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Sun-Filled Monday


Oh my friends – I had the most glorious, sun-filled weekend after my whine-fest over all the rain last week and I’m still feeling HIGH AS A KITE because today is going to be sunny too.  Three whole days of the nicest sunny days ever.  Coolish, sunny, breezy – just about as good as it gets.

Sunny front porch.....YAY!

Sunny front porch…..YAY!


Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

OR if I’m in the back yard I get the sun OR shade!

That’s exciting because you may know that Washington, DC and the ‘burbs get ridiculously humid in the summertime.  “Can’t catch my breath” kind of humid.  Maybe not as humid as the jungle but pretty danged close!   Those are the days that I stay inside in the AC.    Out here in the “country” away from the big city is where in the old days all the gentrified folk from Washington, DC would hop in their carriages and head to for a breath of fresh air and some relief from the humidity of town.  That’s right – they’d ride out HERE to escape.  Well the people in DC still ride out this way and further up to the mountains to escape but it’s not just from the heat – it’s from the BIG CITY PERIOD!!!   We’re on a main route up to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley so when things heat up in town, everyone heads out here.

Blue Ridge Mountains and COOL air - everyone heads there on a hot day!

Blue Ridge Mountains and COOL air – everyone heads there on a hot day!

I don’t have to escape……….nope – all I have to do is stay right where I am – living the good life with Mom and Dad………..if it’s too humid I stay inside……if it’s nice enough to be outside I just go a few steps and I’m there – no car trip to the country for me………………….I’M ALREADY THERE!!!!!

Sam in Library

I can be INSIDE in the A/C and still enjoy the sun in the library!

Have a sun-filled Monday (or if you need rain, may you get WET today).   AND – whatever you do – don’t forget tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and we have another GUEST TEASER for you!!!!  Another toughie?  Probably!   So make sure and be ready at 6AM EST to guess – who knows – you might be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!


Sunny Sammy


P.S.  Another birthday?  Yes indeed…..my pal Odin at Cat Wisdom101 is celebrating his today so stop by and wish him well!!!

Sunday Stuff

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard
Yesterday was nice and sunny….purrfect for grazing.

It was beautiful yesterday morning – perfect for a little grass grazing as the sun was coming up.  This morning I thought I’d go out again and get a little exercise and breakfast munch in before my parents left for a little road trip!

You see, my Mom’s blogging friend Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine and her hubby and my Mom and my Dad are meeting out in the country to go antiquing and have lunch today!  I totally approve – you see Dianna’s cat Sundae and I are kind of SWEET on each other so our parents SHOULD meet don’t you think?

I hope they have fun – I bet they do.  I’ll be home waiting to hear all about it when my parents return.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy.  I have my tissue collection to reorganize:

Sam On His Tissue

And that will take a while you know…getting it just right for the week ahead.

Then I’ll probably tackle my toy box/wagon…….never hurts to go through that stuff from time to time – have a bit of a clear out you know!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

It's full...but there's always room for JUST ONE MORE!!

So I’ll have plenty to keep me busy……! AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – I want to be around to celebrate my friend Cody from CAT CHAT ‘s FIFTH birthday today!  Won’t you go wish him a happy day too? Have a super Sunday everybody…….KITTY HUGS ALL ‘ROUNDSammy