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Sammy The Stormwatcher…….

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Closing my eyes to "wish" away the storm!

So far so good this morning…..of course Irene isn’t really as close to us as she will be in a few more hours…..but right now, it’s just a little breezy and NO rain.  I’m keeping my eyes closed to WISH it away!

On the weather this morning (which I love to watch of course) they showed pictures of North Carolina and Southern Virginia where the winds and rain are pounding away.  Then the weather lady showed this big map of Virginia and it was all divided up into sections so we could see what to expect in our area.  Looked like right here where we live, we will get around 3 inches of rain (not much) and have winds up to 50-60mph (not bad) so we’re going to be pretty lucky.  Everybody east of us though won’t have it so good!  All the beaches have been evacuated (what’s a beach?  Isn’t it just a big litterbox?) and people are expecting the worst. 

WOW…..we have an earthquake a few days ago and now a bad storm.  What’s next?  Hopefully a long stretch of super good, peaceful and quiet NAPPING days! 

What a view!

Don't worry Mom....I'll let you know when I see the storm arrive!

I’ll just keep watch for now…..I’m good at that!  We can handle whatever comes our way – after all – a few years back we had a tornado hop right over our house!  We were so lucky……luckier than other people all around us……I think we have a special angel looking out for us (Mom says it’s her Dad up in heaven!!). 

Guess I’ll just stay right here where I am on my window perch…until it gets noisy out there I’ll snooze.  Now that’s something I can do no matter WHAT weather we have.  🙂 🙂

Stay safe everybody……..and Happy Saturday

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (on storm lookout duty!)

“The Gray Ghost”…..A Mystery Visitor!

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Mom's leg makes a good pillow....zzzz......

Morning Peeps!  Not much happening around the old house this morning.  Daddy’s gone flying, Mom’s doing laundry – my visiting cat friend Stevie has been and gone…..sigh…..what’s a guy to do except grab a nap????

There was one tiny bit of excitement around here yesterday though come to think of it.  Mom saw me sitting at the front door looking out the sidelight window so she assumed I was makin’ eyes at Stevie on the porch……..she came to look and instead of Stevie, there was a cat we’ve never seen before!  It was just sitting there staring at me and vice versa…..short-haired smokey gray cat just sitting there, pretty as you please, on MY front porch staring at me!  Something tells me word is out in the neighborhood that there’s an extremely handsome red tabby living here (ahem!…..that would be moi!) and IF that was a girl cat droppin’ by – well – what can I say?!?!    Anyway, Mom opened the front door and the gray cat ran lickety split down the sidewalk and disappeared.  We haven’t seen the cat since.  However, wanna bet we DO see it again some time?  There seem to be a LOT of cats that roam around here and Mom says we should worry about them being on their own.  I do……I really do. 

Anyway, as I said earlier, it’s gonna be one of those days to grab some nap time…….although I have to admit I’ll probably be checking the porch frequently – just in case we have more visitors!  

Sammy, One Spoiled (but very alert and watchful) Cat

Sam’s Morning Excitement


Well!  What a morning I’ve had!  It all started when I had to wake Mom up extra early (she wasn’t too happy about that) because I saw something out the front door and had to tell her.  Yep.  It was still dark out but you know we cats can see stuff you humans can’t when the light is dim.  She didn’t see what I could see until she cracked the door open and went on the porch.  There were about eight HUGE turkey buzzards out there!  Big, nasty, scary things.  We often see them flying around in the sky here but this is the first time they landed in MY yard!  They didn’t even budge when Mom went out there either – they stood their ground and walked around like they owned the place……..Mom said she wasn’t sure why they were there – but we did have a very heavy dew last night so maybe they were thirsty or maybe they just liked the look of our nice green lawn and decided to camp out for the night??????

Sam's Front Yard

Looks like a landing field for turkey buzzards doesn't it ?!!

They were right between the oak on the right and the garden on the left…..making themselves at home!  I’m going to keep my eye out all day in case they come back. 

The other excitement is that in the local paper yesterday Mom said there was an article about bobcat sightings around here! YES – great big cats that look a little bit like me (well, sort of)…..Mom says they aren’t sweet like me though….they haven’t been seen right here in Warrenton but VERY CLOSE BY…..so you see – my “house and garden patrol” duties are getting more complicated every day. 

It’s always SOMETHING……………..

Sammy, One Spoiled Watch Cat!