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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday AND Whoops!


First Things First…….!!

Can you believe that yesterday was our blogaversary and MOM FORGOT?   Well she did………….now I have an excuse as I wasn’t around when the blog was started – I’m the new kid on the block and I’m PAWSITIVE if Angel Sammy was still living with us he would have known and told Mom.    But we did NOT get the “wake up” call until today with our friends at Friends Furever wished us a Happy Blogaversary!    GOOD GRIEF MOM!     I’m so THANKFUL that we have friends who pay attention to these things since Mom wasn’t!    That’s what I’m thankful for as we join up with Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY.    Want to share your “thankfuls” ??   Click the badge and do that right now before you read more!

Mom and Angel Sam started the blog on May 10, 2011.    To me that sounds like EONS ago but then I’m just a kid.    Mom posted a link to our first post here on our blog yesterday, which was rather pitiful, rather short, and had very little interesting information in it – which is reflected in the FEW comments we got back then!    We’ve come a long way baby – we have tons of followers, tons of fun, and have celebrated the blogaversary ON TIME every year until now.    Here’s the link in case you want a good YAWN.    CLICK HERE

Since we’re a day late, we won’t get too carried away celebrating – let’s just say the chances are SLIM we will forget again!    Tee Hee    Maybe just a WEE celebration?


Yummy choc/strawberry cake!

Now shall we move on?    Today is my brother Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post day – and he never lets me down – he always visits me the night before and brings me a poem he’s written for the occasion.    We are nearing the end of the alphabet again – this is our second time through…………but we will continue with a Poetry Day – we just might add a little TWIST to it which we’ll talk about after we get to “Z”!

Take it away Angel Sammy!

Greetings Poetry Fans!   Today we are celebrating the letter “V” !    If you have written a poem that you’d like to share with everyone, just put your blog link in my comments and let us know you want us to visit and see your glorious work – OR – you can post your poem right here in my comments if you like!   Put a little poetry in your life – you’ll be glad you did!

With Love from the Rainbow Bridge…………..Angel Sammy



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 5-11-2017

One thing that I totally do not miss

Is the vacuum cleaner’s whine and hiss!

At the Bridge we don’t need to daily clean

This place is the most orderly spot you’ve ever seen!

Monster machines in closets there are NOT

Wall to wall beauty is what we’ve got.

Back home on Fridays I knew the sound

When Mr. Monster would come around.

Our house was clean as clean can be

But Mom did “monsterizing” regularly!

When I got old and my hearing was failing

I got more brave and less scared of “de-TAIL-ing” !

That machine was a monster and I kept my tail under

If it had sucked up my tail it would hurt like thunder!

Nowadays from my cloud I can see little Teddy

Preparing to vacate when the vacuum is ready……

He hides in the basement until cleaning’s done

For sure that old monster is way far from FUN!

My Angel brother sure can write a poem can’t he?    Actually I have become a little more brave with the monster – when Mom opens the closet where it lives I watch until she plugs it in – THEN I run and hide.    I used to run the minute she opened the closet – I’m making progress!

Happy Thursday! 

Love, Teddy

Now that you finished reading my blog – why not stop by my friend Raz’s blog HERE and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Tell him Teddy sent ya!

Fearsome Friday


Watch Out!  Cleaning Day!


I’m liable to be cranky too since I can’t play until after all the noise stops!



Mom and Dad are both polishing, dusting, vacuuming, buffing, straightening, stashing, cleaning, sponging off, de-smudging, and any other word you can use for “getting this place ship shape” !!!   So I say if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!

Doing my OWN "Spring cleaning" !

Doing my OWN “Spring cleaning” !

Getting my feets nice and clean…….and I’ll probably work on a few other areas as well (haha).

How about you?  Are you cleaning your house today or TRASHING the joint????

No this is NOT me......honest!

No this is NOT me……honest!

Hopefully soon all this activity will be over and I can relax…..or maybe eat a whole chicken…..or maybe nap??

Decisions, Decisions!





We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


I vote for all three!  

Happy Friday!  


Pee Ess…… Happy Birthday Madi!


If you click HERE, you can visit Madi and wish her a HAPPY 14th!!




It’s that time again!  

Get out the monster machine

and clean the house time!

UHOH.....it's BROOMhilda!

UHOH…..it’s BROOMhilda!

