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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thursday – time to HOP with Brian and be thankful “out loud”.     If you want to join in on the Hop – just click his badge above and link up with us.   We all have things we’re thankful for and we share them on Thursday every week thanks to our host Brian.    One of my thankfuls this week is that (truly) I’m happy I have a warm place to live.   We’ve had single digit nights and some days below 20 and I haven’t even been too interested in going outside myself – and I know all the homeless animals out there wish they didn’t have to be out there too.    It breaks our hearts knowing there are so many “roamers” looking for shelter or food.    I’m THANKFUL I’m not one of them and THANKFUL that we do what we can to help.

I’m always thankful that Angel Sammy’s poetic Thursday post gets to me in time to make it part of my Thursday post at Brian’s……………so here’s what he sent to me last night!


Let’s Share Poetry!!

Hello friends……….all is well at the Rainbow Bridge – we have new Angels arriving all the time – seems more in Winter than any other time of the year.   We even have a Poetry Group up here because everyone loves a good poem.     I hope that you wrote one to share this week – I gave you a photo and let’s just see what you did with it OK?    

Here’s the photo I gave you to inspire your poem for today followed by MY poem:

“Rough Seas”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©January 22, 2020


Life can be much like a boat on the sea

Facing rough water or smooth as can be

When things get overwhelming we just hang on tight

And hope for calm seas to return to make things right

Each storm that we face and each wave that we crest

Serves as a reminder that we are indeed blessed

We eventually reach shore and get back on solid ground

But never forget the reminder of our faith that we found……..

Boats in rough seas are tossed about like toys in a tub on a stormy day………and life has its’ share of stormy days too.    If we just hang on tight – don’t panic – and have faith in ourselves and our ability to persevere, we can get through any challenge we meet.    When I found this photo it was my first thought really……..life has its’ share of rough seas but we get through them to calm water again eventually.

There you have it – my poem for today and if you have a poem to share – let us know in comments – we want to read yours too!!     Here’s next Thursday’s poem……..I hope you find some inspiration in it and write a poem to share NEXT Thursday based on it:

I’ve used a lot of “old” vintage type photos lately but I find a lot of fun things in old photos.   A lot of “forgotten” things.    My Mom said she can’t remember the last time she saw kids playing jump rope but it was BIG in her day.    She said this two rope jumping was “double dutch” and not as easy as people thought!      

So I’ll look forward to seeing you next week again and hopefully reading a poem you’ve written.    YOU CAN WRITE ONE – don’t say you can’t………………..!!!!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy………………………..I liked it!   A lot………..but then I just love hearing from you PERIOD.

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful and Poetic Thursday!    First up is thankfuls………………then we’ll share Angel Sammy’s poem for the week.    When Halloween rolls around I have to admit I’m always very thankful that I have a home to be safe and sound in.   All the animals who are living the life of a feral or are homeless for reason come to mind when scary things are happening like Halloween or July 4th.   Both can be noisy and both can be frightening.    Not for me – I can watch the little kids at the front door from the safety of my home.    That’s a BIG THANKFUL for this time of year.

Angel Sammy’s poem which had a cute sort of Halloween costume theme is below.   If you wrote a poem to go with the photo let us know – we love to reach everyone’s poetry on Poetry Thursday!

♥ ♥ ♥

Hello Poetry Fans!   Time to share our poems……….

The photo I gave you last Thursday for inspiration for today’s poem was chosen because it popped up when I searched for “Cute Halloween Photos” – and it IS cute isn’t it.   Those two little kids look beyond adorable.    Matching twin costumes – if you remember “The Carol Burnett Show” you remember the character “Mama”………these two cuties are double Mamas!

Here’s the photo I gave you and my poem follows………….

“Baby Grannies”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell                  ©October 30, 2019

Oh my goodness will you lookie there!

Two little Grannies with matching hair!

Looking at the camera without a clue

Double adorable – “precious times two” !

It will be many years ahead before you are Grannies

Your hips will be wide without diapers on your fannies!

Your hair will be gray not from yarn but from years

No giggles in the mirror, instead there may be tears….

The age of innocence will be oh so far behind

But that “little girl inside” will remain…..and be kind.


Kids grow up so quickly.    One day these two will see this photo and laugh…….and probably NOT remember this photo session.    But it will be a treasure to have.   My Mom has photos of herself in Halloween costumes when she could barely walk.   Her Mom would dress her up as a gypsy with odds and ends from her closet.    It was an easy costume and little kids are pretty flexible about what they wear so it worked out just fine.    These two in the photo aren’t minding the glasses or the wigs or anything else – they just look ADORABLE.    

