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Tenth Blogaversary SPARK


Yep – we’re celebrating our ten years of blogging with a special SPARK today.    It’s actually a bunch of SPARKS…………….thoughts about blogging and life from yours truly.   After ten years of doing this blog thing I figure I owe it to myself and the readers of this blog to share my thoughts about “putting it out there every single day” for ten years.    I might actually have missed a few days…..I always tried to have posts done for the period of time we were on vacation but not always.    I may have missed blogging when I’ve had surgery in the past or was sick as a dog and in bed wishing I could float away on a cloud but MOST of the time ONE SPOILED CAT was in business!

Originally it was all about Sammy.    My amazing ginger boy Sammy – the polydactyl precious boy who was so much more than our cat…….we learned a lot from him and he only became more special as the years went by.    Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.    He was ONE SPOILED CAT.     After he died, we waited a couple of months then went back to the same shelter where we had adopted Sammy and found Teddy – another ginger tabby who is equally special in a totally different way.    Blogging “for” both of my boys has been a blast these past ten years.

I’ve come up with THREE (I could probably have way more but these I particularly like) thoughts about blogging, life and what I’m trying to do with this blog.    THEY are my SPARK for today:

So this isn’t my usual SPARK and I’ll go back to the usual next Monday.    I just thought after ten years of doing this, you might like to know why I’m here and what I’m trying to do.   I’m also having a ball bringing Teddy to the world – just as I did with Sammy for almost 18 years when he was with us.    I don’t know if I’ll do this for ten more years – probably not – but I intend to do it as long as I’m having as much fun as I am now.

Thanks for ten great years……hugs, Pam and Teddy