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International Box Day!



Oh yeah!  Boxes!   Not very many animals don’t enjoy a good box…………….guinea pigs, dogs, cats, birds, mice, and on and on and on.   So today is all about the joy of boxes and animals all over the blogosphere are celebrating.   Kitties Peaches and Paprika, and woofie Luke are sponsoring the celebration!

As for me, I have to admit that while I used to be MAJORLY big on boxes, a few years ago I changed from spending a lot of time in them to just saving them for special occasions – like Christmas for instance!   I’m in and out of every box in sight on Christmas morning!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Boxes with toys are even better!

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Love those boxes!

Bring on the boxes!

Bring on the boxes!

I also have been known to get in a “modified box” – which is what my Derby Car was made of when we had a race at Cat Scouts last year……yep – my Dad made me a car out of a box – it was grand – although I  was a little afraid to get in it – Mom had to PUT me in it so I could have my photo taken and get credit at Scouts for being IN my racecar entry!   That was about the time Mom and Dad realized I was not QUITE as interested in boxes as I used to be.

One sweet ride yes?  My Dad made it for me for Cat Scouts!!

One sweet ride yes? My Dad made it for me for Cat Scouts!!

(yes those are miniature “dice” hanging from rear view mirror!)

Mom had to HOLD me in my car to qualify  me in the race - how embarrassing!

Mom had to HOLD me in my car to qualify me in the race – how embarrassing!

In addition to celebrating it HERE, I’m also celebrating it at the Tabby Cat Club………..that’s right – we tabbies love our boxes too!    In fact,  at the Club’s page today, all the members of the Club are going to be following a link to my blog where they will pick up this FABULOUS Participation Badge that I made for the TCC – so, if you’re here, and you’re a TCC member – grab your badge!!!!!



I hope everyone has a lot of fun today  with their chosen boxes……………….just think how many animals around the world are celebrating ONE DAY to enjoy the coziness of a box!


Sammy the Box Boy!

Teaser Tell All


Gosh you all did it YET AGAIN………………I thought that would be a toughie for you yesterday and it wasn’t………..in fact within seconds of the Teaser going “LIVE” we had a right guesser who guessed the right place!

Here’s the photo again:


This is a gorgeous spot overlooking the blue blue waters in Scopello, Sicily !!!   My friend Leo of Walk To Rio 2016 had actually cycled in this very spot so he really DID know where it was taken.  BRAVO LEO!   But someone ELSE guessed “Sicily” first even though he didn’t guess the city like Leo, so because he was first with “Sicily” I’m giving him HONORABLE MENTION!!!!

First though, Leo, you get this little beauty!


First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

Bad Cat Chris, you get this lovely Honorable Mention badge!


Partly Right....not quite TOTALLY!

Partly Right….not quite TOTALLY!

Everyone who guessed Sicily, Italy OR Scopello you were RIGHT but not FIRST so you get this one!!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

You dear friends (and family!) who didn’t have a clue……….well……..as you know I NEVER forget anyone so you guys get this!

Uhoh...you blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!

Now, for some more big news……………I’m going to be pawticipating in the Indy 500!    Yep…..well, SORT OF………I’m going to help host the Indy 500 celebration at Tabby Cat Club on race day – May 25th!  That’s right……how cool is that?  You’ll have to visit the TCC and see all the cool cats in their race cars having some fun…………I’ll be one of them for sure.   It will be all day long and should be tons of fun………


Also, my parents deserted me most of the day yesterday (imagine that) and took some time to head up to the Blue Ridge Mountains to drive down Skyline Drive and have lunch at Big Meadows Lodge.  HOW DARE THEM!   Know what’s even worse?  Both of them had fish type items for lunch but they did NOT (REPEAT NOT) bring back a kitty bag for their beloved cat.  Nope.  Not a scrap.  Selfish huh?  I think so.  They did snap a few pix though – it does look like it was a pretty day to do Skyline.   It’s only an hour away from here so a very nice day trip (but that doesn’t excuse them for not bringing me a treat!).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s about it for yours truly……………….concats to all of you who knew the Teaser today you smarty pants friends!!!!  However next week I already know what photo(s) I’m gonna use and you’ll NEVER EVER guess where they were taken……………..that’s how hard they are – so there!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Hugs and Happy Tell All Day!



Movember Monday (Really)


Hi Peeps!   So yesterday I “previewed” my fabulous look for the Tabby Cat Club’s Movember Monday event which highlights testicular cancer and prostate cancer for men.   It’s just one way to support men’s health and the effort to bring awareness to this form of cancer by sporting a manly moustache!    If you click the Tabby Cat Club totally adorable “poster boy” for Movember, you will be able to visit the TCC and see all the swell ‘staches for Movember.