If you’re taking your kids out tonight for Halloween, have fun.   Be on the alert……….don’t stay out too late……….watch out for wandering animals………take photos – one day they will be SO MUCH FUN to share……….just like this photo of the two little kids above!

Speaking of Halloween – I just HAVE to share this photo of one of Teddy’s friends named Sawyer – one of the Kitties Blue living at The Cat On My Head.    Sawyer missed the deadline to send in his Halloween costume photo for our Teaserween posts but the costume is so darn cute I thought I’d show it here – talk about a CAT in the PERFECT costume!!!

Good one Sawyer!!!

Ready for next week’s photo????

Sweet…………………lots of possibilities for a poem from this photo…………….there’s a lot there…………..more than meets a cursory glance I’m sure!      So we’ll meet here same time next week and share our poetry?   Did you write one for today’s photo?    Let us know in comments – we want to READ IT!    GOOD FOR YOU!


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

See you next Thursday……have fun tonight for Halloween…..give someone a hug – both of you will enjoy it!   

Love, Angel Sammy

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you Angel Sammy………………….Do you Trick or Treat at the Rainbow Bridge?    I bet you dress up like a little devil – you always had a great sense of humor!

Love, Teddy



Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Time to be Thankful AND Poetic!

First we take care of joining up with Brian’s Blog Hop which is all about being thankful……………we look back at the week and find some thankfuls and we can ALWAYS find some!    If you’d like to tell the world about yours, just click the badge above and fill out the LINKY form……then share your thankfuls with other thankful peeps!     Today I want to tell a short tale of BRIEF freedom and my thankfulness that my Mom found me.    What am I talking about?   Well this morning Mom let me out into the garage thinking the garage door was SHUT.   I am only allowed out on my harness WITH a parent.    Guess what – the door was up – Dad had left it up when he went out to work on a project in our woods.   Mom did NOT KNOW THAT…………..over a half hour later she took iced tea to Dad and noticed that the door in the garage was UP.   PANIC BUTTON……………she ran around the yard calling my name thinking I could be ANYWHERE in thirty whole minutes of freedom……..our neighbor boys heard Mom screeching and came out to help find me and THEY did!  I was next door in their yard and had been the whole time.   Mom was so grateful to the boys and they were so sweet to help old Mom.    I was just glad to get back in the house to have a big drink of water and a nice cold floor to lie on!!!!   Will I do that again?   Probably not.   Mom will LOOK to make sure the garage door is closed.    I love my garage – I have a window seat out there that is my perfect spy spot.   I enjoyed my taste of freedom but know what???    THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Now, onward to the second part of our post today which is sharing the email I got from my Angel brother Sammy with you – where he’s used the photo challenge he gave us LAST week to write his poem.    Hopefully some of you have done the same thing – written a poem based on his photo inspiration – don’t forget to tell us you wrote one and share your link with us and everyone else!     Here’s his email from last night’s transmission from his laptop at the Rainbow Bridge:


Hello Poets and Friends!

It’s Thursday – the day we get together and share our poetry.    You know the drill – the photo I gave you last Thursday has been sitting around gathering dust since last week and then you remembered to take it out, dust it off, study it and let it inspire you to write a poem about it.   Easy right?    Well, I just want you to have fun with it.    And after I share the poem that I wrote I will give you ANOTHER photo to use for next Thursday when we’ll all gather together again and share our poetic efforts.   

I really enjoy finding photos for you (and me) every week.   I try to find interesting photos and you all know as I do that everyone’s imagination is different so you might see something in the poem that’s different from what I see or anyone else sees………that’s what makes this FUN!   

Here’s last week’s photo followed by MY effort at writing a poem inspired by it:

“Happy Days”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     June 21, 2018


Laundry out there hanging on the old clothesline

Waving in the breeze and smelling fresh and fine

Mama’s magic in the kitchen cookin’ homemade delights

Every dish she creates yummy until the very last bites

Her aprons protect her dresses from all drips and splashes

Even after stoking up the stove she can wipe her hands of ashes

Aprons take a lot of punishment but they are very necessary

Keeping Mom’s dresses from cookin’ oil and juice from all those berries!

A week’s worth of aprons means a week’s worth of home cookin’

People drive by in their farm trucks and are always a-lookin’

They know Mama’s been busy when seven aprons on the line they see

They know she’s had a full week of work to feed her hungry family.



