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Tired Old Teddy

A very old teddy bear

Teddy is 64 years old today...talk about OLD!

Good grief!  This old bear looks tired and worn out huh?  Well, perhaps that’s because he is.  He’s 64 years old today.  Look at those RED button eyes……he must have had either not enough sleep OR too many cocktails last night.  Actually, I hear that when his original eyes fell off, someone replaced them with red buttons…..for some weird and forgotten reason.  Another thing you notice is he’s not exactly WHITE and black anymore either…. more like way-off-white and black.  He’s had a tough life.  

Teddy was born in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s a picture of him when he was not even a year old:

Teddy and Mom

He looked better back in 1947 didn't he?!

He had a red ribbon around his neck and those wiggily black and white eyes old stuffed animals used to have. 

This old bear has lived all over the place in his life…..Virginia, Alabama, New York, Germany, Taiwan – he’s seen the world.  But never fear………..he didn’t do that all on his own – oh no he sure didn’t.  Know why?

Because he accompanied my Mom.  He was her birthday present on the day she was born.  September 25, 1947 and he’s spent every single day since then with her. 

I’m a little bit jealous…….although I intend to spend the rest of MY days with Mom too!

Happy Birthday Mom