got a RAISE – including the Security Detail???? HMMM???

Well Sarge, you know we are in the same boat as all of you – we’re paid by the system too and have we received raises?   Heck no.    HOWEVER, we promise to mention this to the powers that be next time we have a School Board meeting – OK?????    I’m sure the Head of the Board will be sympathetic to our request – she has SOME reasonable moments.

Not many of those moments but SOME.

Now, let’s get on with business shall we?     Here are the Teaser rules and badges…………………

I’ve almost resigned myself to abject failure….sniff….but one day maybe I’ll surprise myself and get a badge!!

Teaser Security Guard would you please bring us today’s Teaser photo so the students can begin their process of figuring out WHERE the photo was taken???????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

So use your skill to solve a mystery students – figure out what town/city this is and WHERE that town/city is and you might be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!!    Ready – Set – GO!

Cheer Team – I can tell by the students’ faces that they need some cheering up AND some encouragement – you all are JUST THE TICKET…………

Here we are to cheer this crowd
Maybe we should just scream out loud!
Your sour faces are a bit upsetting
Remember if you’re deserving a cool badge you’ll be getting!
Study the photo and do your best
Who knows – you just might make the RIGHT GUESS!
No matter how you do you get a free meal….
There’s always something in the cafeteria that will appeal!
Now get to work – you can do it!
And if you don’t well you just BLEW IT!

Jeez Louise – I’m feeling the pressure !!!

Now let’s head to the cafeteria – you need brain food (some of you could use a brain too I think) so ONWARD to the cafeteria line.   You can make your guess after you eat or nap – your choice – then pop on the bus for home and we’ll meet again tomorrow for the BADGES AWARDS!

Happy Tuesday Students…..step right up and get a nourishing lunch – or as your professors call it “brain food” – you probably need all the help you can get with the Teaser today!

Our Menu:

We’ll see you in class tomorrow students!  GOOD LUCK figuring out the Teaser!!   

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


“OK Team!  Let’s head into school to let the Professors know all is well on the school grounds!!”

Happy Tuesday Students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED yet???

Clowie and her team did a perimeter search for introoooders and found none so we are good to go for class today……………we have a Teaser photo courtesy of our overworked and underpaid Graphics Department and we’re hoping that they took into consideration that the last two have been somewhat TOUGH-ISH!    We’ll find out shortly.

Well it’s time we had an EASIER Teaser anyway!

We’ll see how things turn out today……………..anyway, let’s review the rules then get down to business shall we?

And here are the badges up for grabs with today’s Teaser guessing………………….you know you want one (or two!):

I’m a new student but I REALLY wanna win a badge this week to start my collection!

Let’s go ahead and get our Security Guard in to bring the photo he’s been guarding from prying eyes ever since Graphics Department found a photo for us shall we???????


Here’s today’s photo Professors!


OK gang – check out this pretty aerial photo of WHAT city??   Where?    HMM?????    Give it your bestest shot.   We’ll see how things turn out tomorrow when we have our TELL ALL class and hand out badges.

I’m trying to control my excitement….but it’s not easy sometimes!

Speaking of excitement – I bet the Cheer Team can get your hearts pumping if nothing else does it – I see some sleepy faces out in the classroom and the Cheer Team knows how to SHAKE IT UP – Girls?  You’re ON!!

No winter gear on cuz it’s a pretty nice day
We’ll just enjoy the weather before it goes away
You students better study the Teaser photo well
Cuz if you guess wrong you might wind up in (&#!!) (note: edited by the censor)
Do your best is what we always say
If you blow it this week there’s always next Tuesday
So make a guess if you’ve got a hunch
Then put down your pencils and go to lunch!

Thanks Ladies……………..good job……..nice to know the censor is at work since some of your cheers are occasionally questionable!!

Even with a censor the cheer chicks are groovy!

Well let’s just say that if you want to stay here in the classroom to work on your guess on today’s Teaser photo – that’s fine………..but anyone else who needs a little food reinforcement before they tackle the Teaser, follow us to the cafeteria!!

Hello students!   Step right up to the cafeteria line and make your choices for lunch today – we have your favorites available!

Today’s Yummy Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck students – we’ll see you in class tomorrow at the usual time!!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Time


Looky Looky – it’s Teaser Tuesday!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????

Yep – the day of the week you all look forward to (at least we hope you do!).    It’s also the second day of our EASTER BONNET CONTEST so be sure and vote…………….the poll is below.   If you voted yesterday you can’t vote again but if you FORGOT or just didn’t – TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO CAST YOUR VOTE!!

First up though is a quickie review of rules and badges for the TEASER – THEN onward to today’s CONUNDRUM (otherwise known as the TEASER photo!).

Alright already….let’s get on with the Teaser photo!

Keep your hair on…….oh – that’s right – you’re a baby – not a lot of hair yet right?    OK – we’ll get the security guard guy in here and get things rolling along.

I’ve got your Teaser photo today – the regular guy is taking the day off – here’s your photo – it’s a “beaut” !

Where was this taken?  

Cheer Team – it’s time for you ladies on stage!

Gimme a break
This can’t be real!
People live in this place?
It looks kind of “bare” – I think they got a raw deal!
We hope someone gets this even though it’s tough
We sure don’t know – we’re not good at geography stuff!
Win an Easter badge if you’re right
Then go out and party with your Bunny all night!!

