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Teaser Tell All


Ready for us to tell all??????

Good – please have a seat and we’ll confess.   We did warn you that it would be a whopper of a Teaser didn’t we?    One of those that really was just about impossible to figure out?    Well, we will let you know who sent in this stinker of a stumper but first we wanted to tell you who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday.


Sharon at Friends Furever


This is a special surprise for you:

As of time we prepared class for today we had NO RIGHT GUESSERS on this whopper of a Teaser……………so I think we’d better tell all of you who successfully STUMPED everyone yesterday!


The Queen of Stumpers was our very own Miss Jackie at Two Devon Cats!

This fabulous photo was taken by her at Lee Bay near Lynton, Devon, UK (near the Valley of the Rocks)

Miss Jackie, we have a badge for you to celebrate stumping the students!

Some of you made guesses – and if you did and you were WRONG you still get your badge:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of July 30, 2019. It was a TOUGHIE!


Guess I didn’t study hard enough!

Don’t feel bad – remember nobody guessed it right – I think we ALL should adjourn to the cafeteria and drown our sorrows in a nice lunch – what do you say students?

Let’s go!!!!!

Sorry you all were WRONG on the Teaser yesterday but perhaps a nice refreshing lunch will help you get over the disappointment???????

What’s On The Menu Today?

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Better luck next week students!

We’ll see you all next week…………………..Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Tell All Time

Ahhhhhh……….hello students and observers of the TEASE…………it’s time for us to spill the beans (or whatever’s on the cafeteria menu) and tell you all the details of the FABULOUS Teaser yesterday………….We have not only a video but more photos to give you the scoop but I do think we should take care of some BUSINESS first don’t you?

Like for instance WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER on yesterday’s Teaser post?    It was one of our Teaser-Maniacs who is almost ALWAYS there (sometimes she’s asleep and snoring but she’s THERE) and SHE gets a badge!


For Miss Csilla on August 23, 2017

Bravo for you Miss Csilla!   I’m sure Suzie will be including YOUR NAME in her special cheer today…………….

Then we got our very first RIGHT GUESSER……………………..who was it this week?


For Clowie on August 23, 2017!

Then we had a bunch of others who guessed correctly – and each of you CORRECT GUESSERS get one of these of your very own!

For ME for being RIGHT on Teaser of August 23, 2017

Then there are those of you who didn’t have an idea OR who guessed incorrectly and you get one of these:

For Me for being WRONG on Teaser of August 23, 2017

Now that we’ve handed out the awards – you STILL don’t know where the Teaser photo was taken OR who took it right?   Well, let’s fix that up right away!!   Here’s yesterday’s photo followed by a video “HINT” before we tell you the answer!

Pretty town isn’t it?   Now here’s a short video that shows whale bones at the top of the steps (this video is for you Miss Jackie!!!!!!!!) – what you’d expect in an old fishing village!

AND now for the main event – the ANSWER (although you know that by now!!!!)

That’s right – beautiful Whitby, in Yorkshire, UK with the River Esk going through the town……………..which is where Bram Stoker wrote DRACULA, and Captain Cook the great sea captain lived.    Here are some other photos for you to enjoy that Michelle sent us:

Michelle on “Dracula’s Bench” where fans visit once a year to sit and leave a ribbon.

The sign on the bench.

The author himself – Mr. Stoker whose photo is in the museum in town.

A guest house which was also inspiration for Mr. Stoker’s “Dracula” !

Thank you Miss Michelle of MYTHREEMOGGIES blog for being our Guest Teaser this week.   Whitby looks like a perfectly GREAT village and if it was good enough for Bram Stoker and Captain Cook then it’s good enough for ME.  I’m going to INSIST that my Mom and Dad take me there……..alright, maybe not take ME there but at least go there themselves and tell me all about it!!!!

This is for you Miss Michelle:

For Michelle for our Teaser of August 23, 2017

Suzie – would you like to thank our Winners this week in your own special way??????

I’ve got ice cream for you Csilla
Do you want chocolate or vanilla?
FIRST COMMENT is what you’re winning
While others’ heads were spinning!
FIRST RIGHT was our Miss Clowie
Great pyrennes dog all white and snowy!
Well done to both of you chickies
This Teaser was kind of tricky!
So today’s winners were one human and one doggy
And our GUEST was from My Three Moggies!
Let’s hear it for MEEEEE!


Thank you SuzieQ!    Well done cheer for our winners today…………………….who knows what we’ll come up with NEXT week……………..maybe it will be tougher or maybe it will be easy but we know for sure it will be FUN so join us next week for PRE-TEASE MONDAY AND TUESDAY TEASER!!!!

What???? No snack????

See you next week students!  

The Professors, Sam and Ted