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Whazzup???    Well not a whole lot but a couple of “things of note” like for instance my Mom is all excited because she’s getting a new dishwasher.   Humans are so weird don’t you think?   Imagine getting excited over a dishwasher….well she is.  She HATES our old one which isn’t so old but we’ve had repair here TWICE in three years to fix something so FAREWELL CRUMMY DISHWASHER.    My only problem with it is of course that means a STRANGER will be in my domain Friday – no – make it SEVERAL strangers – so I will have to hide or sneak a peek or something “covert”.    I’m hoping the crew does NOT look like this bunch – not sure they can be trusted!!



On the UP side of this is the fact my Mom will be on Cloud Nine for several days with her new TOY (hahaha) so maybe it’s a good thing after all????

Then the next “whazzup” thing is that next Monday I’ll be visiting the evil vet (although I like my vet – I just hate GOING there).   It’s time for my four month checkup to see how my thyroid meds are working.  I’m POSITIVE that they’re working just fine thank you but they won’t take MY word for it – they want to do all that blood work stuff and have Mr. Vet check my neck and all my other “parts”………so I suppose since I’ve been really good about taking my pill, that I can EXPECT the tests to show I’m good to go.   That’s what I HOPE.


After all that and a hopefully QUIET rest of next week, we have a countdown to TURKEY DAY.   Now I know it’s not “TURKEY DAY” and that lotsa peeps don’t even like turkey (or any BURD) – they’ll have ham or whatever else they want…..the point is not what you eat, but that you be thankful on that day anyway.   I’m usually THANKFUL that my parents bring home some turkey from their Thanksgiving at the cabin with family!!!!    I assume that will be the case again this year…….if not……there will be HECK to pay!!!!!    I’m not beyond presenting them with a revenge hork if there is no “Sammy leftover bag” present when they get home from the cabin!

Lucky me....

Lucky me….

So – how do you feel about the whole Thanksgiving thing?   Do you enjoy getting a bit of this and that from your humans’ Thanksgiving celebration???

Hugs, Sammy




We hope that you who are celebrating these holidays enjoy being with family and friends!   My Mom and Dad are on their way right now to W. Virginia to spend the night with my Uncle Bruce and my Aunt Joan and Aunt Carol.  Mom promises she will bring home some turkey for little old ME!!!  YAY!!!    I put this little poster together for another blog BUT it says what I have in my heart today as my family celebrates Thanksgiving.


And last but not least, I’m sharing as are all those who participated in this great video put together by Michelle at My Three Moggies, this little presentation about today and what it means to all of us all around the world………..I was VERY happy to be a small part of it.  We wish you peace and happiness and of course a heavy dose of joy……………see you tomorrow!!

Holiday Hugs from Me, Mom and Dad! 🙂

Pee Esss………our friend Annabelle asked us to put her Auction link up in the hope that in this season of giving, people would consider pawticipating to help her with the HUGE vet expenses they are having to deal with….an Auction is a FUN way to raise money!    Thank you!



Turkey Countdown


Good Morning Friends!   Well, today is day one of Turkey Countdown for me and my Mom and Dad.  Yep – even though they are deserting me on Thursday to go up to the mountains and have turkey and the fixins’ at my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Joan’s cabin, I’m excited – why?  Well, because they will be bringing home some turkey for ME!   I’m not big on birds (I like to watch them but rarely eat anything in the bird family) BUT for some reason, Mom has discovered that I can nibble an inch or two of turkey.  SO – I’ll be patient and wait for the end of the week when they bring be some.

Meanwhile we have OTHER things going on like tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser!   It’s a GUEST TEASER this week.  Let’s just see how well you do with this one………I had lots of Sammy Hug winners last week with my Mom’s painting – wondering how many there will be this week.

Here’s my other news…….you will remember my fabulous Cat Scouts Derby race car that my Mom and Dad built for me?  Well, we won an Honorable Mention in the race!   Mention was made of me not actually driving my car which of course refers to the fact that the photo of me IN the car was actually my Mom FORCING ME to stay in the car long enough for Dad to take a photo.  HAHAHA    In my defense, I am not a guy who is easily forced to do anything – I like doing things on my own terms – so for me to even have let Mom hold me inside the car for that photo – well – it was MAJOR!!   All the other drivers were in their cars as the rules said – AND the cars everyone did were incredibly creative and super – some of the entries were done on video with music too and they were fabulous.  Hey – Honorable Mention isn’t bad right???

Well I was IN the car anyway!!!  HAHA

Well I was IN the car anyway!!! HAHA

The BIGGER news though is that my troop the Worldwide Wildcats had more cars entered in the derby than any other troop in the Scouts and the Wildcats were BIG winners overall including a Troop Award !!


One of my friends wrote to me and said they were glad to see that I still love having tissue paper on the floor to play with – well I do – it’s nice and crinkly and noisy and I love hiding my toys under it.  Mom still gives me fresh tissue paper when she cleans the house every Friday.  HAHAHA

Lovin' my tissue!

Lovin’ my tissue!

So I’ll see you tomorrow for the BIG TEASE………….remember it gets posted at 6:00 Eastern Standard Time – later than my usual blog posts.  Hope to see you here in the morning and have a fab Monday!

Happy Turkey Countdown Day ONE

Sammy !

Thank you Miss Cat for my new sweet badge!!!

Thank you Miss Cat for my new sweet badge!!!

Big Bird


Oh I just bet I got every single cat’s attention with THAT blog title now didn’t I???  😀 😀

Well I’m not talking about Big Bird the TV star from Sesame Street – I’m talking about another big bird my Mom was talking about with my Dad today.  The big bird that is part of the Thanksgiving feast in many places including MINE. 

My parents say that one of their most favorite meals is turkey with dressing “and all the trimmings”……..well that’s a bit confusing because they also say they “trim” the Christmas tree so what’s up with that?  We don’t hang decorations on our Thanksgiving turkey!  Anyway, this year my parents are spending Thanksgiving away from home.   Now you might think that means I won’t be smelling that yummy turkey cooking in the oven right?  WRONG…….

When my parents get home after Thanksgiving with relatives, my Mom is going to make a turkey breast for US.  That’s how much my crazy parents like turkey!  Well, also they know that I enjoy turkey too so I’m sure they’re also making it for ME ME ME!

We try to really think about all the things we’re thankful for at Thanksgiving……a lot of people are so focused on the FOOD they forget about the THANKS and even the GIVING.   My parents help stock up the shelter food bank so that everyone can have a good Thanksgiving dinner – that helps with the “giving”  part.   We have our health, our home, and each other and that’s the “thanks” part.   

I’m also THANKFUL for all of you.  It’s great to have so many nice friends from all over the world. 

Yes it’s a little bit early to talk about Thanksgiving but it’s never too early to be THANKFUL………now is it????

Hands (paws) across the world to all my friends!
p.s.  Thinking about some great stocking stuffers for your doggy buddies?  Think about Mollie’s Cat Treats – check out the homemade treats AND bandanas!  Cool idea!