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An Award AND Pre-Tease Monday!


Hello All!    Are you ready for tomorrow’s Teaser?   Hummmmm????   Good – remember it will pop up at a surprise time so be purrrrpared!    I’m still wrangling with Mom about which photo to use so can’t tell you if it will be a Guest Teaser or not so just be ready for WHATEVA.

Now, on to the AWARD part.   My good new friend Doctor Phoebe and her beautiful cat Samantha nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.   I received this one several times long ago but it HAS been a couple of years, so I am happily “re-accepting” (?) the nomination for this award from them.   If you don’t know Puppydoc (Dr. Phoebe’s nickname) and her kitty, you should visit.  It’s a wonderful blog.

Here’s the award badge………………….


The rules of acceptance are:

1-Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.
2-Copy the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
3-Share 7 facts about yourself to your fellow bloggers.
4-Then nominate up to 15 people.

Thank you dear Doctor Phoebe………you’re a most special lady doing a most special job and I bet you are happy to get home to your pretty kitty girl Samantha after a busy day at work.   I appreciate you nominating me for this award!   I’ve linked to you above.    I’ve also posted the award rules and the badge so that takes care of #1 and #2 on the rules!

For #3, here are seven facts about ME ME ME!

  1. I think everyone knows this by now but just in case you don’t, I’m a polydactyl ginger kitty – I have “thumbs” on my front paws so one extra toe on each!
  2. I am an “only cat” in my house and that’s why I named my blog “ONE SPOILED CAT” – because I most definitely AM just that!
  3. I am a Cat Scout – an organization of all cats which is based on “Boy/Girl Scouts” and where we earn merit badges, go on Quests together, have Patrols and Troops and EVERYTHING!    If you’re a cat, you should join up!  I’m a Troop Leader (The Wildcats Troop) and I’d LOVE to have you join us!
  4. My Mom has written a mystery novel, two childrens books, edited a book of poetry for a publisher, and was one of five women who wrote a book about “womens journeys” in short story form.  Sadly the short story book is out of print now.   You are saying “that’s not about YOU Sammy – it’s about your Mom” but you see I helped her and was the inspiration for both of the kids books!
  5. I am an inside kitty BUT from kittenhood when I first came to live here after I was adopted, I wear a harness if I’m going outside in the dark.  Otherwise I can go outside as long as my Mom or my Dad is with me.   Honestly though, at my age of 16 I prefer being INSIDE and napping!!!!
  6. I love to graze on the grass when I’m outside.
  7. I like Mango juice.   Yes – I said MANGO JUICE.   Mom left her glass by her chair a couple of weeks ago and when she came back I was slurping it up like crazy.   Mom won’t let me have it now because it has sugar in it but it SURE WAS DELICIOUS!!!

So there you have it.   Seven things about me.  Now for my nominations……………I think most of you have received this award like I have in the past.   It’s really fun that we’re beginning to see some of these again though don’t you think?   If you don’t want to accept the nomination, I will understand, but if you would like to, here are my nominees!

Pig Love

These Days of Mine

Canadian Cats

15 And Meowing

The Florida Furkids

Goodness Gracie

Those are the ones I’ll “shout out” to but if there are any other friends of mine here who would LIKE to comply with the rules and have this pretty (or should I say LOVELY!) award, please feel free!

That’s the Monday report from us gang – please remember to show up tomorrow and be first commenter, first right guesser, a right guesser, or a dunce (oops – I mean a Greenie winner) – and I’ll look for you there!!!!!

Tons of Hugs,

Sammy the Tease

Tuesday Teaser



The Teaser Cheerleader!

The Teaser Cheerleader!

Rah Rah Rah – Sis Boom Ba!



WAHOOO!!!!    Here we are – the Tuesday before Santa Paws arrives and I do hope you’re ready for this NEXT to last Teaser of the year!    This is a GUEST TEASER so you will find out who sent the photo in AND where the photo was taken tomorrow on the TELL ALL.

In the meantime, Mr. Silver Briefcase Dood – PULEEEEZE come on down and bring that suitcase.  Show our fans today’s photo will you?????

I have today's TEASER!!!!!

I have today’s TEASER!!!!!

Now as you look at this photo, remember I must have the exact location of this photo op AND what it is that we see in the photo!    Got it?   Ready?   GO FOR IT!


Remember, if you are the first person to COMMENT on this blog today, you get something for your hard work!


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you will get this:


If you aren’t FIRST but you do guess right, you get this:


And if you’re an epic failure (hahahaha), you still get the fabulous GREENIE!


What are you waiting for???   Get those keyboards moving!    See you tomorrow for the Tell All………………….BON VOYAGE!

Hugs, Sammy


Pre-Tease Monday

Tomorrow's the day - will you be ready??

Tomorrow’s the day – will you be ready??

Woo Hoo – Pre-Tease Monday is here!

Will you be here to agonize with everyone else over WHERE the photo of the week was taken?

Will you be here at the SURPRISE time tomorrow to see what I’ve got in the way of a photo challenge for you this week?

