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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hi Folks…………and a hearty THANKS to Brian for hosting the THANKFUL THURSDAY Hop.    I can only say that I’m thankful that so far my Mom and Dad are well……….and that as far as we know, while there are virus cases in our County, there are none reported yet in  our town.    Mom and Dad are staying SAFE AS CAN BE.   I’m making sure of that!      If you want to share your thankfuls with us – click the badge above and go to the Hop to link up.


Also thankful Angel Sammy (who does not have a STAY AT HOME order!) is keeping watch over us and sending us some poetry to keep us smiling.    I always love to hear from him.   We hope you do too.    Below is his email and poem.


Hello From The Rainbow Bridge!

We are super duper busy up here……………..we are spending time trying to keep an eye on all of you – it’s what Angels do.    We know that the Human Angels are doing the same.   Trust us – we are doing our best to keep as many of you safe as we can but even this is something way beyond our ability to totally PROTECT you – so for that reason – PLEASE DO WHAT YOU ARE REQUESTED TO DO AND STAY HOME.    If you have to go out, STAY SAFE.

I hope you took your extra time at home to write a poem this week?    I look for photos that I think might inspire you – and I also write one based on the photo then we come HERE on Thursdays to share.   If you wrote a poem please let us know in comments so we can VISIT YOU to read it!   

Here’s the photo I gave you last week along with my poem:

“Home Sweet Home”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©April 2, 2020

The years have passed – so many in number

Since Great Grandpa cut trees to make his own lumber

The house he built has withstood the test of time

Though some boards are rotting and are covered in grime

Life came and went within these four walls

The ghosts of my relatives wander the halls

One magical thing remains though from days of yore

The welcome wreath Great Granny made is still on the door……..


My Mom and Dad pass old cabins and houses like this out in the country all the time………..Mom wonders if they are occupied by ghosts of all those who lived in them and if they were generations of the same family or if people came and went as time passed.    When I was looking for a photo for this week the very first thing I saw IN this photo wasn’t the age on the house or the falling apart bench on the front porch or even the beautiful tin roof……………it was that wreath on the front door.    “Welcome All You Who Need Shelter”……………..and I think this old house was that for MANY through the years.

Here’s the photo I found for you all (and me!) to use as our inspiration for NEXT Thursday’s Poetic Thursday…………….you have a whole week to think about it and write a poem to share next week……………….

Oh boy – this will definitely inspire some INTERESTING poetry don’t you think?    Well as I said you have a whole week to see what you can come up with……………good luck!    I’ll look forward to reading your poems.

Keep the faith everyone…………………do as recommended to stay safe………………and be thankful for what you have not what you “can’t have” right now OK?     

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love from the Rainbow Bridge……..Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy for the good advice, the encouragement from all of you Angels at the Bridge, and for sending me your poem for the week.    We’ll look forward to hearing from you again next Thursday if not before – – – – in my dreams!

Love, Teddy