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Bayou Boy


Howdy Ya’ll (oops I think I picked up a little accent on the trip) !!   We (Cat Scouts) came back from our trip down the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, MI to New Orleans this morning.  Amazing how time travel sneaks in with kitty travel because we did that cruise in two days…..HAHAHA…..Seriously though it was tons of fun – my “Sammy’s Travel Service” on Scouts had quite a few kitties who decided to take the riverboat trip and we packed a lot in a short time.

Here are some highlights – just a few – there were hundreds of photos posted – not just mine but everyone (just about) who came along had fun photoshopping themselves into the action.  FUN????  Oh yeah – and THEN SOME!

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I’ll be organizing more travel for the Scouts but not until I REST UP…….sometimes I think Mom and I are too old for all this work (tee hee).

Tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER (as if I needed to remind you) and here’s hoping that you’re ready for another day of TEASING………….not just figuring out the photo but keeping an eye on the comments which is sometimes the BEST part!

At stake of course are my brand new and FAB new badges for winners and losers…………you know you want one!   Remember the post pops up at random times each week.   You never know when……….you might be eating a meal, snoring on the couch, or (heaven forbid) using the “facilities” somewhere when you get word that the Teaser has gone LIVE……..but no matter where you are, there’s only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER every week……..will it be YOU???????

Happy Monday Peeps!