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A Day To Rest Up



Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Mom....can we have Christmas again next week? Huh?

Good Morning Everyone…..are you all as worn out by the holiday as I am?  I played ALL DAY LONG with my brand new tissue paper collection thanks to all those presents my parents got……and of course I had some new toys too.  It was fun but now I have to wait a whole year before we do this again!

This picture of me was one Mom took about five minutes ago here in her studio.  I was talking to her at the time as you might be able to see in this picture.  I was saying her favorite thing (we know how to “get” to them don’t we?!?!?!) – “MA MA MA MA MA MA”  because she wasn’t paying enough attention to me (hard to imagine huh?).  

Actually I was reminding her that SOME of us would appreciate having some breakfast this morning.  A guy needs to keep his strength up.

I think today there will be a lot of napping going on….not just with us animal people but with human people too.  Most people have the day off of work here for the holiday.  Everyone worked hard to have a nice Christmas with company, parties, shopping – so today will be a nice day to just plain DO NOTHING.  There will be people returning stuff at the mall and getting more stuff on sale but not here…..nope…..besides, everything I got was just the right size!!!  Toys come in one size fits all!

Happy Day After………….

Sammy, One Very Spoiled Boy