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Uh Oh……

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

What? Huh? Uhoh...I overslept didn't I?! It's this darn time change thing!

OK, OK, it’s embarrassing…..here I’m the one who mentioned the time change last night in my blog this past week and I’m the one who slept late this morning!!!  My blog is late, my breakfast was late…..and on top of that, my internal alarm clock wasn’t working like it ALWAYS has these past twelve years.  Usually (so says Mom), when the time changes twice a year I’m right on top of it.  I actually start “training” my parents about a month before the change by getting Mom up earlier and earlier every morning until that spring day when instead of really being 5AM, it’s 6AM.  Not this morning.  I’m afraid my old mature age is showing.  I pretty much sleep all the time so if my humans were expecting ME to be in charge of the time changes this year they were WRONG.  LOL So, here I am anyway, blogging an hour later than usual.  Something tells me though that me and my family aren’t the only ones who struggled a little with this stupid “Spring Forward” thing this morning – right?  Huh?  Come on………..’fess up!!  Well, this will be a short blog this morning because I’m WAY WAY WAY behind in my “things to do” today…..a whole hour off in fact……..gotta go rearrange my tissue pile and I’m still searching for that rubber chicken my Dad got me a few days ago.  Somethings up with that I think – – – just because I chewed the feet and head off of it I think Dad “confiscated” the rest of it so I wouldn’t eat it.  That’s probably for the best…..who knows WHAT that thing is made of anyway!!!!!!!!  Happy “Spring Forward”………..Your LATE Pal, Sammy