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Teaser Tell All


Welcome to class students!   Time for us to spill the beans…….(not literally of course)!

When we started off with class yesterday we only had TWO students comment during the first 60 seconds so the Cheer Team only had TWO names to work into their cheer.   Needless to say they were happy.   Who were the FIRSTIES??




Both of you get one of our lovely FIRST COMMENTER badges this week………………..concatulations…………….!

I was one of only TWO First Commenters during the first minute of Teaser class on January 28, 2020!

THEN we waited———————–and waited—————————and our Graphics Department Supervisor Mom finally had to leave to get ready to go to the dentist so she was hoping someone would guess it before she left BUT she had to wait until she got home to find that indeed somebody HAD guessed it!     But first, here’s the photo from yesterday just to refresh your memory:

A pretty Spring kind of photo (and we wish it WAS Spring) which our Graphics Department provided and it is the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.    Our Graphics Supervisor (ahem) and her husband have been there MANY times.    It’s a wonderful spot with sidewalk cafes, street artists and lots to see – art galleries, antique shops – a little bit of everything.     Would you like to know WHO guessed Charlottesville, Virginia first?????????????????????????????

Drumroll Please!

CAROL (CarolMaeWY) from Wyoming, USA !!!

CONGRATULATIONS Miss Carol !!!    Here is your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge:

Guess who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser photo of January 28, 2020 – ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

But there were some other RIGHT GUESSERS after Carol got it so if you were lucky enough to figure out it was indeed Charlottesville, Virginia then you get one of these:

I guessed CORRECTLY where the Teaser photo was taken on the Teaser of January 28, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST! BOO HOO!

And of course you know what you get if you guessed INCORRECTLY…………………help yourselves to one of these:

DARN DARN DARN! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 28, 2020. Maybe next week I’ll be lucky???????

There you have it – winners and losers……………..everybody tried and that’s the impawtant thing………………..

Too late kids!

Well some of us think it’s IMPAWTANT to win a RIGHT GUESSER badge too!!!!!!   So we’ll just keep trying!  (sniff sniff)

Sorry gang – not everyone can win………..but there’s always next week.     Now who’s up for a little cheer from our fabulous CHEER TEAM???


Only TWO First Commenters how lucky is that!
A shorter cheer for our two “FIRST” Cats!
Timmy and Katie were first at the gate
Everyone else was LATE LATE LATE
Then we waited almost forever
Maybe guesses were slow due to inclement weather?
Finally we had a student who guessed it right!
CAROL from Wyoming gets the award without a fight!
You all did well and your cheer team is proud
Now pardon us while we join the lunch crowd!

Well girls – we’re all joining the lunch crowd so you’d better hurry up before I turn the class LOOSE!!!!


Students!   Time to get in the cafeteria line and choose some nourishing lunch items before you board your bus for HOME!   ENJOY!


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All aboard for home sweet home until NEXT Tuesday! 

Your Professors



Monday…..my parents are home from their wandering and all is well in my world.  They got home YESTERDAY from their mini-trip but they didn’t really “land” until late last night.  Mom did laundry from the trip, Dad cleaned out the car and dusted and vacuumed every square inch of the thing like the proud new papa (of the car) would do.  I trailed behind Mom squeaking and whining pitifully as she put things away, and tried to make her feel as horrible as possible for leaving me overnight.

I think it worked………she FINALLY sat down and put the throw over her legs and – well – YOU KNOW!

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Now Mommy you have to promise NEVER to leave me again – ever! What? You can’t promise that?

I suppose I should tell you WHERE my parents went when they abandoned took their overnight trip.  Well, they drove to where my Mom’s blogging friend Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine and her family (including my girlfriend Sundae :D) live in Southern Virginia!  That’s right – they left ME here and went off THERE for one whole entire day and night. 

They had a super duper time though and loved visiting with Miss Dianna and her husband JR and of course the beautiful Sundae (hubba hubba)!

Sundae sent me a special prezzie back – – – some NIP !!!  Mom promises to take some photos of me playing with my new toys so Sundae and all of you can see that even though I’m an old guy, I can still enjoy some of the finer things in life!

My Mom and Miss Dianna did a goodbye hug outside the restaurant where they had breakfast Sunday morning before my parents came home……..

Friends – it’s mighty nice to have them isn’t it?  I know I’m very happy to have all of you!

Oh – and don’t forget what tomorrow is…….TUESDAY TEASER!!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Early Morning Stroll With Mom


Hi everybody!  It’s a pretty morning here…..Mom and I just were in the back yard and she took this picture so I thought I’d share (although I’m not in it so it’s not as CUTE as it would be if I was!!):

Sam's backyard

Mom didn't get me in this picture - I was sitting at her feet!

It’s a pretty sunny morning here – Mom and I figured we’d enjoy nice weather while we can since Hurricane Irene is visiting us this weekend.  Gotta move yard furniture inside, make sure the birdfeeders are safe from the wind and make sure nothing else is “loose” out there so it won’t fly around and break something! 

In our little local newspaper this week there was a photo of a small black bear – guess where the picture was taken?  Just one street over from us!!   We have had them roaming around here before but it’s been a while – I think lots of animals are looking for food this summer since it’s been so dry.  Not much greenery to munch on.  The creek down in our woods has even dried up.  We are seeing LOTS more deer up in our yard looking for anything they can eat.  I bet that bear was hoping to find some tasty vegetable garden treats!  We used to have a vegetable garden in our backyard.  Now that the trees are so big, we don’t get enough sun.  Mom does have a tomato plant on the deck though – they have just enough sun up there to keep the plant happy enough to give us tomatoes all summer.  I’m not interested in them for eating purposes but Mom and Dad like them so that’s good enough for me!! 

My Dad’s at the airport this morning flying his plane.  I thought maybe I’d get Mom to upload a picture she took of our little town of Warrenton from the air – pretty neat huh?

Warrenton viewed from a cockpit

Warrenton, Virginia as the birds see it!

You can’t see our house in this picture but I’ve posted a picture of it before on my blog….Mom and Dad flew over the house and got a way cool shot of MY domain from the air! 

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird?  I wonder all the time.  If I wasn’t such a scaredy cat and afraid of loud noises, I bet my Dad would take me flying with him in the airplane.  There’s only two seats in the plane but I could sit behind him up on the little tray where the headphones sit……I’d have a GREAT view just like the birds have up there. 

Meanwhile back here on earth we’re hoping that all our friends near the water stay safe from the storm.  That goes for all the birds, deer, bears (!) and humans too. 

Happy Friday peeps!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with a flying Dad!)