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Sunday Selfies


Time To Hop!

It’s Sunday and time for The Cat On My Head’s pawsome “Parade of Selfies” blog hop.   Wanna have fun showing yourself off with us?   Just click on their badge above and fill out the EASY LINKY form and you’re strutting your stuff like the rest of us!

This week Mom used Lunapic again and the “REDS” Art Effect and man oh man am I popping on this one or WHAT?!    Not exactly Christmassy but you have to admit – I look like a TIGER with my stripes huh?   I’m showing you the “original” photo too – I was helping Mom change the sheets this week……well, I was sort of just guarding the mattress while she laundered the mattress pad and sheets but that’s the general idea.

This was Mom’s original photo


You should join in on the Selfie Hop – sure is an easy way to visit all your buddies on Sundays!    We thank The Cat On My Head for being our hosts every week – there is quite a long list of “Hoppers” but there’s always room for MORE MORE MORE so join us??

Guess what ELSE??   We got SNOW yesterday for the first time this season – YES – maybe not a HUGE amount but perhaps 3-4 inches – Mom took these early on in the snow but we got more after this…………we think it looks pretty when it just “sits on the limbs” of the trees………..

My thanks again to Marvelous’s talented Mom Miss Barb for my holiday graphic!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

Each week on Sunday we join the Blog Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat on My Head for a chance to show off……….ideally I would be taking my own photo which is what a selfie is but I am not exactly the most cooperative guy in the world and can stay still for MAYBE two seconds so Mom takes the photo.   Just as she did this week……………but before I show you my selfie, why not click on the Kitties Blue/The Cat On My Head’s badge below, sign yourself up on the LINKY tool and share a photo of YOU with the rest of us too!

Here’s ME……..

Lunapic.com “Sketch 2” Effect……interesting – notice a little “x” in my right ear?  In the foreground is my orange bug toy – I had just “deaded” it! 

Happy Sunday!  


Sunday Funday


Good Morning!   I’m sitting here waiting for Mom to finish trundling down to the mailbox to get the newspaper…..which means of course I’ll get the old newspaper tent to play in after Dad’s finished reading the comics page.  Yay…..then Mom will fire up the breakfast fixins’ and we’ll all munch down and prepare for the day. 

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch

Mom – just give me a poke when breakfast’s ready OK?????

Then Mom and Dad are heading to the airport – Mom is going to be “mechanic’s assistant” again today.  Dad’s putting his instrument panel back together after having one of the instruments checked out.  The air speed indicator whatever THAT is.  I have my OWN “air speed indicators” – but I just call them my WHISKERS.  I put my face up in the air and whatever way my whiskers blow – that gives me wind direction and air speed!  Easy peasy…….who needs a fancy instrument anyway?!?!

Now, here’s what I really wanted to remind you of and that’s my wonderful online “Sammy Swag” store.  Did you know that you can have your VERY OWN bit of ME ME ME to enjoy every single day?  Yes!  My adorable face (or sometimes more of me than just that) is on the stuff that Mom helped me design for my Cafepress store.  What’s that?  You didn’t know I had a store?  WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL………let me just give you that link right this minute and you can go visit it!

Click Here to Go There!!

Me and my Mom – we’ve got our OWN store!!!

Now, the reason my store is called “Pam and Sam” is because whenever my Mom finally has some time, she’s going to load up some of her artwork in her own special section of the store.  So far her attempt at finding some “TIME” is – well – a total failure but she will eventually get that done.  In the meantime, her artwork stuff is already on her website so it’s not like it’s not “out there” anyway!   Oh – and here’s THAT link if you care to peek at the website – you may notice MY BLOG is the first thing that pops up on it – – – cool huh?????

Click Here For My Mom’s Website

OK – I didn’t intend to make this blog all about websites and stores – I really just wanted to pop in, say Happy Sunday, tell you I’ll be all alone at home today while Mom and Dad are at the airport – and if any of you want to “teleport” over here and play, I’ve got a whole red wagon FULL of swell toys!!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh………….Sunday……………I hope you enjoy yours like I’m gonna be enjoying mine…………

Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy 🙂

Prepping For Blog-A-Versary


Ahhh….another week begins….!  We had a very wet Sunday here but the plants and grass sure enjoyed it.  It was cool enough that my Dad made a fire in the fireplace too and that was nice.  I bet that’s the last one we have this season though. 

So, here’s the deal – as you may know, my ONE YEAR Blog-A-Versary is coming up on May 10th (yay!).  Mom and I are working on some goodies for the occasion – like a contest with an actual prize (other than a Sammy Hug…not that there’s anything wrong with THAT!).   Another project we’ve been working on is making a store on Cafepress for “Sammy Stuff” !  That’s been a whole lot of fun to help Mom with.  We’ll have my adorable picture on several things like t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, totes, and who knows what else.  Mom will have a section in “our” store for her things – like notecards with her paintings on them for instance.  But THAT might come later on……we’ll start out probably with just MY stuff.

Isn’t that way cool?  

So we’ve been busy around here.   But in between projects, I spent some time in Mom’s studio just watching her work on the computer from the comfort of one of my worn out but serviceable boxes:


Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes
You’ve heard of a jack-in-the-box? I’m a Sam-in-the-box! Tee Hee


HA HA – don’t forget either that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY so clean your glasses, polish your computer screen and get ready.