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Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome back gang!  Time for us to TELL ALL.

Clowie and company have cleared us yet again as SAFE to proceed – these daily checks they do of the grounds keeps all of us feeling safe and secure and we sure appreciate their effort on our behalf!

Yesterday’s photo was quite unusual and we will tell you ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about it shortly.    I bet you’re anxious to hear the scoop!

“I’m excited – I was here super early and I bet I was one of the FIRSTIES!!”

Well, don’t hold your breath on that Shirley………………..we had a big pileup at the front door yesterday when school was open and LOTS of clamoring to comment was taking place – you MAY have been one of them but we’re about to find out!

Let’s begin with our list of FIRST COMMENTERS………………..we had THREE……………




Each of you gets a badge!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of February 2, 2021! YAY FOR US!

Now let’s move on to who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!


TIMMY (who was also a First Commenter!)

Not only was I a FIRST COMMENTER but I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TOO on the Teaser of February 2, 2021. I’m so excited, I feel faint…..haha

Double congrats Timmy!

And here’s the photo that he guessed first – sent in by our super good friend and fellow student/Guest Teaser Miss Csilla!

The beautiful Secession Hall in Vienna, Austria!

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful building AND see more photos, just CLICK HERE.    Thanks for this link AND for the photo Csilla!   This badge below is for YOU with our thanks!

My photo was used for the Teaser Class on February 2, 2021 !

If you also guessed correctly but you were NOT the first one to get it right – you still get a badge……….this one:

I guessed the right place for the Teaser of February 2, 2021 but I wasn’t FIRST. Maybe next week I can beat everyone?

AND if you guessed but were WRONG – this one is for you:

Well I tried to guess the Teaser of February 2, 2021 but couldn’t get it right…..I’ll just have to study harder!

I’m sure the Cheer Team has worked up an appropriate cheer for all of you today – so let’s see what they’ve got to say!

Vienna Austria I bet it’s cold there
I wonder if like us they get icicles in their hair?
Anyway we had three students who commented FIRST
The rest of you were late so I guess you’re cursed!
Timmy, Ingrid and Jackie knocked it out of the park!
They were fast to check in and made the mark!
Then we waited to see who would get First Right
Timmy surprised us with a double win – outtasight!
We’ll be back next week for more Teaser fun
But the lunch bell is ringing so we’ve gotta run!

Thanks ladies…………………I guess we’ve gotta run too…………….time to make our tummies happy.    Also before we go, CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners and THANKS to all of you Teaser fans who come visit us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to learn about all the fascinating places in the world there are to visit!

Hello Students!  Enjoy your lunch today!

What’s for Lunch:

Good job students!   See you next week for more TEASING!   

Your Professors


Teaser Tell-All


Good Morning Afternoon Teaser Fans!  This was scheduled to be delivered to your mailbox at 6AM EST and for some reason that I DO NOT know, it wasn’t – so here it is – FINALLY……the “Tell All” !

I guess I was wrong when I thought yesterday’s photo would be a stumper – well – actually there were some of you who were stumped but on the other hand a LOT of you knew where that postcard was from! 

Here it is again:

My parents bought the postcard in a little shop on this street in VIENNA, AUSTRIA!!!!!  As I said yesterday, my parents took a lot of photos as they walked around this area on the tour they were on but Mom fell in love with this particular “scene” when she was shopping for postcards to send back home.  Vienna was one stop on a river cruise they took on the Danube River with Avalon Waterways – along with 158 other passengers.   The tour started in Prague and they made their way down to the Danube, then up the river all the way to Budapest where the tour ended. 

Pretty place isn’t it?  So – wanna know who guessed right?  These folks guessed either Austria or the specific city of Vienna, Austria:

GLOGIRLY and Katie

A Tonk’s Tail

Kjelle Bus

Animal Couriers

See?  Sometimes Tuesday Teasers aren’t as hard as you THINK they’re gonna be! 

OK all you winners – get ready for your prize for guessing right – you know what it is by now……………here it is:

Big Sammy Hug !

Concatulations and tune in next Tuesday for another Teaser.  OK?

Happy Wednesday Everybody…….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Tuesday Teaser Guy 😀 😀