Thanks girls……….we think it might be a toughie too.  

Now shall we move on to the BONNET CONTEST?     Today is day two of voting……………………here’s the poll – you can vote for as many as you like and we’ll let you know who our WINNER is tomorrow on the Tell All………………..the competition is FIERCE we can tell you.     We decided NOT to let you see who was ahead – that way everyone will be surprised!!

When’s lunch?   My head’s getting hot with this bunny hat on – I need ice water!

Alright – alright………………..let’s all head over to the cafeteria for lunch……………..then you can come back to class if you like to study the Teaser photo some more.   We’ll see you at REGULAR time tomorrow for the info on who wins what for Teaser AND the Bonnet Contest!

Hello Easter Class!   Are you ready to have some lunch?   Good!  Step right up!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow!   GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!    Your Profs


Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students! 

Happy Tuesday students – please make yourselves comfy in your desks and settle down – oh – before we forget – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?    You’d better – maybe you will be FIRST COMMENTER this morning and win this:

Now that we have your attention, we hope that you will STAY AWAKE for the whole class because you might learn something and you might have some fun and you will get to have another yummy lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria crew!

As far as guessing today’s TEASER photo – remember the rules for guessing – they need to be followed so everyone has a chance – we are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY GUESSING school !

The rules are pretty easy – just use your eyes and brain and try to figure out where the Teaser photo was taken and that’s it……………YOU CAN DO THIS……………

YES!  I believe!    I am ready to amaze myself AND you too professors!

Yeah….me too….bring it on!

That’s the spirit we like here at Ding Dong School.    Today’s TEASER is not a GUEST TEASER……………We – your professors – picked this one out for you.   We hope you find it to be a DOOZY.   We aim for CHALLENGES for you and this might be just that.

Sounds like all we need to do is show you the other badges you could win today THEN bring on the cheer team!


Here we are in Geography class
Are you all ready for a dose of SASS?
We hope you studied and your brains are ready
Don’t disappoint our Professors Sammy and Teddy!
Examine the photo and use your knowledge
Don’t flunk here at Ding Dong and expect to go to college!
We’ll cheer you on and cross our paws
We promise if you win there will be APPLAUSE!

Well done – if that doesn’t get class stirred up nothing will………………

Wait – not THAT kind of stirred!!!

I think we’ll bring our ever faithful security guard to show you today’s TEASER-IFIC photo………………then you’re on your own………….study, nap, eat lunch, go to the playground – but whatever you do – show up tomorrow in class for our TEASER TELL ALL to see who wins what!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where is this????

Tough?   Well, probably because it’s a jumble but it’s an interesting jumble and it’s YOUR jumble – so have at it – do your best…………..that’s all we can ask for.   Miss Dingleberry?   Take it away………….


Yes students – it’s sub sandwich day BUT I also have some pizzas we whipped up in the cafeteria!


Ham and pineapple!

LOADED pizza

Meatball pizza with cheese

Bacon cheeseburger pizza…

Good luck…………Your Profs

Tuesday Teaser


It’s That Time Again Class!!   BE SURE AND COMMENT NOW!!!!

Yeah I’m back – no split pants, no hot tub therapy, no yoga…..just ME and YOU so watch yourselves!

Mr. Sarge we’re glad it’s the REAL you. We missed your crabby face.

Good Morning!  Shall we begin?

Time for the Teaser everyone and I hope you all got a good night’s sleep, had a good breakfast to start off your day, and are ready to ROCK the Teaser this morning!!

Did you say ROCK???

Yes but not ROCK as in “and ROLL” – as in “do a great job” !

Tomorrow we will find out with the Tell All who was our FIRST COMMENTER this morning – WHAT?  You forgot to comment?   You’d better go RIGHT NOW.    We reminded you at the beginning of class but maybe you’re late?

We’ll also be handing out badges to FIRST COMMENTER(s), FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS and WRONG GUESSERS tomorrow.

I hope maybe THIS week I guess right!

We have a GREAT “Guest Teaser” for you today – and tomorrow we’ll not only tell you who won badges but WHO sent this great photo in for us to show you along with a link in case you want to do a little more “learning” about the photo.

Let’s see if our cheerleaders would like to come in and give you all a little PUMP UP THE VOLUME cheer to get you in the mood to see the photo shall we???

Are you ready for the Teaser picture?
Then turn on the bright light fixture!
You need to put on your glasses
Or we might have to kick some……footballs (!)
We think this one is rough
A Teaser that’s truly tough
So study it well my friends
If you win your UNLUCKY streak ends!!!

OK girls and BOY.    We are thinking you have inspired everyone in class to do their best and make a guess.

Well I can’t promise anything but I’ll sure try! I wanna make my family proud!

Mr. Security Guard would you please display the Teaser photo for today??

Where was this photo taken?????   Remember the rules for guessing:

Now, since it’s raining outside today no outside recess but Miss Dingleberry brought some lunch for you!   You may get a sandwich, cookies and hot chocolate from the buffet table at the back of the room and sit at your desks and study the Teaser photo or read a book quietly but there will be no TALKING – let’s keep things nice and quiet for those who will be studying OK?

….I study best when I’m asleep….

………me tooooo….zzzzz

Did you wash your hands???

Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!

Hot chocolate bar


Your Professors