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Bacon and Bashful


Hi Everybody!    Well, I survived being left alone on Thanksgiving just fine…………all was forgiven when (1) Mom and Dad arrived home yesterday with LEFTOVERS from their Thanksgiving feast in W. Virginia, and (2) when I got my usual Saturday bacon this morning!    I can forgive just about anything if I get TREATs to take my mind off the fact they LEFT ME ALONE.

My pal Bashful (the rolling rock from HERE) accompanied my Mom and Dad up to W. Virginia and he spent all afternoon chattering up a storm telling me every little PAINSTAKING detail of the time he had.   Apparently he enjoyed every minute of his day.   He started out at my Aunt Carol’s house where he and my Mom had cinnamon French toast for breakfast with Aunt Carol.

My Mom holding Bashful so Aunt Carol can meet him up close!

My Mom holding Bashful so Aunt Carol can meet him up close!

Dad was too busy with Aunt Carol's dog Toby who was talking Dad into throwing the red toy for him so he's not in the photo!

Dad was too busy with Aunt Carol’s dog Toby who was talking Dad into throwing the red toy for him so he’s not in the photo!

He was TRYING to be patient while Aunt Carol cut a small slice of French toast to fit on his small size plate but I can see that “glazed look” in his eyes because he was hungry!   What rock wouldn’t be having to be in a car for two hours to get to W. Virginia?



Anyway, after breakfast they went to the cabin which is only a mile or so away from Auntie Carol’s house……..Dad’s brother and his wife and their son were already there along with my Dad starting on the Thanksgiving celebration early while the turkey was still roasting in the oven!

Oh this is a nice little cottage to stay in for Thanksgiving in W. Virginia!!

Oh this is a nice little cottage to stay in for Thanksgiving in W. Virginia!!  (do you see Bashful in the photo???????)

Bashful TRYING to sneak a taste of Mom's bloody mary!

Bashful TRYING to sneak a taste of Mom’s bloody mary!

When the turkey finally came out of the oven, Bashful offered to be the “taste tester” before everyone ate any of it – what a sacrifice huh?

Bashful was surrounded by ALLLLL that turkey - he got out of the way just in time when it was carved!

Bashful was surrounded by ALLLLL that turkey – he got out of the way just in time when it was carved!

Obviously everything they all ate was pretty danged good because before Bashful could blink an eye, the meal was over and the food was eaten and it was a veritable WASTELAND of empty dishes all around the buffet table!

Where did it all go?

Where did it all go?

Bashful's formal Thanksgiving portrait on the fireplace mantle at the cottage!

Bashful’s formal Thanksgiving portrait on the fireplace mantle at the cottage!

Yesterday morning after they all woke up from their turkey-comas, Mom and Dad and Bashful popped in the Buick and came home to ME ME ME – but Bashful just HAD to sit on the stair railing outside the cabin for one final sniff of mountain air as he bid a fond farewell to a FUN and FOOD-FILLED Thanksgiving!

Gosh - do we have to leave so soon? The sun isn't even up yet!!!!

Gosh – do we have to leave so soon? The sun isn’t even up yet!!!!

Mom and Dad will be getting some of the Christmas stuff out of the basement this weekend – and you know what THAT means…………..my Elf on the Shelf (“Elfvis”) will be on the loose officially to torture us for the entire Christmas season with his traditional TROUBLEMAKING!    I have Bacon (Bashful’s brother) to thank for that Elf……….he sent Elfvis to us last Christmas!   EEEEEK!  Remember????

Ding Dong...Elfvis calling!

Ding Dong…Elfvis calling!  Uhoh….he’s HERE again!


Hope you have a wonderful Saturday everybody…………!

Hugs, Sammy



Too Much Food….



OOPS……excuse me…….maybe I’ve had just a bit too much in the “leftovers” department?   I couldn’t help myself….Mom got back from Thanksgiving in W. Virginia with a BIG bag of leftovers for me and – well – I couldn’t help myself.   I went nuts………ate turkey until I was stuffed (like a turkey!).  


I must say though……it was worth it!  

We’re taking a little break today – no wordy blog post – just me enjoying the last of the leftovers….oh and Mom and Dad doing the Friday Monsterizing as usual.   The Christmas tree goes up this weekend…………..now that will be worth blogging about.


Love, the stuffed turkey, Sam

Quiet Friday


Yep – the day after a holiday (especially the ones that fall on a Thursday) is usually VERY quiet……………….unless of course you work in a department store where things are INSANE.   Fortunately my Mom and Dad are due back from their Thanksgiving feasting in W. Virginia this afternoon so I will not be watching Mom gathering up her “shopping equipment” to head out the door early this morning to SHOP TIL SHE DROPS.

