Pre-Tease Monday

Teaser Alert!!!!!!


This is your early warning device sounding to remind all of you who follow the Tuesday Teaser that tomorrow is ALMOST HERE!   We’ve got another doozy for you tomorrow – and yes it’s another Guest Teaser.   We’re getting some fabulous photos in from YOU so keep ’em coming!

Last week’s Teaser was a whopper – Babyland Hospital in Georgia where Cabbage Patch Kids are born and adopted.   Who knew there WAS such a place?  We sure didn’t!   What a hoot.


Tomorrow – well, it’s not in Georgia and that’s all the hints I’ll give you – SO THERE – you’re on your own.    I can remind you though what’s up for grabs – – – remember the Teaser pops up in your inbox at a different time every Tuesday and you never know when but if you happen to be the very FIRST to comment on tomorrow’s blog you will win this!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/7/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/7/16

Then we have awards for you if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you are RIGHT but not first, and of course last but NEVER least, the world-famous “GREENIE” for those who haven’t got a clue where the photo was taken.   So start studying NOW – you’ve got plenty of time – you just might win something tomorrow!


Professor Sam will see you in the AM!

I'll be looking for you in geography class tomorrow!

I’ll be looking for you in geography class tomorrow!

Pre-Tease Monday!


OK Teaser-Maniacs……the time is near! 

Tomorrow is the day – and thank heavens I still have my computer here so it looks like the Teaser WILL happen before the computer guy says “bring it back in so I can put in the part!”…….it was a close call last week when the computer died – but THE TEASER MUST GO ON NO MATTER WHAT – right?   Right!

So tomorrow you get to take a gander at a photo – AND it’s a GUEST TEASER too – and you can try and figure out where on earth the photo was taken.   Personally I think it’s a toughie and you know last time I thought the Teaser was a toughie NOBODY GOT IT…………………………

The question is …………….

Will Sammy Once Again Win?  

Will he fool everybody?

I suppose we have to wait for tomorrow to find out don’t we?!?!

ANTICIPATION1 ANTICIPATION2Will you be here tomorrow???   I hope so………..I wish I could tell you when the post will go live so you could be the FIRST COMMENTER – or maybe the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, but you know Mom swears me to secrecy every single week.   She’s a real killjoy.   So, just be ready…………..whenever………….

Happy Pre-Tease Day!  

Hugs, Sammy

I'll be waiting for you!!

I’ll be waiting for you!!

Tuesday Teaser


Friends, Romans, Countrymen…….lend me your………………oh wait…………..wrong speech.   I meant to say HELLO FRIENDS AND WELCOME TO TEASER 2016!   Yes indeedy – this is the first one of the new year and while I did originally say I’d make up for the whopper we ended 2015 with, I decided to go for another toughie.   Mean?  No I’m not mean, I just think you like a challenge – if Teasers were all easy, they just wouldn’t be as much fun!

SO, if I can ask for our Silver Briefcase Dude and our official Teaser Cheerleader to come forward, let’s begin!

You called me? I'm here...and I've got the TEASER in my suitcase!

You called me? I’m here…and I’ve got the TEASER in my suitcase!

Susie Q Cheerleader!  Shake it!

Gimme a T - E - A - S - E - R!!

Gimme a T – E – A – S – E – R!!

Here’s your photo – remember I need you to tell me WHERE this photo was taken by my GUEST TEASER…………what country/state and what area/town/city.   OK?  You know the drill by now……..we can’t let you win if you say “Florida”………..gotta know WHERE!


Now, remember, if you are the FIRST to comment on today’s blog (even if you just say good morning or this is the toughest teaser you’ve ever given us) then you will win one of the newly designed 2016 TEASER AWARDS!


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today, you win this little beauty!

TEASERBADGE2016-1If you’re RIGHT but you are NOT the first to be so, you still get this!


And for those of you who can’t get enough of the Greenies, we have a brand new version for 2016 so start collecting yours if you were WRONG on the Teaser!!


What are you waiting for???   READY SET GO…………………………………..our telephone operators are standing by………………….



Sammy the Tease




Pre-Tease Monday!


Hello Peeps!   Tomorrow is the day………….yep – at some unspecified time that only my Mom knows (darn) the Teaser is gonna pop up and scare you and then you will have to try and be the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog or maybe FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!    Are you up to the task?    I hope so!

This week’s photo is from a GUEST…..that’s right – we’ve got another Guest Teaser for you to agonize over.   Cool?  Oh yeah………….I’ll tell you who sent it to me AND where it was taken on Wednesday for the Teaser Tell All.

I've got the photo but I'm not showing it until TOMORROW!

I’ve got the photo but I’m not showing it until TOMORROW!

So, make sure your eyes are in good operating order tomorrow morning – I can’t say if this one will be EASY for you or TOUGH but it will be FUN and that’s GUARANTEED!    Get a good night’s sleep tonight so you’ll be ready for it to arrive tomorrow……………..wonder what time that will be?!?!?!?!?!

I wonder when the Teaser will go "live" tomorrow???!!

No this is NOT a hint!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser


Teaser Tell All


OH SILVER BRIEFCASE DUDE…….C’mon in and whip out the photo for us will ya???

Your wish is my command Mr. Teaser!

Your wish is my command Mr. Teaser!

YAY!!!!!   That was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday wasn’t it?   I had all kinds of super answers but there was only ONE “First Right Guesser” and I’ll tell you who that was in a minute………..

First things first though……………’s the photo from yesterday!


If I tell you who my GUEST TEASER was, you might sort of get a bit of a hint where this was taken………………..The world famous (infamous?) race-walking celebrity we all know and love, Mr. Leo was the one who sent me this photo!    As you know he’s getting himself into shape so he can be in the Olympics next year (YAY LEO)…………..and he was race-walking past this beautiful spot which is The Cathedral of Almeria in Andalusia, Southern Spain when he thought “THIS WOULD MAKE A FAB TEASER FOR SAMMY AND MISS PAM” !!!!    So he sent it to my Mom via his phone.   Along with these:


A close up of the beautiful architectural details....

A close up of the beautiful architectural details….

Yes that's Leo !

Yes that’s Leo !

This amazing structure was built from 1524-1562…….I forgot to ask him what the white sign on the door says….maybe “Keep Out Leo” ????   Anyway, if you’d like to track down more info on this Cathedral, try this link HERE.    Thank you Mr. Leo for the photos!   This is for you even though I know you rarely blog anymore – you STILL get my Guest Badge!

Thanks Leo!

Thanks Leo!

Who was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning???    It was the “I’m awake 24/7” guy, Easy!   That’s right – he’s as reliable as the postman – nothing keeps him from delivering his HELLO on a Tuesday morning no matter WHAT time we go live…….although he’s not always the FIRST…….!!!!    This is for you Easy:


Now – WHO was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????  It was my buddy and pal Flynn !   Concatulations Flynn!


AND, some of you ALSO knew, or jumped on Flynn’s bandwagon (!!) so you get this!


Now don’t feel bad if you didn’t know….or guessed incorrectly…..I have something GREEN for you!


Where will we visit next week?   The fickle finger of fate will land somewhere on the globe and we’ll visit it NEXT TUESDAY!!!!  Be purrrrpared!


See You Next TUESDAY!

See You Next TUESDAY!