As if it weren’t enough of an insult to the ears having that vacuum monster machine here, there and everywhere we now have BROOMhilda wielding a wicked duster and broom so there truly is NO PEACE on a Friday around my abode.


Does this guy REALLY wanna know how it makes me feel???


This pretty well sums it up!

I made an effort not to cause any extra time needed for cleaning the house today – I did NOT toss toys indiscriminately under furniture so there would be no moving of chairs and the sofa to rescue victims of me playing with my toys:

Nope- you don't HAVE to move it this week!

Nope- you don’t HAVE to move it this week!

I even performed a little “re-con” mission around the place looking for any dust bunnies that I could go ahead and eliminate prior to the CLEAN-A-THON……..

Here bunny - come out wherever you are!!

Here bunny – come out wherever you are!!

So I really did try to make it a SHORT cleaning operation today……………………but in spite of all my effort, there was not only cleaning but laundry being done………so I got VERY LITTLE REST.   I’m exhausted.   Pooped.   In dire need of napping.

Don't I look PITIFUL?

Don’t I look PITIFUL?

Well, I will make up for lack of rest tomorrow…………it’s also bacon Caturday so that will also soothe my aching head and ears and tummy.   I’ll be happy…..again……….at least for another week.   Then we’ll have this little discussion AND this little “whine-o-blog” from me again next Friday.   There are some things you can count on in life – – – –

  • I’ll discuss bacon on Saturdays (and maybe Fridays before Bacon Saturdays)
  • I’ll complain about cleaning day
  • I’ll need lots of sympathy from my friends

Is that OK with you?

Sleepy Hugs,




Whoops – before I forget……



What would we do without Mo keeping the Cat Blogosphere chugging along!  

Hope it’s a super special birthday!

It’s Monster Time!




Happy Monster Day!    Today’s the day Mom gets the vacuum cleaner out of its’ safe enclosure and turns it loose on the house.    I think of it kinda like some of you humans might remember the “monster that lives under your bed” thing when you were little kids!



Well, for me, that’s kinda what it’s like on cleaning day.  Sad isn’t it?  I’m almost sixteen years old and I’m STILL hating that vacuum cleaner.   Mom says maybe I need some therapy – purrrrhaps the animal psychiatrist could help with that.   There’s a Doctor Pugster in town – I may go see him.


On the other hand, maybe I should just MAN-UP and put my big boy panties on and let it roll…………after all, I’ve never been attacked by the thing, never had my tail sucked up accidentally……and I definitely have big boy panties I could wear (hahahahaha).



I’m going for it today…………………I’m gonna stand right there while the machine is in the SAME room with me………I’m gonna STARE it down………..it’s either HIM/HER/IT or me and it isn’t gonna be me!   I’ll report on what happened as soon as I come out of the coma induced by my uncontrollable fear of the danged thing.






Yeah….it’s “OH NOOOOOOOOOOO” time……………monster out of the closet and the whole nine yards………the only thing saving today is that that landscape architect guy will be here at 9AM and I can spy out the window to see Mom dragging him around the back yard while he figures out what on earth we can do with it considering our budget of $1.37.   Should be a challenge huh?

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

A shout-out to Carol and her wacky family at Creek View Carol blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award………….I already have that one (actually I have about ten of them…teehee) but I STILL love that people find my humble blog worthy of special mention!   If you don’t know this blog – PLEEEASE visit – it’s a huge hoot – Mom and I love reading it.   There truly is NEVER and I mean NEVER a dull moment in Carol’s house.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Mine is packed to the gills (although I don’t have any of those to pack) with events…………….

  • Saturday:  My Mom and Dad are deserting me to have a cookout with the neighbors…..you know what that means……they will be gone FOREVER AND EVER and forget to bring me a kitty bag
  • Sunday:  Botany Test at Cat Scouts, Tabby Cat Club  Indianapolis 500 Race fun
  • Monday:  Cat Scouts Memorial Day Picnic and my blog Memorial Day post (linking with my buds Raz and Gracie)

I know – I know what you’re thinking – this is NOT a “busy schedule”…………well for me it is………..so I’ll rest up while I can.   Starting tomorrow I’ll be one busy dude………I need to be ON MY GAME so rest is essential!

Shhhhh!!!!!   Quiet Please!!!!

Shhhhh!!!!! Quiet Please!!!!

Happy Friday!!  

Sammy the Snoozer