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Using My Library Card

Sam Sunny Library

Mom says you're not supposed to SLEEP in a library....I think when it's my own library those rules don't apply!!

Yep that’s me…..snoring away in the library on Mom’s sunny recliner.  Unfortunately, even though it was WARM outside yesterday (strangely enough) I just didn’t go out much.  Why?  Wind……again.  I bet you’re tired of hearing about my problems with the wind, right?  Well, I’m tired of DEALING with the wind.  Sigh. 

I know it’s almost spring and not just because the time change is happening this weekend, and not just because it’s warm outside, and not because there’s buds on the trees and tulips poking out of the ground but because today, Dad put the snowblower in the basement.  Yep – he was disappointed that he didn’t get to push that thing all around the driveway removing tons of snow this winter.  Mom says that since he’s gone to all the trouble to move the snowblower from the garage “at the ready” to the basement for storage, that probably means it’s going to SNOW now.  😉 

Poor Mom hardly ever gets to use her chair in the library though – at least not all morning when the sun’s coming through the front windows.  Dad’s chair is out of the sun so he’s there reading a book and if Mom shoo’ed me out of HER chair she could be there too – reading with Dad, but I just look too darn cute when I’m asleep (on purpose of course) and she can’t bring herself to shoo me so I get the sunny library seat.  Lucky me.  

So are you getting an early spring too or is winter still hanging in there where you are?  If you’re an indoor kitty you don’t really care WHAT season it is, but if you get to go outside once in a while – what’s YOUR favorite time of the year?????? 

Sammy……Younger Than Springtime (haha)