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Too Much Partying!


Hi All……………well yesterday was a day of Super Bowl parties – between Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts I was back and forth so often I thought my head would explode.  Thankfully it didn’t – and thankfully neither did my Mom’s because keeping up EVERYWHERE was a bit much!   But we had fun – tons of fun!    The Scouts party was a pot luck – you’ll never guess what I brought……..(well, maybe you would):

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Today I plan to REST UP……..and when I say REST UP, I really truly mean it.   Mom’s not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere – and we are planning to meet together in the living room on her recliner for much of the day.   There’s no agenda for this meeting mind you – but there will be snoring and brushing and more snoring (and yes the snoring will be me and the brushing will be by Mom TO me).   Better clarify that!

As of right this minute I have no clue what photo I’ll use for tomorrow’s Teaser…….the weekend was full of Super Bowl so Teaser took a second place…………but never fear – I’ll be ready tomorrow to tease you.   I also promise that by the end of this week I’ll have more info for you on the Moon trip…….are you excited?  I hope so……..I sure am……….want another “teaser” ?  How about another shot of the inside of our spaceship “Ralph” ?????

This is the "entrance foyer" of our beautiful spaceship "RALPH" !!

This is the “entrance foyer” of our beautiful spaceship “RALPH” !!

So I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow everyone………….be ready to guess……….because you just know you want to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – right?

Resting Today Big Time




More Bacon Please!


Can a guy have too much bacon?  Well pawsibly but THIS GUY votes NO……………Saturday and Sunday are for bacon regardless and my parents started this morning off with bacon AND pancakes…..I said “hold the pancakes Mom” when it came to fixing my plate!   Thanks Mom – that should be enough for me…….HAHAHA


Yesterday I got a lot of you all stirred up by the first of my “Moon Teasers” !!   AND I showed you the spacesuit that you all can use to decorate/personalize for your very own – in fact, I am going to show you MY spacesuit all decked out.  BUT before I do, I want to say that you do NOT have to use that spacesuit – if you have one already (hahaha) or if you want to find one of your own online somewhere (or in your neighborhood spacesuit store), you CAN do that.   When the time comes to submit your photos with your personalized spacesuits – it can be this one – or one of your own!!   I’m posting both the “blank” spacesuit which you can “take” and begin working on for the competition AND me in my suit!



I was also asked if our spaceship has a name………..the answer is “YES IT DOES” !!!   I named it “Ralph”…..why Ralph?  Well some of you may remember the amazing Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden in the Honeymooners TV series who would frequently tell his wife Alice, “Bang, Boom, To The Moon!!”…….so I thought “Ralph” was a GOOD name for our spaceship!

Next week I will post some more about our trip……….and probably announce another of the competitions we’ll be having……….until then, you can at least have a start on figuring out how you want to personalize your spacesuit!!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday – WOO WOO…….and there are TWO par-tays I need to tell you about………..one is at the Tabby Cat Club – here’s the poster  for the BIG EVENT – everyone is invited and it lasts ALL DAY LONG!


Then the other par-tay is at Cat Scouts – WHAT??   You’re a cat and you’re not a Cat Scout yet?  Well, all is forgiven….but if you want to know about it, you can visit HERE.    This is the poster we put up for the Cat Scouts Super Bowl Party which we’ll be having at the official Cat Scouts Campfire with a pot luck dinner………….If you’re a Scout – “be there or be square” !!


See how busy I am lately?  Whew!   Pretty good for an older gentleman cat huh?   Mom’s having a tough time keeping up with me………!!

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

oops….guess this isn’t a good example of Mom not keeping up is it?!

Have a super Saturday and I’ll see you for Silent Sunday tomorrow……………….I promise……………………

The Bacon Boy