For all of you who DO that – and can’t wait for those after-holiday sales………..BON VOYAGE!    Here’s what I’ll be doing:


Now doesn’t THAT look more reasonable than fighting for a parking space at the Mall, arguing with other customers fighting over the last purple sweater in your/their size, standing in line with lots of tired people and screaming kids just to buy that purple sweater you JUST HAD TO HAVE, fighting traffic from the shoppers AND the coming back from Thanksgiving people on the roads????   Why yes it does…………….so if you’ll excuse me I’ll go back to doing what I do best!

Sam napping in the guest room


Hope you have delightful

turkey leftovers tonight

like I’m gonna have!



Turkey Week Monday

Meowwww.....OOPS.....I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Meowwww…..OOPS…..I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Oh boy!!!   Don’t get me wrong now……I have a good appreciation for the bird.  Birds of all kinds.  I love watching them from the other side of a window (in my house) AND I like watching them from the yard as they dive bomb my head.  Those bluejays are mean but I love watching………………however my FAVORITE bird to watch is the one Mom usually roasts twice a year around here (sometimes more)……….for Thanksgiving AND Christmas…………MR. TURKEY!

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

This year my Mom and Dad will be away on Thanksgiving but have promised that they will bring a “kitty bag” back from the mountains with some turkey in it.  Just for ME.   So I’ll forgive them for deserting me – after all it’s only one night and they bring me food?  Oh yeah….I can forgive them alright!

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday like many of us are, what’s on your menu?   Anything that you like???

He doesn't look too happy about turkey on the menu!

He doesn’t look too happy about turkey on the menu!

Here’s something ELSE that I like……………TUESDAY TEASER!    Tomorrow’s Teaser is a Guest Teaser.   You know what that means – it could be from anywhere from anyone…………..so tune in tomorrow to see if you can capture one of my fabulous awards.  You know you want one!!

Tomorrow is also the LAST day you can get my Mom’s mystery book (the Kindle formatted one anyway) for a mere ninety-nine cents.  After than, the price goes back up……………….on my sidebar is a link to Amazon Kindle for your EASE in downloading……………nothing like a good mystery to keep you up at night reading!!!!


The last thing I want to say is that yesterday the blogosphere was FULL of sweet tributes to Nylablue – sweet friend to all.   Thinking of Nylablue now residing in her beautiful “Summerland” makes me happy…….my sadness is being replaced by the joy of knowing she was ready to go.   She said she’d send me a sign after…………..this morning as Mom and I were walking in the dark in the backyard, we saw a VERY bright and twinkling star – Mom told me that was Nylablue winking at me………….it was bluish in color – not as pretty as Nylablue’s eyes but pretty nonetheless…………Mom sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to me then we came back inside……………….we both had smiles!!

Happy Monday and See You TOMORROW!



Big Bird


Oh I just bet I got every single cat’s attention with THAT blog title now didn’t I???  😀 😀

Well I’m not talking about Big Bird the TV star from Sesame Street – I’m talking about another big bird my Mom was talking about with my Dad today.  The big bird that is part of the Thanksgiving feast in many places including MINE. 

My parents say that one of their most favorite meals is turkey with dressing “and all the trimmings”……..well that’s a bit confusing because they also say they “trim” the Christmas tree so what’s up with that?  We don’t hang decorations on our Thanksgiving turkey!  Anyway, this year my parents are spending Thanksgiving away from home.   Now you might think that means I won’t be smelling that yummy turkey cooking in the oven right?  WRONG…….

When my parents get home after Thanksgiving with relatives, my Mom is going to make a turkey breast for US.  That’s how much my crazy parents like turkey!  Well, also they know that I enjoy turkey too so I’m sure they’re also making it for ME ME ME!

We try to really think about all the things we’re thankful for at Thanksgiving……a lot of people are so focused on the FOOD they forget about the THANKS and even the GIVING.   My parents help stock up the shelter food bank so that everyone can have a good Thanksgiving dinner – that helps with the “giving”  part.   We have our health, our home, and each other and that’s the “thanks” part.   

I’m also THANKFUL for all of you.  It’s great to have so many nice friends from all over the world. 

Yes it’s a little bit early to talk about Thanksgiving but it’s never too early to be THANKFUL………now is it????

Hands (paws) across the world to all my friends!
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