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Tuesday Teaser




Welcome to Teaserville !!!

Hear ye. hear ye……….the time has come to enter the kingdom of Teasing for this week so are you prepared to take a peek at today’s photo????    Tomorrow I’ll give you particulars on it of course AND let you know WHO was the First Right Guesser of where this photo was taken……and of course if any of the rest of you guess correctly – you will still get a HUG……..and those of you who are in the “epic fail” department get something too!!   Lucky??  You betcha!

So, here’s today’s Teaser!  


Now, please let me know where you think this photo was snapped……………My Mom has been here, Dad hasn’t.    Not much of a clue right?   Tee Hee     Well, give it your best shot – and of course hurry and submit your guess – you don’t want to miss out on this little gem right?


And even if you think you’re too late to be first, but you just plain KNOW (or think you do), you will get this:


You folks who are clueless or guess and are epic fails (tee hee), you’ll get this one!



Sammy the Tease Guy



Teaser Tell All


WOW!   That was some Teaser yesterday huh?   I had some fabulous guesses though I have to admit………..and I have to say before I finish writing this post and scheduling it for the morning that as of RIGHT NOW (3PM EST) nobody has guessed it.  Nobody has been even close……….. but tomorrow when my Mom gets herself awake enough to help me get to the computer (maybe 6AM EST) I’ll take a quick peek at other guesses that came in from 3PM to midnight EST to see if anyone HAS guessed it, and I’ll be sure to do an EMERGENCY POST to announce it!   OK?   Is it a deal??


Wanna see the photo one last time????


Now first of all I want to THANK (and hug) my “Guest” who provided this magnificent photo – which I do believe she probably took on one of her walking vacations in (ready?) Northern Ireland!  That mountain you see in the photo is part of the Mourne Mountains.   There’s several great websites with info on this pretty and popular walk/hike/visit but I found info at http://visitmournemountains.co.uk.    WHO was my “Guest” ?   My good friend Isobel from the UK who has TWO blogs – one called IsobelandCat (she’s got a very handsome ginger boy like me!) and the other is GuidedbyIsobel  (Isobel is a guide in London among other things!).

Special Sammy Hug for Miss Isobel!

So, as I said, nobody had guessed Ireland much less Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland as of this writing SO, for now anyway, I WIN I WIN I WIN!   The rest of you dear friends get this little gem:


Since this is a shorter post than it would have been if I was posting awards for the Teaser (ahem), I’m gonna move right into the Sunshine Picnic Award badge that my beautiful friend Nellie gave me when she invited me to come to her pawsome picnic.   If you want to have your OWN picnic and pass on this pretty badge, all you have to do is invite the person who invited YOU to be your “special guest”, then pick ten friends to invite and give them something to bring to the picnic as their contribution!  Fun huh????


Nellie – I hope you will be my special guest……….and the rest of my ten guests and what I’d like them to bring are:

Kitties Blue – and the thing I’d like for YOU to bring to this fabulous picnic would be some of those wonderful food bowls like the one I received from your Mom – that would be an elegant addition to the picnic for us to eat from!

Sundae (my girlcatfriend) from These Days of Mine – Sundae, purrrhaps your Mom will let you bring one or two of those nice cozy quilts that you take naps on so we can sit on them in the grass at our picnic?

Fozziemum – I think what I’d most like you to bring to my picnic would be some of that nice HOT WEATHER you have “Down Under” right now because we’re freezing our tushies off here!

Mollie and Alfie – how about you guys bringing an assortment of treats like the ones your Mom bakes?  Only maybe some for all kinds of creatures because I’ve got guinea pigs, humans, cats AND dogs invited to this picnic!

Oscar of Lessons With Oscar – first of all Oscar, you can come with your human because I know you’re blind and might not want to travel to my picnic alone…..so THAT can be what you bring to the picnic – your Mom!!

