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Big Bird


Oh I just bet I got every single cat’s attention with THAT blog title now didn’t I???  😀 😀

Well I’m not talking about Big Bird the TV star from Sesame Street – I’m talking about another big bird my Mom was talking about with my Dad today.  The big bird that is part of the Thanksgiving feast in many places including MINE. 

My parents say that one of their most favorite meals is turkey with dressing “and all the trimmings”……..well that’s a bit confusing because they also say they “trim” the Christmas tree so what’s up with that?  We don’t hang decorations on our Thanksgiving turkey!  Anyway, this year my parents are spending Thanksgiving away from home.   Now you might think that means I won’t be smelling that yummy turkey cooking in the oven right?  WRONG…….

When my parents get home after Thanksgiving with relatives, my Mom is going to make a turkey breast for US.  That’s how much my crazy parents like turkey!  Well, also they know that I enjoy turkey too so I’m sure they’re also making it for ME ME ME!

We try to really think about all the things we’re thankful for at Thanksgiving……a lot of people are so focused on the FOOD they forget about the THANKS and even the GIVING.   My parents help stock up the shelter food bank so that everyone can have a good Thanksgiving dinner – that helps with the “giving”  part.   We have our health, our home, and each other and that’s the “thanks” part.   

I’m also THANKFUL for all of you.  It’s great to have so many nice friends from all over the world. 

Yes it’s a little bit early to talk about Thanksgiving but it’s never too early to be THANKFUL………now is it????

Hands (paws) across the world to all my friends!
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