Cuddle Caturday


Brrrrrr………….we continue our VERY cold streak here AND while we did get some snow Friday afternoon, it didn’t start until it was too dark for Mom to take photos!!  But this is what it looked like yesterday before the second batch of snow started…………..Misaki – I’m posting this for YOU and for all you other pups out there (very few cats I think) that LUV snow!

Not a WHOLE lot but enough for me!

Not a WHOLE lot but enough for me!

It will be a Cuddle Caturday around here due to the cold.  Mom and Dad aren’t leaving the house (so they say) which I suspect might be true because there’s ice out there – everywhere – sneaky ice – the kind you’re not sure is really under that layer of snow or not so WATCH OUT!

I think I can handle cuddling…… know me…….always ready for a good cuddle………..not too many of us aren’t – right?

Sam Closeup Lap

Cuddle Kitty

I entered my photo in Hutch A Good Life’s Valentine’s Photo contest.  If you don’t know about the contest, you’d better go over and check it out!  I’m not telling how I “dressed up” for it but you’re supposed to send in a photo for “Most Romantic Figure”……well, what’s more romantic than a mature ginger snugglebug???  Hmmmmm????  😀 😀 😀

Happy Caturday!

Kitty Hugs (warm ones), Sammy