Boomdeeadda – oh Miss Boomdee….there are so many things I could ask you to bring but I think they would all just HAVE to be aqua-colored (!!) but since you are so VERY crafty, how about you making placecards for us at our spots on the quilt for our picnic???

Two Blind Cats and Crew – you all are some of my newest friends and I know you guys are also sight-challenged like my friend Oscar, so I think it only fair that YOU bring your human Mom along too…..I don’t want anyone getting lost on their way here!

Bowie – my friend Bowie, I can’t think of anything better for you to contribute to our picnic than some expresso and plenty of DARK CHOCOLATE for dessert!

Hutch A Good Life – oh I just know that I can rely on you guys to bring a nice big tray of very healthy veggies for everyone to munch on – how’s that for your contribution???

Misaki – how about bringing some of your toys to share with everyone Misaki?  I know you must have a giant toybox full of fun stuff…………!

I could go on and on and on inviting more of my friends BUT I want to leave some for YOU to invite to YOUR picnic if you decide to have one.  I know my picnic will be perfect if all of you come and I also know that having Nellie here will be the crème de la crème !

Those of you busily working on your spacesuits or hotel rooms or monsters, know that if you’ve forgotten the details for our upcoming TRIP TO THE MOON, you can revisit the post for those details RIGHT HERE!!!



Happy Wednesday Peeps !!  Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


La De Da!  It’s time for the eyestrain, headache, quick look at the atlas day of the week – – – TUESDAY!!!

This week’s photo(s) are from a trip some years ago when my parents were visiting good friends.  But on the way to visit friends they had some stops and this was one of them………..where were they when they snapped these????


Now you need to tell me city/town/state/country or WHATEVER combination of those best tells me you know where or think you know where they were OK?

Easy was the man of the week last week…………..will he be again this week?   Will he again be the winner of this baby???


Then of course there’s always guessing right but not being first which gets you this one:


And if you’re clueless – you still get this!


Thanks to all of you for expressing your opinions about which limo interior you thought Sundae would prefurrrrrr…………she’s leaving it up to me………..but I think I’ll surprise her and won’t say HERE which one we’ll be going in.  However I will share some photos of us on the trip to the event, at the event and coming home………..you know me – I love to share!


I wanted to tell you also about a new friend of mine – someone I met on Cat Scouts and she’s JUST started a blog!  You remember when you just started out?   You wanted to meet some new friends and get a bit of a following?  Well, please do my buddy Miss Nibbler a favor and stop by to say “Sammy sent me”…………she’s a BIG help to us in our Cat Scouts Patrol and she’s having a lot of fun right along with the rest of us on our quests and sitting around the campfire together.

So, good luck with the Teaser…………..and tomorrow I’ll let you all know who was FIRST, who wasn’t FIRST but got it right, and who gets the “DUH” award!!!  (haha)


Mr. Tuesday Teaser 😉

Teaser Tuesday


Yes, it’s that time again BUT FIRST………..before I give you your challenge – how about a bit of entertainment?  Sure – why not – you’re already HERE so why not see me in an unguarded moment while I allowed Mom to use the flashy box to capture me in some Christmas Cheer Gear???  Ready?


OK – OK – no more giggling!  What can I say?  I’d do anything for my Mom including allow myself the indignity of wearing CLOTHING just for her…….LOVE YA MOM!

Now onward to the reason you’re here today – to take a peek at this week’s Teaser photo and give it your best shot.  This is (I think) another “toughie”….yep…..I do.   You know the rules…..city/town and country/state.   You’ll get credit if you just get PART of the answer right but give it your best shot because you know you want that “First Right Guesser” award right???


Ta Da!   Get those keyboard clicking or those buttons on the phone pushed because I’m waiting………yep – here I am – waiting for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…….cuz you know I will be sending you a note to tell you that you are in fact FIRST, then we can sit back and watch the other guesses coming in!  Cool?  Good!

This is what the First Guesser gets…………………(you already know this!!)

