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Special Sunday Selfie


Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!


Sammy is sending all of you his best wishes for a day of love on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day!   He’s also letting our new addition to the family be the STAR of the Sunday Selfies with Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head…………..INTRODUCING Teddy Kimmell……adopted 2/11/2017 from the Shelter (same one where we adopted Sam 17 years ago!).


YES he’s a ginger tabby like Sammy…..YES he’s adorable……no he doesn’t have purple eyes but I couldn’t get rid of that color – his eyes are GOLDEN!    He’s 11 months old and he’s a TOTAL LOVE BUG!    Welcome to the Kimmell Household Teddy….you have a special angel to guide you!

Teddy is our Selfie today – you can click the badge below and visit The Cat On My Head to see MORE selfies or to join up!

Happy Sunday from Angel Sam and Baby Teddy!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

The Purrfect Valentine



Thanks Nellie! 

A heart-shaped bacon card!

Of course I won’t be bacon your heart dear girl – you’re the Queen of everybody’s heart………..that’s why I thought of this little graphic you sent to me a while ago – tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and today is my Bacon day so it’s a PERFECT combination!!!

Won't you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

Won’t you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

We had a nice breakfast this morning – remember this cool bacon/pancake combo I showed you several months ago?   EASY PEASY to make and really delish with maple syrup?   Mom is making this for Caturday Bacon Breakfast!   YAY!

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

Nothing smells as delish as bacon………..well, maybe SOME stuff does, but not for THIS BOY – bacon is the BEST smell I know!!

BACONPOSTER6 BACONBEG8And I don’t even have to try and SNEAK some……………..oh no……………..I get bacon SERVED to me on a little saucer by my regular food bowl……………THANK YOU MOMMY!!!!


Don’t forget what tomorrow is!  


But for now…..Happy Bacon Day! 

Love, Sammy


The Day of LUV!


♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥♥

Are you waking up this morning to a bouquet of roses?   A special card from your significant other?   A soft paw touching your cheek saying “Mommy(Daddy) time to get up and FEED ME!!!!!” ???   Well, I’m WAKIN’ to BACON myself but you already knew that right?


However, I did get my Dad a Valentine’s Card and my parents exchanged cards.   They already HAD their Valentine’s celebration when they deserted me on Wednesday overnight to go to an Inn in West Virginia.   Today they’ll just stay home and be all cuddily-wuddily (if you believe that I’ve got a bridge I wanna sell ya!).

Part of the Inn they went to......

Part of the Inn they went to……

This is the building at the Inn that my Mom and Dad stayed in!

This is the building at the Inn that my Mom and Dad stayed in!

I have a BIG all day Cat Scouts event today – this is the poster with the details – and I’ll be ready to greet everyone as they arrive this morning for the first event – BREAKFAST.    Later in the evening we have a dance and my girlcatfriend Sundae will be accompanying me for this formal event – I thought you’d like to see us all “gussied up” too!


Me in my informal clothes at Valentine's breakfast!

Me in my informal clothes at Valentine’s breakfast!

Sundae and me all jazzed up!

Sundae and me all jazzed up!

Are you doing anything special for this DAY OF LUV?   How about your humans?  Any plans for them?   I say LET THE LOVING BEGIN!!!!!


Happy Valentines Day to all my blog friends – thanks for making my blog all about love because it truly is………..the love of one kitty for his Mom, Dad and all his many friends.   You made me what I am today………ONE *OLD* SPOILED CAT !

Love, Sammy

Another Monday??


Where is the time going???  Why are the days flying by like this???  I have so much to do to get us ready to go on the Moon Trip, things at Cat Scouts are hopping, and Valentine’s Day is this week – – – YIKES!   So many things to take care of.  I thought when my Mom retired, I’d retire but instead both of us are busier than ever – what’s with that?


(of the Complaint Portion of this Post!)

Hello again – let’s start over.  Can you tell I’m stressed out?  Well maybe but that’s OK.  I can handle it.

Today is the beginning of an exciting week for those of us who are planning to have some kind of Valentine’s Day celebration.  For me, it’s taking my girlcatfriend Sundae to a Valentine’s Day Ball in style.   All the final arrangements are made, and thanks to you helping me choose the interior for the limo, this is how we’ll be traveling!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re all set with our Valentine’s Day outfits and I’m sure we’ll look desperately dashing as we tango across the dance floor (hopefully not getting trangled up and falling on the floor – will you forgive me Sundae??).   Should be fun though.  Lots of peeps I know are going.  Woo Hoo!


Then NEXT week I’ll be having a big push to remind all of you who plan to go along on the Moon Trip to get your entries in…..remember you don’t have to enter anything BUT if you go, you must send me a photo of you in the “blank” spacesuit.  Doesn’t have to be decorated but if you’re going, I need THAT and a “plain” photo of you for the awards banquet.  Got it?  Good!    Meanwhile I’m getting some TOTALLY COOL entries in the contests – including the “Moon Creature” category.  Tee Hee – I thought that would be a fun one – you can just share what you think a moon creature would look like – fine something online or design a monster/creature on your own – WHATEVER……just be creative.   Need to see the Moon Trip details again??????   CLICK HERE !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got some snow yesterday afternoon about 3:30PM.   Big lazy flakes falling from the sky – there was no breeze so they looked like they were falling in slow motion.  Nothing stuck to the ground as it was 37 so a bit too warm (hahahaha……who thinks 37 is warm??!!).   Am I the only cat who wishes it was SPRING???  Well I sure do !!!

Spring House

I can’t WAIT for Spring!!

Have a pawsome Monday……………tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT TUESDAY…………are you ready for it?   I’ll be here TEASING you tomorrow for sure.  See you then!!

Monday Man Sam

Tuesday Teaser


WOO HOO!   It’s that time again……………..has it been a week already?  Yes it has…….so break out the reference material, clean the cookie crumbs and coffee splashes off your computer screen or iPad or WHATEVER you use, and take a peek at today’s challenge.


Stromness, Orkney islands

Please remember that the very first person who guesses the country and/or state AND town/city correctly (no fair just saying PART of the answer) will get this incredibly beautiful badge to post about, brag about, and do whatever you wish with!


Those of you who DO guess correctly but are LATE (or at least not FIRST!!!) will get this one:


And all my buddies who didn’t have a clue or guessed TOTALLY WRONG will get this little gem:


Tomorrow I’ll have the Teaser Tell All and pass out the awards (and the hankies to dry your tears if you were clueless) and then we’ll wait another week for yet another exciting photo for you to figure out !!   Isn’t that exciting?   What?  No?  Did you say NO????  Oh come on…you know you love Tuesday Teasers…!!!


Now for those of you who have truly NOT been paying attention, we are on a fast countdown to Valentine’s Day.  Yep – sure are.  Today is the 4th and that means only TEN days until the DAY OF LOVE!   Whatever you do, do NOT forget this date because your loved one(s) certainly won’t be forgetting it so don’t get in trouble by letting the day sneak up on you.  BE PREPARED.   Time to get a card or order flowers or make reservations somewhere!

This has been a public service

announcement meant to keep you out of trouble!

Sammy “Love Machine” Kimmell

at your service……. 🙂