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Shazaam Monday


Hi Everybody! Well, my hope to spend the weekend observing butterflies was a bit of a bust……until I told the universe that I planned to get Mom to photograph me under the butterfly bush this weekend, we were seeing bazillions of the little boogers……at least 10-15 covering the butterfly bush every day it was sunny. Who knew that the minute I SAID that, the butterflies would abandon ship and leave the area???? That is except for ONE butterfly.  One brave butterfly (probably the same guy who visited me Saturday!), there were no herds, crowds, flocks, or bunches of butterfly visitors.  Word travels fast around here.

Birds, and bees, but only one butterfly?  What's with that?????

Birds, and bees, but only one butterfly? What’s with that?????

However, I DID get a lot of out time……Mom and I were on the back deck for a couple of hours – her in the shade under the umbrella keeping an eye on me and me alternating between under her chair in the shade and out by my butterfly bush with a hopeful look on my face.  So fresh air was good and it was in the low 80s and really BEAUTIFUL.  Not a total loss, eh???

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

We’re sorry if we’ve missed commenting on your bloggy lately but as you know (or at least some of you said you had this problem too) good old Word-Depressed has got clogs in the mail delivery line lately so people are missing notices from blogs – it’s downright awful and if you follow a gazillion blogs (we don’t QUITE follow a gazillion but it might be a bazillion or so) it’s tough to remember to stop by all of them without those little reminders in your inbox!   I hereby cast a spell on Word-Poop…………………BEGONE CLOGGED MAILTUBES – BEGONE GREMLINS OF MAIL DELIVERY!   (gosh I hope that works and doesn’t backfire on me!!)


Hopefully my magic wand and spells are working right – otherwise it might be raining frogs here any minute…………..

I’ll let you know!   Tee Hee  

Happy Shazaam Monday!

Your Grand Wizard, Sammy



Monday Meowsings…..


Get it?  Monday Meowsings?  Musings?  Oh never mind!  My attempt at a little Monday morning humor.

Hi everybody and welcome to the start of another week.  Here in Warrenton, Virginia we’re hoping to get a tiny bit of a break from the heat – Sunday it was 95 degrees which is a little toasty – even for ME!  I was out in the morning with Mom (went down on Dad’s little “project trail” in fact) and then it started to heat up.  She couldn’t even TEMPT me out on the front porch after it got in the mid-80s.  I preferred this:

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

My parents had a dinner time cookout on the back deck and invited me to come out and join them and I just kind of looked at them through the door and sent them via kitty telepathy the message:

Ya gotta be kidding me!

SO, I hopped up on the couch while they sat on the deck.  They enjoyed their cookout and I enjoyed the couch:

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch

So it was a WIN/WIN for all of us. 

Now today is supposedly (although it’s too early just now to know for sure) going to be a little cooler and there’s a chance for some rain.  Daddy is going to TRY to go to the airport and fly for a while and Mom wants to go shopping.  I,  on the other hand have no plans that involve what kind of weather may come our way.  It’s Monday after all…..a day to contemplate the week ahead and wonder whether Mom will bring home anything interesting for me when she does her grocery shopping this week.  Such weighty concerns I have on my weary old mind huh? 

Hope you have a SUPER Monday whatever your weather is – just make it a great day.  OK?  

Kitty Hugs, Sammy