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Finally Friday


Ahhhh………….it’s been a long week and it’s gonna get longer………seems that nasty hurricane is headed our way……..of course it still could change course but North Carolina and Virginia are the current “likely” detinations for Joaquin so who knows?!   We’ve already had three days of rain which means our soil is saturated and we don’t need any more……….but we’re likely to get a whole lot more so we’re just going to settle in for the duration – what choice do we have anyway?!?!?!?!   Mom Nature has her own little way of keeping us on our toes!


Too bad she’s not gonna be sprinkling her flowers around – looks like we’ll get rain and wind instead of this PRETTY STUFF she does so well!

As long as we don’t lose power I’ll be around.   You betcha!

This has been a weird year for weather……………Mom and Dad were talking at dinner last night and saying “what do you suppose this means about WINTER this year???” – meaning since it’s been strange so far, what will winter bring………let’s hope it’s not blizzards and FEET AND FEET of snow (oops…..did I say that out loud?!?!?!?!).


I’ll be ready though if we DO get snow!!!!

One good thing about this week is that it’s ending on a HIGH note…………..Mom and Dad are making bacon this morning…………who knew?  Seems like a real bacon bonanza doesn’t it?   I say it’s just what the doctor ordered!

I prescribe BACON.....and plenty of it!

I prescribe BACON…..and plenty of it!

And tomorrow is my regular BACON DAY………..ONE SPOILED CAT – that’s me!

Hugs, Sammy

Hot, Hot, Hot!



WEIRD WEATHER?   These are TRULY weird whereas my weather is just plain HOT!

I hate to complain (really I do) but it’s just so darn hot and last week it was so darn cold – when will it be “oh gosh this is perfect weather!!!!”  ????    Mom says this is the “new normal” for Spring………a few days of  incredible, followed by some yuck, rounding out with a teasing of “perfect” so I guess I’ll just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the fact I’m still HERE!    There are some TERRIBLE weather situations in other parts of the world including here in the USA so I’m hoping that things settle down for ALL of us soon.

Remember this picture?   It kinda makes everyone a bit “uncomfortable”……..and I can see why – I used this last year when we were having a truly HOT spell and I had some hilarious comments!

Could this be a moon creature?


I think I should build that treehouse that Easy and I talked about last year – it would be a super hidey spot and up in the trees it should be nice and cool……and of course bird-watching would be amazing don’t you think?   The occasional squirrel would knock on my door I’m sure – stopping in for a cool drink (hahahahaha…..yeah sure…..).

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin' life!

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin’ life!

I know everyone who is going to BlogPaws has left for the big event by now………I’ll be looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about reunions or “first meetings” of blog buddies.   That’s the one thing that my Mom thinks would really be fun is meeting the STARS of blogville.   The photos are fun to see too –  and I know a lot of my cat buddies are joining their humans at the event and hearing about things from THAT side of things is ALWAYS fun!!!!    Tell it like it is my friends………those of us who are unable to get there want to know the INSIDE SCOOP!

Mom said something about possible bacon this morning so if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll see if that’s a “GO” or a “NO GO”…………….besides I obviously have ZIP to say today because this may be my most UNINTERESTING post of the year so far!   HAHAHA


Boring Sam

Pardon me while I grab yet another nap??!!

Pardon me while I grab yet another nap??!!


Wacky Weather


The past two days have been totally weird……………what’s that mean?   Well, at almost PRECISELY 3:17PM it has begun thundering LOUDLY – then five minutes later a MAJOR downpour, then it stops, the sun comes out, then five minutes later a dark cloud comes out of NOWHERE and we start all over again………………after an hour of being silly (!!) it settles into a nice, lawn-drenching rain for a couple of hours then STOPS.    So that’s not all that weird really but we think it’s just a LITTLE weird that it’s the same exact time and same exact pattern.   So there…….if I think it’s WEIRD than I guess it’s WEIRD!    HAHAHA


One GOOD thing about the rain is that all this stuff Mom has been planting around the yard gets watered FREE of charge to our water bill.    That’s a GOOD thing.   Another GOOD thing is that along with the rain has come some pretty stiff wind – and why is that good?   Because all the seed pods/pollen pods, miscellaneous pollen from the oak trees and other “litterers” of the yard wind up having all that junk blown out of their branches and it flies through the air like it’s snowing a blizzard and lands on the grass………so instead of DAYS and DAYS of pollen falling, we get rid of it quicker in the wind!  Cool huh?   Mom and Dad  don’t have allergies to pollen thank heavens – nor do I – but even if you’re not allergic, there’s so much junk flying around it makes you sneeze anyway!

