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Teaser Tell All Time!


Time To Tell All!

Yes indeedy – we are gathered here to give you the SCOOP on yesterday’s Teaser BUT before we do that, perhaps we should say WOO HOO for our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   Of course we should – she was in there commenting one minute after we went live – how’s THAT for “on the ball” ??   Who was it who accomplished this feat?

Miss Csilla (kolytyi)

This is for you Miss Csilla:

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 9, 2017!

Now on with the show……………….Yesterday’s Teaser was from a good friend of One Spoiled Cat – someone we haven’t had a Teaser from in AGES AND AGES (hint hint) and hope to maybe get one now and again from her – why?  Because everyone loves her Teasers AND her Tell Alls………….have you figured it out yet?    Well, hang in there – let me show you the photo then we’ll show you the Tell All and you’ll figure it out alright!!

Here’s her “Tell All” !


YAY!   Michelle Lewis from My Three Moggies blog…………….Thank you for the photo an the Tell All Michelle……….and making us smile by mentioning sweet Angel Sammy too.   This is for you:

For Michelle of My Three Moggies for Teaser of May 9, 2017

Now who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????    That was our good friend and frequent flyer of the Teaser, Miss Carol (CarolMaeWy) and you get this Miss Carol:

We had SEVERAL others who guessed correctly too and you all get this:

AND those of you who didn’t guess correctly win a GREENIE!!!!!!

While Michelle didn’t tell us in the Tell All, just for informational purposes, the statue is of St. Vitus who is just one of MANY statues on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.   My Mom and Dad have been to Prague – a truly gorgeous city by the way.    They were on a cruise vacation that started in Prague and ended in Budapest.

So that’s this week’s Teaser all wrapped up!     Hope to see all of you NEXT week when we will be having another Guest Teaser for you – I wonder where we will be visiting next??????

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Jumping for Joy for Teaser Tuesday!!!!!

WHOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!   Know what we forgot?

We forgot that today was our BLOGAVERSARY!!!!   That’s right – Mom and Angel Sam started this blog May 10, 2011 with this totally BORING post!   (CLICK HERE)

Angel Sammy is gone but I’m here now and we’re still going strong……Mom is older and hopefully wiser, and I’m the new kid on the block having a ball – just like Angel Sammy said in his VERY FIRST BLOG…………..tomorrow we will talk a bit more about our anniversary that WE MISSED today…….DUH


Love, Teddy