Well that’s my poem – where’s yours?   Just tell us in our comments that you wrote one, and give us your blog link OR write the poem in our comments if you want to – but whatever you do, write a poem because you will enjoy crafting something of your VERY OWN!    Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme – it just has to express something you feel or see or think……go for it.   If you didn’t write one this week – use the photo below to write one for NEXT week……………..we’d love to read it – honest we would!

Cool photo huh?   I think so…………..Notice the kitty in the foreground?   Nice touch huh?    Have fun with this one – I imagine there will be some really cool poetry next Thursday and I hope you will join me here to see mine and discover who else has taken a leap of creative faith and written their own!!

Meanwhile, have a great week my friends…………thanks for visiting Teddy’s blog on Thursday and EVERY day.    I may be gone but I’m still with you always.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Angel Hugs, Sammy



Oh Sammy I love your clothesline poem…………..our Mom says she can remember just how yummy things out on the clothesline would smell after being washed and all that fresh air drying things out.   Especially sheets – oh boy that first night in sheets dried out on the line was heavenly so she says.   I don’t need sheets to sleep well – just a quiet spot where I can dream!

See you all next week for Thankful and Poetic Thursday   

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful?  Oh yes we are……..always.   I know my Mom and Dad feel like I do – we are thankful to be alive and have so many great friends!    Thursday is the day our host Brian helps all of us celebrate the many things we have to be thankful for in our lives.   If you’d like to tell the world what you are thankful for – just click Brian’s badge above and join in.

I’m especially thankful that even though on Tuesday morning this week I watched my Mom and Dad pack up their stuff and head out the door in the morning that they DID come back the next day – I’m not always sure they will return.   Maybe that’s just the “shelter kitty” in me but I don’t want to be without them because I love them and they love me I’m SURE so we belong together.  But they DID deserve a little break and it WAS a special occasion – an 80th birthday party for my Aunt!    BUT I really am glad my world is happy and I’m THANKFUL that it is.   I hope yours is too?

The other part of today’s post is our OTHER “usual” Thursday thing – being poetic with my Angel brother Sammy.    Every week he sends us a poem of his own based on a photo that he gives us every Thursday – last Thursday’s photo was CLOUDS………shall we see what he did with that one???


Hello poetic friends!   It’s that time again – we’re going to share the poem we wrote during this past week based on the photo “inspiration” I gave you.    I try to find photos that might give you a challenge because it’s fun to exercise your creativity from time to time.   This is just my way of making you “think outside the box” and write a bit of poetry even if you’ve never done it before.    Last week’s photo seemed to me to be a combination of “EASY” and “TOUGH”………..a most simple photo of clouds but you know, lots of people play the game of “what’s that cloud shaped like” when we’re young so I thought it might be a FUN photo subject for all of us! 

Here’s last week’s photo followed by MY poem:

“Some Day”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell   May 24, 2018

Look up in the sky on a cloudy day

What can you see as they float your way?

If you watch their movement as they change and shift

You can see “things” there as they slowly drift

I see a small angel in the upper right

And an angry face lower left – ready for a fight!

Upper left is a poodle with a pom pom cut

Lower right is a door – maybe entrance to a hut?

Children “cloud watch” as a game as they watch the sky

Giggling and guessing as the clouds drift by

But as you look at the clouds and give them a glance

Remember on clouds Angels do dance

We watch over the world and wait until needed

If bad things happen and warnings aren’t heeded

We are there to comfort and listen and to endeavor

To cover you in wings of love until you join us forever.


Yes – another “Rainbow Bridge” perspective on life and angels and if it makes you think about lying on a blanket on a sunny day as fluffy clouds float by – and make you look for signs that you are NEVER alone then I have done my job with this poem!   Now how about you?  Did you write a poem using the cloud photo as your “springboard” for some poetic fun?   Just leave us your link in my comments so we can read your poem OR write your poem in our comments here……either way, SHARE and have fun with the photo poem challenge.

Here’s your inspiration for NEXT Thursday……………I hope you’ll join me in creating something using this one!

So let’s write a poem about this photo – cute?  Yes, but does it say something ELSE to you other than “cute” ?   Maybe yes maybe no but share your poem with us next week whatever your thoughts OK?  See you then……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks for another cool poem Angel Sammy………I hope that we have some friends join in the poetry fun………….meanwhile, we all miss you………….

Love, Teddy (and Mom too)