Shall I quit griping about the weather?  OK…….will do.   Besides, I think I said it all.

I’m working on my blogaversary party and I do hope all of you will at least be able to stop by my blog on Sunday even though some of us are ALSO celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.   It’s no big deal kind of party – just some food, drinks, and thank yous – my way of thanking YOU all for being my friends for four years of blogging!!!!    This is YOUR party….not mine.

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

OOPS…….here comes some noisy  thunder so I guess we’re still in the “pattern” – I’d better go for now………..our power hasn’t gone OUT but it has “blipped” a little bit.   Blips aren’t good for computers you know!

See you tomorrow!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Our hearts are broken to learn of our friend Nerissa’s passing over the Bridge.  MOUSES!


Nissy was  one of a kind………………..I’ll miss you dear friend……….

Nerissa Forever badge, Ann

Back Again……….


Mr. Weather Dude said Tuesday night that Wednesday would be cold but there might be a “dusting” of snow to the north and west…………uhhuh………..yeah……….OK……….I can work with that!   Right?   Wrong!    If that was a dusting we got today – even though it was only an inch or so – I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (and that would be interesting since I’m a CAT!!!!).


Just a bit of snow early on – didn’t stick to the roads in our town – and out here it looked like this:

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway......

Not much on the Leyland cypress at the top of the driveway……BIG flakes though!

Seriously………….why not say “there’s a chance of snow throughout the Washington, DC region tomorrow”………..then we’re prepared…………we sorta know that we very well could have snow.  Plans could be made accordingly.  BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Good thing my Mom and Dad are retired and didn’t HAVE to go somewhere because the “dusting” we got turned out to be VERY slick……….Thank heavens for 4-wheel drive because my Dad – believing that there would be if ANY snow, a “dusting” left the house to run a lot of errands……..he was inside a store shopping for an hour and came out to a snowstorm of sorts…….BIG FAT JUICY FLAKES – no dust in sight.  HAHAHA     He got home alright of course and made it up our uphill driveway thanks to the Blazer……..

So you know how I complain all the time about the weather?  (If you don’t know that you should because I’m either griping about the rain or the snow or the temperature!)   I’m registering a complaint about the weather this time for sure.

Maybe I’m just getting really crotchety in my old age……….maybe I should just be glad I’m here PERIOD regardless of what’s going on with the weather.   After all, Mom and I were snug inside the house – I had access to her lap when she wasn’t on the computer – so why should I complain?

MAYBE just because I CAN complain………….age has its’ privileges after all!!!


Hugs from Snowy Virginia

Sammy the Reluctant Snow Bunny

The Rain that Didn’t


Yep – even on radar/Doppler yesterday it showed RAIN here………almost all day supposedly our town was in the middle of a big huge batch of rain…..did we see it?  NOPE!  Not a drop – not even a splash or splatter or squirt.  NONE – ZIP – ZERO.   Now why am I even making mention of that?  Because my Dad, believing the weather dudes, bought some lawn fertilizer that needs to be watered in ideally…….so of course he put it down – with an 80% chance of rain who wouldn’t???!!!

Strangely, even now because I just checked yet again, the radar/Doppler show RAIN HERE AGAIN this morning.   I realize of course that it’s probably evaporating before it gets down from the rain clouds but heck.  Dad’s wishing he had done what he usually does which is IGNORE the weather forecasters.  So much for trusting them “just once” right?  HAHAHAHA


So I survived the housecleaning and mostly because I knew if I could live through that, it would lead to BACON DAY……and here it is…..in all its’ glory.  Bacon Bacon BACON!


The bacon decision-making process.....

The bacon decision-making process…..

Nothing on our agenda here at the Kimmell Mansion for the whole weekend so I think I’ll have Mom and Dad’s undivided attention.  Not that an almost non-stop napping kitty needs a whole lot of attention of course…….with my medication I’m now taking for my wonky thyroid, I’m napping a bit more than usual (I know – how can you sleep more than 24 hours a day???  Right???).  I’ll eat my breakfast which will be bacon AND raspberry yogurt then head for my tent.

What a life huh?

What about you?  Whatcha doing this weekend?  Anything exciting??   Having a party??  Need me to teleport over and liven things up with some dancing perhaps?   I think I shared this video of me and some of my cat buddies before but just in case……………..ENJOY!

Me and My HAPPY Friends!!!!   (click here)


Hugs and Bacon for all!

Sammy – Mr. Happy