TCC Movember

And as if you could PAWSIBLY forget how wonderful I look, here I am again with my ‘stache!


Also on my blog yesterday I told my tale of woe regarding my very frustrating inability to get my ginger rear in gear and load it into my fabulous Cardwood Derby Racecar for the Cat Scouts derby – in fact I’ve been whining about that for DAYS now.  That car my Dad made – well – it was wonderful looking but I simply REFUSED to get inside it long enough for a photo to be taken of me in the box…..which was what I had to upload to Cat Scouts by November 20th in order to be IN the derby race.  Well, guess what.  It happened!   True, I had to have help from my Pit Crew Boss (aka Mom) who actually held me inside the box long enough for Dad to do the snappy photo thing BUT it didn’t matter HOW it was done – just that it was done.  If I coulda photoshopped myself into the car I would have done it days ago but no photoshopping was allowed!   So what do you think?  (not about my Mom’s big rear end that’s in the photo – how about poor little scared to death ME actually being in the box???!!!



I know you probably thought I’d never get in there but there I am……now we have to wait to see who wins the race AND which troop gets the Troop Award for most winning racers.  My troop is gonna win – I just KNOW it!

What else is going on?  You’ve just GOTTA visit Mollie’s shop and see the hilarious YOGO ornaments and sign she and her Mom have made……there’s now a YOGO section in her shops for those of us who can’t get enough of those wacky YOGO positions her Mom demonstrates from time to time on Mollie’s blog.  Gives yoga a whole new look (tee hee).   Just click Mollie’s shop icon to visit.  ORDER SOON – HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

Click Logo to Visit Mollie!

Click Logo to Visit Mollie!

 REMINDER…..Tuesday Teaser Tomorrow!!!  Be purrrrpared!!

Have a marvelous Monday All……Sammy

Sammy, Earl of Kimmell


Hi Everyone!  

Yep – a second post today!  Why?  Well, because this one I’m writing specially for the Tabby Cat Club’s “Downton Tabby” day.  I decided on one of the two photos I had in my earlier blog – this is the look I want to have when I show up at the Downton Tabby estate for the big get-together today. 

I am, of course, Sammy, Earl of Kimmell……..whatcha think?????  I’ve still got “IT” don’t I ?!   😀 😀 😀 😀


“Oh Jeeves……bring the Rolls – I’m ready to leave for Downton”  !!

Bizzy Boy


Yep – that’s me………..one very BIZZY BOY these days.  Contests, entries, joining clubs, I just never stop.  Sadly my Mom doesn’t seem to feel bad that I am just barely keeping my ginger head above water with all these commitments!  SHE seems to think she can go to doctors appointments, do laundry, work in the yard, shop and STILL keep my blog up to date.  HA!   Well, she does a pretty good job of it I suppose.

Anyway, there truly IS a lot going on this time of the year and will be bizzy (haha) until after the holidays.  Guess I’d better buckle up because I’m sure it will be a bumpy ride……right Mom????? 😉 😉

Let me tell you all that the Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest is going to be a BIGGIE.  We have a lot of entries so when you see the poll on October 29th you’ll have quite a time going through all the photos and choosing.  That’s why I’m going to let you vote for as many of the costumed contestants as you want to.  No limit.  AND the two entries that get the most votes will get prizes……….the rest of you will have my undying love and affection forever.  Pretty good deal right??


And, check this out everybody!   I was asked by Gracie at the TCC if I’d like to be the official model for the Tabby Cat Club Halloween costume contest – I sent my adorable photoshopped picture of me in my ghostie costume as an entry and was so incredibly adorable that I’m the official MODEL (check out this badge – cool huh???) and make my first appearance on the TCC page today.  WOO WOO WOO!


I’m expecting a lot of visitors to my Haunted House on Sam-O-Ween.  We’ll have snacks too but the MAIN EVENT will be I’ll announce who the two winners of my contest are too!

I started my blog talking about how busy I am but I think we’re ALL busy these days aren’t we?  So many parties to attend – so many contests to enter – it’s enough to make you quite dizzy!   Wait – I think I can possibly put a Sammy Whammy on time and slow it down a bit…………let me try……….ready?


Since I have my wizard wand warmed up I should try to get rid of that extra hand holding the wand right?????  HAHAHAHAHA



Pee……Essss    Me and my Mom want to send a BIG Sammy Hug to all anipals and their humans who are having a tough time now with illness.  There are so many.   Our hearts ache……

We just want you to know we love you and hope everyone feels better soon……….