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

AND remember nobody is a LOSER here….there will be other awards as you know for winners AND almost winners!

So we had our ice event Sunday and yesterday and it wasn’t pretty.  I mean it was pretty in one sense – but it was BAD on the roads.  Everything shut down – including power in some places (not here though!!)……and the icy coating was on the trees almost all day.  The weather guy lied as usual yesterday morning and said the sun might come out…..UH HUH…..YEAH SURE….well it did NOT come out although the temperature rose to 36 big fat degrees so some of the ice melted.  Overnight of course it re-froze.  Swell……ice-skating rink day two for today I suppose.   We did have a bit of a casualty – well two actually.  One BIG branch came crashing down just at the edge of the woods (a big oak) and crashed onto one of Mom’s shrubs.  Also at the bottom of our driveway one of the super tall, skinny river birch trees bent WAY down to the driveway because it’s weighed down by the ice.  It hasn’t snapped but it’s just sitting there – Dad tried to knock the iced off but NO WAY.  SO, we’ll just hope that later today MAYBE we’ll get a break and the temps will rise and more ice will melt.  Keep your fingers crossed – I get upset when my trees get hurt !!  Here’s the yard – lotsa ice on branches……

In other news, I received my FOURTH STAR for my Blog of the Year 2013 from Purrfect Kitties YAY……..thank you so much!!!   Then this morning I see

my friend Misaki gave me ANOTHER one (THANK YOU!!!!) – so that means I’m up to five stars!   One more to go!!! 

Blog of the Year Award 5 star jpeg

If you’re in the hunt for stars – please feel free to consider that you’ve added ANOTHER one to your award because

for those of you who need another one – I’m waving my Sammy Whammy wand and passing a star on to you!!

  I also got another award – a BRAND NEW award just “invented” by my good friend Nerissa (Nissy) called the “Friends and Followers” Award.


 What a beautiful new award Nissy – THANK YOU my friend!!

Just four things to do when accepting the Friends and Followers Award.   Firstly, you need to post the award on your blog.  Secondly, you need to thank the blogger who gave it to you, if you don’t already, follow them.  You can follow by e-mail or feed or a reader or any other method available.  That even includes just popping into their blog every day or so if they don’t have a set up for “following” them.  Thirdly, you need to pass along the FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS award to a few readers whom you know already follow you.

So, here are a few of my followers that I’d like to pass this on to:


Easy Weimaraner



Doggy’s Style

Gosh – this is yet another endless blog today………but the BIG thing is the Teaser so go back up the page and take a GOOD LOOK………if you want that “First Guesser Award” you’d better hurry!!!!


Teaser Tell All


Hi Teaser Fans!

Well, it was one heck of a Teaser wasn’t it?  Just a little bit of architectural detail – not enough to give it away but just enough to TEASE!!!   Here’s the photo one last time:


Interesting photo of a MOST interesting place, and rather than TELL you where it is, I think you’ll get it figured out from these next shots of the SAME location……

And you probably recognize Michelle from My Three Moggies there holding up “THE TOWER” right?  Yes indeed – she was our Guest Teaser this week!   Thank you Miss Michelle!!!!!   You see why I didn’t use those photos for the Teaser?  I do believe they would have given it all away.

Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for……………who was the First Right Guesser this week….well, it was Doggy who guessed Pisa, Italy PRECISELY!   So this my friend is yours for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

HOWEVER, I must mention that almost precisely at the moment the Teaser blog went “live” I had a guess from Misaki that it was “Italy”…..technically correct but not a city named and THAT was one of the requirements this week – Country and City.  So Misaki you get this:

Special Misaki Cuddle For Almost Guessing First!

Those of you who also guessed Pisa, Italy get the HUG!!!!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And those of you who were clueless – you know I love you too and you get this:


Everybody happy?   Good!!!!   Now onward to next Tuesday…………….meanwhile Happy Tell All day to you all.

Warm Kitty Hugs, Sammy