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Teaser Tell All


Hi Everyone!!  I know you’re anxious to find out WHERE that toughie Teaser was from yesterday right?   Well, before I tell you – here’s the photo one more time:


Lots of guesses and really it could have been ANY of the places you all guessed BUT for the Teaser Tell All, I’ll let my Guest Teaser Hostess (Michelle from MY THREE MOGGIES) tell you in a video!   (SPECIAL NOTE:   As of last night when Mom and I were working on this video it was still “Private” but it MIGHT be fixed by the time you see my post – if not, I’m including some info about where the photo was taken in case you can’t see Miss Michelle!!!!!)


 This is a really beautiful place called Mapledurham House (or Estate) in the UK!  Michelle and her hubby were there on a visit and took this photo.

Now, I have to say that the VERY FIRST to guess the correct answer for the Teaser was our friend Easy the magical Weimaraner…………yep – the King of Teasers guessed it right first but right after he did, the boys from Hutch A Good Life said the same answer and then a bunch of you said “UK” or “England” and you were also right.   BUT the first was Easy and guess what – Easy very generously said to pass the award on to his friend and mine Clowie from Clowie’s Corner because SHE gave him the idea to check “watermills” on google.  He found a very similar photo of a watermill at MapleDurham House and that’s how Easy got it right!

He asked me to award his First Guesser Award to the lovely Clowie for being his inspiration!!!   What a guy!!!  So Clowie, this is yours!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

And all the rest of you who guessed England – especially my Hutch Guys who were right on the money too – get THIS!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!


Now here’s a BIG piece of news……………my parents are going to be deserting me next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (coming home Friday) so I will NOT have a Teaser next Tuesday!!!!  NO TEASER NEXT TUESDAY – GOT IT??????   I’ll have blogs for you to read of course but Mom might have a problem accessing my bloggy to work on the Teaser so we’ll resume the following week with another fabulous Teaser.

Don’t worry – I won’t be “home alone” while they’re gone…………………..but if I decide to have a pawty, I’ll let you know (don’t tell Mom!!).

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!    Your Pal Sammy The Teaser

Tuesday Teaser


Hey Hey Hey!!!!   Here we go again gang……………….ready for Tuesday are you?  Well good because Tuesday is ready for you too!

This week we have a GUEST TEASER – someone different from last week…….and they sent in a photo of a really beautiful spot for you to take a look at and see if you can guess WHERE in the wide wonderful world the photo was taken.  Here it is (bigify if you wish):


If you know the exact location that would be best!  Where is this spot?   Come on – give it the CLOSE EYEBALL and then let me know what you think……………remember if you’re FIRST with the right guess, you’ll get THIS:

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award


And you know by now that EVERYONE who guesses the right spot gets the Sammy Hug badge so I won’t bother you (or bore you!) with showing it again…………………..but you WILL get it.  Even everyone who hasn’t got a clue or guesses wrong gets a badge so there’s no such thing as a NON-WINNER when it comes to my Tueseday Teasers!

Tomorrow you’ll find out the scoop on the Teaser and where it comes from (as well as who sent it to me to use in the Teaser this week!!)…………………………

Meanwhile, may I remind you that time’s a tickin’ on getting Christmas orders processed and mailed out to you from Mollie’s Fabulous Boutique!   You should visit soon because Mollie’s little elves need time to make presents for you and get them popped into the post and sent in time for the holiday so VISIT NOW if you can………..Woo Hoo!

There are a lot of fun things going on around Halloween this year – I know my contest is only one of many but I do hope you want to at least visit my Halloween Blog if you don’t want to enter the contest – everyone will be invited for that anyway……….the costume contest is just a fun bonus and you can even use a photo you may have submitted elsewhere of you in a costume – you could still win my competition!  Everybody love to win prizes right???  Right!!!!

My front porch last Halloween.....wooooooo!

My front porch last Halloween…..wooooooo!

Have a super Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL………………..

Mollie turned me into a MONSTER for Halloween last year!

Mollie turned me into a MONSTER for Halloween last year!



Tuesday Teaser


Well La De Da…..welcome to Tuesday Teaser with Sammy…..the day of the week you need to dust off your computer screens, clean the lenses in your eyeglasses or put in a new pair of contacts and take a peek at the photo. 

No hints this time either…………..but if you can tell me where you think my Mom (or Dad as the case may be) snapped this photo, you know what you’ll get right?  If you don’t remember, all correct guessers will get:


So here’s your Teaser gang………gimme your best shot and see you back here tomorrow when I “spill” the details.  I admit this is a toughie because again – it could be almost ANYWHERE – a place where you can eat or drink or whatever outside…..but some of you probably HAVE been at this specific place and will recognize it – something might tip you off…..others will go “huh??????” but that’s what a Teaser is all about, right?  

Good luck Teaser fans……………oh and Doggy?  I think this one might even stump YOU!

Kitty Hugs, The Teaser Guy

Tuesday Teaser


It’s that time!  The Tuesday Teaser RIDES AGAIN!  😀 

Today’s tease is another honeymoon shot Mom took in 1990 on a cloudy, overcast day in a city called (hahaha…you thought I’d slip and tell you didn’t you?!?!?!)……..NOPE!  That’s up to you.  Take a look and give me your best guess. 

Oh and of course have a wonderful Tuesday!

P.S.  Yes that’s a swan at the bottom of the photo….Hugs, Sammy The Tease