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Hot, Hot, Hot!



WEIRD WEATHER?   These are TRULY weird whereas my weather is just plain HOT!

I hate to complain (really I do) but it’s just so darn hot and last week it was so darn cold – when will it be “oh gosh this is perfect weather!!!!”  ????    Mom says this is the “new normal” for Spring………a few days of  incredible, followed by some yuck, rounding out with a teasing of “perfect” so I guess I’ll just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the fact I’m still HERE!    There are some TERRIBLE weather situations in other parts of the world including here in the USA so I’m hoping that things settle down for ALL of us soon.

Remember this picture?   It kinda makes everyone a bit “uncomfortable”……..and I can see why – I used this last year when we were having a truly HOT spell and I had some hilarious comments!

Could this be a moon creature?


I think I should build that treehouse that Easy and I talked about last year – it would be a super hidey spot and up in the trees it should be nice and cool……and of course bird-watching would be amazing don’t you think?   The occasional squirrel would knock on my door I’m sure – stopping in for a cool drink (hahahahaha…..yeah sure…..).

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin' life!

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin’ life!

I know everyone who is going to BlogPaws has left for the big event by now………I’ll be looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about reunions or “first meetings” of blog buddies.   That’s the one thing that my Mom thinks would really be fun is meeting the STARS of blogville.   The photos are fun to see too –  and I know a lot of my cat buddies are joining their humans at the event and hearing about things from THAT side of things is ALWAYS fun!!!!    Tell it like it is my friends………those of us who are unable to get there want to know the INSIDE SCOOP!

Mom said something about possible bacon this morning so if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll see if that’s a “GO” or a “NO GO”…………….besides I obviously have ZIP to say today because this may be my most UNINTERESTING post of the year so far!   HAHAHA


Boring Sam

Pardon me while I grab yet another nap??!!

Pardon me while I grab yet another nap??!!




Just Imagine…………

The other day my buddy Easy and I exchanged some fun emails about how cool it would be to live in a treehouse……………we kinda got carried away and had some fun with the idea but it got me to thinking about how REALLY REALLY cool it would be to live up in the air with a view like that!


This is the treehouse photo I showed Easy.....

This is the treehouse photo I showed Easy…..

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin' life!

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin’ life!


So I did a little MORE research and now I’m thinking this is definitely how I’d like to live.  Mom and Dad think it might be a little dangerous when a high wind came up (or if the tree got carpenter ants or a disease!) but at least until that happened, I could definitely live in ANY of these!


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What do you think?  Would you like to live in a tree house?  Maybe Mom, Dad and I are a little beyond our “living in a tree house” years but gosh it’s quite fun to look at what can be done with some imagination and probably a lot of money and a PERFECT tree to build a house in!

Just dreaming I guess……………..but just IMAGINE………….

Hugs, Sammy The Dreamer