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Filling In, Blogging for Peace and Thanking!


It’s a “Triple Duty” Day!


First I’m going to do my Friendly Friday Fill-ins which is co-hosted by 15andmeowing AND McGuffy’s Reader…………………..each Friday we have four sentences that we just “fill-in” with our own responses.  Then we all share and it’s tons of fun to see how everyone answers.    If you wanna pawticipate – just go to one of the blogs that’s hosting and use the LINKY TOOL and join in!

Here are the four sentences for today and this week I’m filling them in ALL BY MYSELF!  My answers are in RED.

1. Peace in the world is my family’s #1 wish.
2. I need to  take my thyroid medicine without giving Mom the bitey or spitting it out – I should be better about that, but I keep procrastinating.
3. A friend is  the BEST gift you can get.

4. I  will  try to  stop begging for butter but sometimes I can’t help myself!

There you have it!   My fill-ins for today (say- why did the typeface change?!)


I’m joining THOUSANDS of bloggers who Blog For Peace every November 4th.  

CLICK HERE to visit the website……….post your peace globe…………….GIVE PEACE A CHANCE………………

AND, last but not least, I want to sincerely thank my very good and dear friend from “Down Under” Sharon Pridmore of Gentle Stitches.   She sent me and Mom a most cool thing from the incredibly magical place in Australia called Uluru Rock.   Ever heard of it?   An amazing red monolith rising out of the ground in the middle of nowhere…….with quite a story.    You can read about it HERE and she sent me a souvenir of her visit there……Check it out!

This is FLAT ME with the globe by my feets!

This is FLAT ME with the globe by my feets!


This is a CLOSE up of the globe – isn’t it cool???????

Miss Sharon is the lovely lady who designed the fabulous “Sammy Tote” which she made with her very own talented hands (and yarn!) and the pattern for this way cool bag will be available in December on a knitting site – I’ll share the link when I get it.    Meanwhile, here’s the photos I posted of it when we received our “prototype” tote from Miss Sharon a while ago!

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! It's ME - It's ME !!

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! It’s ME – It’s ME !!

Sorry to inundate you with STUFF today but I had a lot of things I needed to say – and thanks to give – and PEACE to share…………so I hope you have a PEACE-FULL day and weekend………..tomorrow is BACON DAY at my house!



Peace Baby