I hope so!


I may or may not have a Guest Teaser tomorrow…..Mom and I are agonizing over that now.

You see I had a BUSY weekend with Cat Scouts.  My “Sammy’s Travel Group” went to the Grand Canyon for the weekend and it was ALL GO.  I’ll share more pix with you after Teaser – I promise.  Because I was busy I wasn’t prepared to choose tomorrow’s photo………so all of us (including me) will be surprised tomorrow……




Sam the Tease

Wonder what will be inside the SILVER BRIEFCASE?????

Wonder what will be inside the SILVER BRIEFCASE?????

Tuesday Teaser



Neither rain, nor sleet, nor holidays will keep Tuesday Teaser from showing up in your inbox!   How’s THAT for dedication hmmmm????   AND, not only that, but I didn’t tell you it would be a Guest Teaser but it is!

Remember the rules……….I want to know where someone took this picture – what town in what state or country????   Got it?   OK – here we go – here’s your photo!


Should you be fortunate enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………you will get my brand new, totally amazingly fabulous First Right Guesser award which will be here for the month of December only – that means you have FEW chances to win it right?  So hurry up and guess!   We go back to the old style badges after December……..


If you’re right but not FIRST, you still get a fab December badge………..


If you are in the “I haven’t got the slightest idea” OR the “I’m guessing but I probably am wrong” category, you get THIS little beauty!


Can’t lose can you…………but you COULD hurry up and guess and maybe be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……..I’ll try to email you and let you know if you’re the WIENER (oops, I mean winner).


Sammy the Tease


Tuesday Teaser and NOMS


Hello Friends!!!!!   Today is the day you all LOVE to HATE….HAHAHA…..well, some of you love it because you like guessing and some of you love it because you enjoy the comments we get………so I guess everybody is happy on Tuesdays??  I hope so.

Remember too that I’m premiering my brand new and improved (hopefully) Teaser Badges for you to display to the universe when you do (or don’t) guess right on the Teaser today.   Today’s Teaser is a photo of my Mom’s…..from a trip she and my Dad took…..so without further ado, here’s your challenge this Tuesday!


Remember you must tell me WHERE the photo was taken and not just the country or state but where (region or area)…….OK?   The FIRST RIGHT GUESSER needs to tell me where the photo was snapped – got it?  Got it!!!

Wanna win a new badge?  Great……………here’s what’s available to the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

Here’s what everyone who guesses right will win even if you’re not first!


And last but never least we have the “didn’t guess right/didn’t have a clue” badge!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Everybody wins – what a deal huh?

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥

Now, for Part Two of today’s post…………because today is a day being celebrated at the Tabby Cat Club – it’s called NOMS Day which stands for “NOT OF MY SPECIES” day.  We will be celebrating friends who aren’t cats!  We all have them – humans and other animals who are important to us and while we cats always stick together we widen our circle to include others!   We have big hearts – room for everyone!   Make sure and visit the TCC to see everyone else’s NOMS posts today – mine will be there.

Meanwhile here at home on my blog, I’ll tell you who my NOMS buddies are today – I actually have LOTS of “other species friends” – pigs, woofies, birds, humans of all ages, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies and even (I hope they like me anyway!) the kangaroos from “Down Under”!   But today I’m going to brag about my Cousins……….the two shih tzus who live with my Auntie Carol in West Virginia.

Toby and Mollye are rescued shih tzus who are truly living the life with my Auntie Carol as they are loved to bits by everyone who meets them.  They’re so friendly and happy to greet EVERYONE…….I’ve told you all about them before, but they’re #1 in my book so I’m featuring them today because they’re very special.

Toby is the “big brother” – he plays with Mollye, guards the house by barking when there’s a stranger (or if a squirrel is on his front porch) – he’s a big cuddle bug and knows lots of tricks and words and is VERY smart.

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

Who could resist this Toby puppy face?????

Mollye was a puppy mill girl who was used for breeding purposes only so lived her life having puppies constantly and only knew the inside of a small cage – never getting to go for a walk or know human kindness.   She’d never had any sort of medical care – she had undiagnosed glaucoma which eventually caused her to lose one of her eyes.  She’s now got special drops to keep the progression of the disease slowed down so hopefully she’ll be able to use the one good eye for a while longer.   The thing about Mollye is she knows every square inch of her house and yard – and Toby “herds” her around anyway so if the day comes she loses all vision, she’ll still be getting around with Aunt Carol and Toby’s help!   She’s a loving and very sweet pup.

Hi Mollye!!!!

Hi Mollye!!!!

So that’s my special NOMS post today…………….all about woofies…………….I’m a lover of all animals like my Mom and Dad though………it’s just that these two came to mind FIRST when I thought about who to blog about on NOMS day.   However, all of you who are “not of my species” but are friends of me – I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!   Yep I do!!!

Tune in tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All and the awards……………………..I bet you want one!!!

Hugs, Sleepy Sammy

Yep - you know where I am right now....hee hee

Yep – you know where I am right now….hee hee