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Sunday Selfies Hop!


HAPPY SUNDAY.     It’s Selfie Hop day with our hosts – “The Cat On My Head”.     Anyone who isn’t already in the Hop – join us – click on the badge above and go to their blog to LINK UP with us.

Know what?   It’s another FLASHBACK Sunday for me.       Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week so we’ll dig back into the files and see what we come up with for this SAME (or close to) day and find out what I was up to.

This little gem was taken by my Mom at her computer desk on April 14th, 2017.     As you all know I began calling this my FOREVER HOME when Mom and Dad adopted me in February, 2017 so I hadn’t lived with them all that long.   However I DID soon discover that the top of Mom’s desk, behind her computer, was a great nap spot…….there’s a window there and I would start out looking out the window then decide to take a nap.    Sorry for the EXPOSURE in this photo but hey – we youngsters kind of let it all hang out without thinking about it don’t we!

Now Mom never made an artsy version or a puzzle from this photo so let’s see what we can WHIP up for you for a Sunday Selfie ARTIFIED post!!

WOWZER.   I like this one Mom………………she did this with LUNAPIC’s “WAVE” effect which made me look rather interesting AND makes for an even more interesting puzzle for you puzzlers out there!

Click this mini-me photo for the puzzle……….and GOOD LUCK!!



Mom here…….obviously SOMEONE isn’t awake to say goodbye so I’ll say it for him!   

GOODBYE and Happy Sunday, Mom Pam